Monday, September 13, 2021

US A Step Closer to Economic Collapse


By: Stewart Brennan

While totalitarian measures are being implemented on populations around the world for a virus no worse than the annual flu, the US treasury secretary “Janet Yellen”, sounded the alarm about raising the US debt ceiling again [01] and warned that if not done soon, the United States might be unable to meet its obligations for the first time in its history, adding that all available “cash on hand” and “extraordinary measures” previously employed, will soon be exhausted. This announcement comes on the heals of an additional 3.5 Trillion dollars [02] that the US government is pushing for in its 2021 national spending.

To date in 2021, the US government debt is approximately 29 Trillion dollars, that’s 7 Trillion dollars more debt than they had in January 2020 and it’s predicted, should the debt ceiling continue to be raised, that by 2025 the US government debt will be upwards of 50 Trillion dollars!!...with no way for the American people to pay it back.

The 2020 US Debt in Perspective [03]

Not to worry America, your corrupt multi millionaire politicians will raise the debt ceiling once again as they have in the past when it was needed, but not before they stick a few more pay-offs and bribes into the deal.

At what point does this insanity end, because as it stands now, the USA is bankrupt, inflation is soaring, millions are homeless, the infrastructure is in terminal decay and US treasuries are being bought up by its money creator, the privately owned federal reserve. There’s a huge money leak in the USA and no one is willing to stop it.

Where did the money go?

The US government obviously did not spend the money in America because if they did, the entire country would be very well off, the infrastructure would be state of the art and America would be leading the world in technology instead of China. You know, the place where the North American industrial capacity disappeared to. So, what happened? Where did the money go?

The enormous debt that the US has accumulated is now doubling faster than any other time in its history due to the endless spending and debt creation by the US government which has mostly come over the last twenty years in the aftermath of 911 and their so called “war on terror”. The 800+ military bases around the world doesn’t help either.

Funding wars and terrorist escapades with the likes of Britain, France, Israel and Saudi Arabia, etcetera, do not pay dividends. That money only flows out the door away from the people of the United States, into the private pockets of the share holders, lobby groups and millionaire politicians through the weapons companies that take part through the economic cartel’s private bank machine.

There’s corruption at every level of government, so when hundreds of, “thousand-dollar screwdrivers” are requisitioned with a list of thousands of other over pricey things that are signed off on, well you know somebody made a killing and others got a cut, while the American tax payer got screwed.

Twenty Years on in the Aftermath of 911

Ground zero of the current economic disaster began twenty years ago on Sept 11th, 2001 when the World Trade Center was destroyed.

September 11th 2001 was a wake-up call for most of us, so if you were not awake by then, this event surely put you on the road to discovering what was really going on in the world which has never been the same since.

911 was a preconceived and calculated event but not in the way they are reporting it, and if you are not aware of that fact then you surely have a long road ahead of you to search for the truth.

However, for those not aware, I can save you some time and ask you to listen to William Rodriguez (See Here [04] and Here [05]) who was the last man out of the 2nd building as it collapsed. Willie is a real hero and an onsite witness to what really happened that day. Also, listen to the firemen [06] who were in the buildings or other onsite witnesses [07] for a better understanding and then investigate World Trade Center Building 7 [08] which is the real smoking gun to what happened that day.

If you are concerned about what happened that day, and you should be, but haven’t looked into the details already, then it is imperative that you begin your investigations there, with the people who were actually in the building and then start examining the evidence from the Architects, engineers, demolition, and forensic experts [09] to get a real picture of what happened that day. STOP WATCHING MAINSTREAM MEDIA or listening to corporate RADIO, or reading the mainstream newspapers. All of them are owned by economic interests that had a direct hand in the events that day…this becomes evident when you understand who owns the majority shares in the consolidated media corporations, and why there was zero energy put into an investigation of the biggest crime in American history after the fact. The real issues and evidence were completely ignored by a consolidated media that obsesses over political spin and unimportant trivial things to keep you distracted.

Those that investigated 911 for themselves, rather than believe the contrived official story, know that the World Trade center was destroyed in a controlled demolition and that 911 was actually a means for the American government and economic cartel to seize upon the declining oil resources globally, but especially in the Middle East, Eurasia and Africa. All of it was to maintain their global economic dominance because, as everyone should know by now, our global consumer debt, fractional reserve economic system, is powered by oil. No oil, no economy.

Energy Dry Europe

In Europe, where they have little to no oil or gas for themselves, they have to steal most of it from other countries via Shell, BP and Total with a little help from…well, a lot of help from their US military guard dog, which comes to their rescue when their interests require one…say, like in Libya in 2011[10a] when Muammar Gaddafi awarded offshore drilling contracts to China [10b] instead of Britain’s BP who had just lost a huge oil pocket in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP Horizon Disaster [11] who then needed to replace a lost contract with a guaranteed future oil flow.

The fact is, if you look at any conflict in the Middle East, Eurasia or Africa today, that Europe and America are involved in, there’s always oil and gas resources at the heart of it. These entire regions are battlefields of greed by US & European design and it is because of their belligerent attitude why they are losing.

So America, your money is being put into an endless military hole in ground for the sake of economics, which are in large part, controlled by old European banking families with hooks in your Federal Reserve. These same families are behind the destruction and division of the Ottoman Empire where the colonial powers of old (France and Britain) carved it up into little statelets for themselves putting into place and propping up puppet regimes that were more or less vassals to their economic ambitions. Sixty-three percent of the worlds oil reserves were under Ottoman lands at a time when military technology had evolved into diesel and gasoline powered machines…ie: if you want to maintain your position of power (military) you need oil.

In order to maintain control of the Ottoman empire and its vast riches the Europeans (France and Britain) had to keep it fragmented and at odds with itself. They did this by propping up vassal states via dictatorships and kingdoms. The idea was to never allow the Arabs to unite in opposition to British allied economic ambitions and interests.

Without going into detail, because it would require that I write a book, World War I, was in itself, a battle of competing Monarchies and kingdoms [12], and all of it was for the trade routes, riches and resources of the Ottoman Empire and China. All the world powers at the time, most of whom were monarchy’s (England, Germany, Austria-Hungary, The Ottomans, Russia, Japan, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia) with the emerging democratic republic of the United States, were all economic rivals and had their eyes on China, who’s 5,000 year Imperial empire had been destroyed by the very same powers by 1912. But as I said, that’s a story for a different post. (See here for a brief look at modern China’s Rise [13])

What evolved out of the Ottoman’s destruction and by Britain’s direct construction were the oppressive regimes of Israel, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Bahrain and others with direct ties to the emerging consolidated European economic cartel. After World War II, the United States became a very big player within that economic cartel and supplied the military force for it.

So, when someone asks who did 911, it becomes a confusing tail chase if one tries to pin it on a few Arabs, or a few Israelis and / or duel criminal citizens in the US deep state. In reality, one only needs to look at it in economic terms, “Who benefitted by it and how?”.

It becomes very easy to see when you look at history through the lens of power economics. The conclusion is that it was all of the above through the long economic consolidation of powerfully rich families around the world, including those in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Britain, the British Commonwealth, Europe and the USA. These families are the bulk of the economic cartel by their vast holdings in real estate, private banks, corporate and resource stocks. The economic cartel are the head of the deep state in every nation they control which is why countries like Israel get away with mass murder of the Palestinian people and why no member nation has been taken to the Hague for war crimes and crimes against humanity…and why we will never see a real investigation into 911.

What comes next after the pending crash of the US global reserve currency is a more global totalitarian world with or without China as a major partner. However, regardless of China’s partnership, one fact remains and it is this, China is now a super power and the future leader of the world.

Operation COVID-19 is the 911 of today that makes all of it possible, thanks to the collusion of the economic cartel.

The American people, including those in the military, have a choice to either unite and remove the economic cartel from your government or do nothing, remain divided and watch your country slip into a dystopian future under their control. Can it be any more plain than that?

About the Author: Stewart Brennan is a published Canadian author, activist and blogger who writes geo-political and geo-economic commentary on World United News. He published his first book “The Activist Poet – Vol 1” in May 2021 and is working on the second volume due for release in the late October 2021.


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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Canadian Election 2021 - Last Chance for Freedom


By: Stewart Brennan

As the dust settles in the aftermath of the rapid US and allied pullout from Afghanistan, and all the noise as to the reasons why; we are seeing democratic nation states around the world ramp up totalitarian dictates on their populations to force inoculations and a mandatory health pass on top of the restrictive lockdowns, curfews and mandatory mask laws. 

Canada is one of the leading nations in this respect and so the oppressive measures taken by the Canadian federal, provincial and municipal governments to fight a virus which is 99.98% survivable, just as the common flu is, have in effect, instilled totalitarianism, fear and terror throughout our communities by adopting a false and unsubstantiated proclamation of a major global pandemic by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.).

Our governments have, by decree, forced people to wear masks, social distance, and now they are forcing people to get dangerous inoculations with threats of retaliation on those who do not comply. See (here [01]), (here [02]) (here [03]) and (here [04])

Resistance to these criminally dangerous mandates are now rapidly growing as people become painfully aware of the massive number of vaccine injuries and deaths that have resulted around the world and at home from these so called covid vaccines.

After a year and a half of government and mainstream media fear mongering and the incremental totalitarianism that began with lockdowns for two weeks to flatten the curve, to mandatory masks, to forced vaccines, health passes and now booster shots to keep that health pass in order, people have had enough and have organized protests all over the country.

In reply to the growing size and number of public protests, and instead of listening or sitting down with professionals, all levels of government (national, Provincial and municipal) have doubled down on forcing people to take these dangerous vaccines starting with the people who work directly or indirectly for their governments such as doctors, nurses, teachers, police, fire-fighters military, etc. These government employees have to, by a certain date, comply with governing dictates otherwise they will be penalized or have their employment terminated. In effect, government is ripping our society to shreds, because many employees are under such extreme pressure to take these dangerous vaccines that they have decided to leave their jobs over this major issue. Thousands of nurses, doctors, teachers and others, are refusing to comply and quite frankly, who can blame them.

Major banks [05] and corporations [see (here [06]) and (here [07])] have also sided with the government dictates and are leading the demand that their employees also get a vaccine or risk financial penalties or job termination. How does this line of tyranny even hold up in the courts? Not surprizing, is that the private banks went into collusion on this decision…

These are totalitarian dictates that one would expect to find from a repressive regime such as China, where personal freedoms are severely limited. Tyranny always begins with censorship and then moves to direct force on the population. First they remove the opposition, then they target the intellectuals, then they come for the rest of society. That is what we are seeing now.

2021 Canadian Federal Election

On September 20th, 2021, Canada will have a federal election where the four main political parties (Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and Green) are in lockstep with continuing the totalitarian covid measures.

Discussion between these parties on the real issues have been non existent as none of them debated, from the beginning, the negative effects that prolonged lockdowns, mask wearing, and forced vaccines would have on the general health of the population. The decisions made by all levels of government are extremely harsh, without need, incompetent and dangerous to our health and democracy.

The only political party standing AGAINST the mandatory vaccines and health pass is "The Peoples Party of Canada" (PPC) [08] led by Maxime Bernier and of course the PPC was not invited to the mainstream media’s platform in the nationally televised election debate with the other four parties. Again, we are dealing with censorship on a very deep level that touches on corporate collusion with government and overall economics. Why will the government and media not allow different opinion in public? Surely, a healthy democracy requires an informed public to be able to make up its own mind. What are they afraid of? The truth?


For all the Canadians out there, that do not vote because they’ve felt that they haven’t had anyone to stand up for them, now you do. The Peoples Party of Canada.

To everyone else that traditionally votes for one of the two mainstream parties because you are worried about splitting the vote, please understand that all four parties (Liberal, Conservative, NDP and Green) stand against your rights and freedoms. The only party that stands for the Canadian people is the Peoples Party of Canada. Therefore, you only have two choices because the four main parties stand for the same thing, tyranny. This election is not about voting for a label, it’s about saving Canada from sliding into full totalitarianism. The most important issues for our nation right now, are freedom of choice, freedom of movement and freedom of speech.

The four mainstream political parties have denied you that right. So, if you want to return this country back to a nation that respects individual rights and freedoms, vote The Peoples Party of Canada (PPC) because the other political parties do not respect your rights and have no intention of doing so should they win the election. It’s time to take our country back! Vote PPC and if there isn’t a PPC candidate in your riding, vote for the independent candidate that stands up for your rights and freedoms! Send a message, reject the four mainstream political parties.

There’s never been an election more important in Canada than this one, future generations depend on you…this is our last chance as Canadians to win our freedom back. Stand up, send a message and cast your vote for freedom!

Vote for “The Peoples Party of Canada”!

About the Author: Stewart Brennan is a published Canadian author, activist and blogger who writes geo-political and geo-economic commentary on World United News. He published his first book “The Activist Poet – Vol 1” in May 2021 and is working on the second volume, due for release in October 2021


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The People’s Party of Canada

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