Sunday, August 26, 2007

Palestine's Death by US Oil Dependence

By: Stewart Brennan

I want to comment on something that should be viewed as the main reason that the US military is interfering in the Middle East. "Oil" 

The USA consumes about 24% of the worlds oil and needs to import more of it each year as their own production has gone into terminal decline. Add an ever-growing demand for oil by a World living as a consumer society and you have a problem that is guaranteed to turn into a nightmare.

Since the American economy and US Military are totally dependent on oil, they will not stop invading countries who have it until they have taken control of all of it. Today, Corporatism or Imperialism is disguised as freedom and democracy.

The American Government uses Terrorism as an excuse to force other countries to see things their way. They have become the Worlds bully. In reality, their empire is dying and they are desperate to save it.

The death toll of the innocent in Iraq is estimated at about 655,000 lives!!! THIS is NOT acceptable to the human race. For what is War but a sociopaths dream created by greedy men whom desire wealth and power.

The problems in the Middle East will not disappear until the US government stops arming Israel against its neighbors and interfering in the politics of the region. America must back off and allow the people to settle their own problems...However, that is not the goal of the Americans.

Israel was created by the USA and Britain after World War 2.

Israel was created after World War 2 so that the United States and Britain could secure a foothold in the rich oil fields of the Middle East. The United States arms Israel so that the Americans can maintain a strong presence in the oil region. 63% of the Worlds oil supply comes from the Middle East and Eurasia combined.

So, Israel was carved out of Palestine and the land taken away from the people who lived there. The perplexing thing is that the Israelis not only decided to exclude the native Palestinians from being equal citizens, but they waged a brutal war of occupation and ethnic cleansing on them ever since. I am sure that if the Government of Israel accepted the Palestinians as equals, and allowed them equal access and freedom as God intended for all mankind, there would be a unified middle east right now...however, the US and UK protect Israel no matter what crimes they commit...Why?

Occupation 101

US Empire

The Americans have become ruthless in their quest for corporate ownership of the planets resources (especially oil) in the name of an Imperial empireTHAT is the American interest they covertly talk about.

If the US is unplugged from the Middle East Oil, the American dictatorship and its dreams of empire dies, and it will take down the global economy with it. Most of the Western nations have been pushed or bullied to side with the USA in its quest for a "New World Order". Nobody wants it, the ordinary people that is don't want it...however, there is a greedy bunch of Investment bankers who own enormous shares in the corporate empire that will do everything in their power to maintain their domination of the World's economics.

A Grassroots Awakening

I believe that people are beginning to see for the first time, what it is that controls them, and they see it's very wrong. The American people are starting to emerge from the darkness that mainstream media propaganda has been imposing on them since the end of WWII. Freedom of the Internet has opened the eyes and minds of average people around the globe to reality and to the truth; much the same way the printing press revolutionized mans education in the middle ages. However, the significance and the immensity are far greater. The Internet is our one saving grace so we must protect it from being controlled by oligarchs who have a vested interest in silencing free speech and alternative opinion.

If the people in Israel (Palestine) were not under the American influence, there would be peace and harmony in the region.

My hope regarding this post is that a new awakening might take shape in the World by removing the blinders that mainstream news has placed in their minds by their stealth propaganda barrage. I would like to see a World where human life outweighs corporate profits and the military might of a bully. I don’t want a New World Order I want peaceful order in a new World!

By: Stewart Brennan

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Canadians Defend Your country!

Wake up Canada!! Its time to put your differences aside and stand together against the threat called the United States and their goals to assimilate us. America is the biggest threat to our distinct cultures that make us Canadian.

The recent SPP Protest in Montebello Quebec and the Police infiltration should be the wake up call everyone needs. The whole point of the conference is to remove our currency and our Canadian freedom to adapt to a new currency called the “Amero”. Doing so would place your money in the hands of the USA and their Federal Reserve Private Bankers. American corporate Imperialism called freedom is trying to control and kill our country. Its time to stand up and say, “bugger off” to all American influence.

I feel like I’m in a Star Trek episode and America is like the “BORG” , they say, “Resistance is Futile”…the Conservative Government doesn’t have the balls to stand up for Canadian Interests and instead they bend to American political and corporate wishes. Just as they have always done with examples such as with Free Trade, and the Avro Arrow.

Not only has the Harper Government turned down a public inquiry into the incident at Montebello, they have denied Canadian citizens their right to know. It is as if Harper personally ordered undercover cops to infiltrate a peaceful protest to incite a riot. That is a tactic the Nazi’s used in the 1930’s. Can it be proved, no, but he is the commander in chief and therefore he is responsible. So why has he decided not to hold an inquiry? Why isn’t the press all over this?

Link to Photos

Stand Up Canada!

This is a rally cry for all of Canada’s people. Stand up and DEMAND our exit from Afghanistan by the spring of 2008. The Liberals and Conservatives should never have put our soldiers in harms way! We support our soldiers 100% that is why we want you to bring them home!! “Get Up, Stand Up”, stand up for your rights!

If your MP’s cannot pledge to you that they will oppose the things killing our nation such as the War in Afghanistan, Concentration of Action to reduce Global Warming, Removal of International Bankers control on our Currency, and to exit the Security and Prosperity Partnership, then its time to vote for someone who will take action!!!

I will not sit by and watch my country bend to the USA anymore!! Stop buying American products, don’t buy insurance from their companies, don’t eat at their restaurants, stop buying their cars, demand a War crimes trial against the USA for waging aggressive war in Iraq and for committing war crimes such as the phosphor bombing in Fallujah Iraq.

Documentary 2005 "Hidden Massacre”

Fallujah, The Hidden Massacre is a documentary film by Sigfrido Ranucci and Maurizio Torrealta which first aired on Italy's RAI state television network on November 8, 2005. The film documents the use of weapons that the documentary asserts are chemical weapons, particularly the use of incendiary bombs, and alleges indiscriminate use of violence against civilians and children by military forces of the United States of America in the city of Fallujah in Iraq during the Fallujah Offensive of November 2004.

The film's primary themes are:

Establishing a case for war crimes against civilians committed by the United States.
Documenting evidence for the use of chemical devices by the US military.
Documenting other human rights abuses by American forces and their Iraqi counterparts.
Send an e-mail to the “Office of the Prosecutor” at the International Criminal Court of Justice on behalf of the Canadian people. I have, and you should to. Here is the information;

International Criminal Court of Justice Web

Office of the Prosecutor e-mail address;

…And if you don’t have access to a computer then send a letter to the Hague.

International Criminal Court
Maanweg 174 - 2516 AB The Hague
The Netherlands
Att: Office of the Prosecutor

Here is the Court case number I was given. Please use it. “OTP-CR-231/07”

Call your Political Representative:

Demand that your country invest in renewable energy and new technology to combat Global Warming! Don’t let us fall behind the world in technical solutions or industry. Don’t let the American insurance companies undermine all our provincial Medicare systems. Stop them from eroding our everyday life pleasures such as children’s sports, or unsupervised swimming in lakes and rivers or making us pay to insure everything under the sun. Demand that the Canadian Government stop siding with American War Criminals from Washington.

Siding with American War Criminals like George Bush and Dick Cheney makes Canada look bad in the international community. We do not want any part of their Fascism!! Restore our honour, we are NOT a warring nation, we are a peaceful nation. Government is supposed to work for you, not the other way around. Stop International bankers from enslaving the Canadian people to debt. Remove the central Banks lawlessness on credit and debt before they take everything from you in an economic crunch! This is the only chance we have. Do it now before your freedoms disappear!

Yours Truly,
Stewart Brennan
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Friday, August 24, 2007

Aaron Russo Passed Away August 24th 2007

February 14, 1943 - August 24, 2007

I received word tonight that Aaron Russo died early this morning...

In case you are not familiar with Aaron Russo, He made the Film, “America: Freedom to Fascism” which I have linked here on my blog for others to view. Aaron lost his battle to cancer.

“Aaron, your eyes may be closed, but you have opened mine. I will continue your fight until my eyes have been closed, but not before I pass your message on to thousands more about the “Illegal Federal Income Tax”. That is my pledge to you.

To everyone that reads this post please watch the video “America: Freedom to fascism” and spread the word. The link to Aaron’s video is on the left under “News Clips and Video“.

The IRS is Illegal; you do not need to pay a Federal Income Tax. The 16th amendment of the US constitution legally protects you from those that would have you believe that it is a law to pay income tax…IT IS NOT LEGAL. The Federal Reserve, run by PRIVATE International Bankers, pockets every single cent and needs to be shut down.

Tell your Senator, or Congressperson that you want them to Remove the Federal Reserve and Income Tax because it is Illegal and against your constitutional rights. The American forefathers created a free and independent nation called the United States based on the freedom from a centralized bank. Americans are now in slavery to International Bankers through debt. Don’t file a Federal Income Tax it is not legal, and stand up to remove the Central Bank called the Federal Reserve.

America Freedom To Fascism

Peace to you Aaron! Thank you for opening my eyes.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Take Action!

My name is Stewart, I am 47 years old, and from Canada. Peace, peace and only peace. Let's stop the madness in Iraq together by sending a letter to The International Criminal Court of Justice. Call for A War Crimes trial against George Bush, Dick Cheney and their corporate thieves.

International Criminal Court of Justice 

Here is the e-mail address to "The Office of the Prosecutor" at the International Criminal Court of Justice.

I wanted to let you know just one of the things I have done to stop the madness in Iraq. I have asked the International Criminal Court of Justice to press charges against the USA for "War Crimes" & "Crimes Against Humanity". I have provided one letter that I wrote and the response to it by the Court.

Please help me in this matter of extreme importance by informing everyone you know to do the same. Write to the court and ask for justice.

Here is one of my letters,

Dear Sirs,

I would like some information on how accusations of War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity might be reported, determined and acknowledged? What is the process of going from accusations to trial?

Is waging aggressive War considered a War Crime or crime against humanity? Chief Justice Jackson, the American prosecutor during the Nuremberg trials, asked for a judgement that stated, “any nation that wages aggressive War would be tried for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity”? At least, it was his intention and dominant in his day two speech at Nuremberg.

I am trying to understand why the U.S.A. has not been accused of committing War Crimes when it invaded Iraq. Is it up to the international court to make accusations, or does another country have to make the claim? Please write back, I am trying to get answers and also to understand if high moral principals are indeed being followed, or if they are just mere words of an age gone by.

Stewart Brennan
July 23, 2007

I was answered by the International court of Justice, with the following response;

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find attached the acknowledgment letter sent by the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.

Our Reference: OTP-CR-231/07

The Hague, 30 July 2007

The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court acknowledges receipt of your documents / letter.

This communication has been duly entered in the Communications Register of the Office. We will give consideration to this communication, as appropriate, in accordance with the provisions of the Rome Statute of the international Criminal Court.

As soon as a decision is reached we will inform you, in writing, and provide you with reasons for this decision.

Yours Sincerely,
Head of Information and Evidence Unit
Office of the Prosecutor.

Kind regards,
Information and Evidence Unit- Office of the Prosecutor
International Criminal Court
Maanweg 174 - 2516 AB The Hague
The Netherlands

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Control in the Music Industry

Control in the Music Industry

When the Second World War ended, a new form of music gripped the world in an expression of sheer joy and endless happy energy replacing the seemingly reserved music of the past…Rock & Roll was born and with it, an industry that would cater to the wishes of the population and then later, control the art form and suppress the voice of a young generation through censorship.

After enduring an “Economic Depression” and then a “World War”, America experienced a revolution in new inventions and an economic windfall brought on by the ravages of War and the demand for rebuilding Europe. North America’s infrastructure was virtually unscathed by the Second World War, so economic prosperity was truly exponential. Prosperity seemed to reflect the mood of the people which showed itself in popular was the Golden Age of America.

What Happened?

As an amateur musician, former concertgoer, and former DJ, in my youth, I can tell you that concert's, before the great collusion of 1985 / 86, were meant to promote the artist and album sales.

Radio D.J’s not only played music but also promoted concerts back then. The public could also buy singles in the 45-rpm format that cost about $1.00 to $2.00 per tune. The smaller record labels made their money with single cuts where the larger labels pushed the artist to make albums.

The artist received money for their music from the record company based on sales of their albums. The artist also received revenue with tours, T-shirts and a portion of the vending sales at the venue.

On average, concerts cost a whopping $7.00 per ticket in the 1970's. That amounted to about 2 hours of minimum wage back in those days. In today’s concert world, ticket prices vary from $50.00 to $300.00, depending on the artist performing. Now THAT is inflation!

Before CD's; if a big record label did not like an artist, the artist had the option of going to a smaller recording label. There were hundreds if not thousands of them.
A great many popular artists started on small labels, but once the artist became popular through radio airplay, the larger labels stole the artists away with the promise of more money. They were offers that the artist could not refuse, but also hidden in the fine print of the contract was a production headache for the artist, and the systematic killing of an art form. The possibility of “Large payoffs” to the artist that the smaller labels could not compete with kept the small record companies small and out of the top.

Visions of Total Control:

Control of the music industry began when the top companies went into collusion in 1985 / 1986. They (Warner, Universal, EMI, BMG, Sony, Polygram & Friends)  used a new form of technology at that time, (Compact Disc's) to kill all the small labels.

The small record label remained small and then died when the big five record labels in the US jointly announced their imminent change over to CD's...

Once the bombshell announcement was broadcast, the major labels had a field day of buying up all the little labels. I believe the phrase is, “Like shooting fish in a barrel”.

The next step was to buy up the Radio stations and syndicate their Top 40 list.  It is not surprising to me that the same conglomerates were at work here.

To gain control of a large diverse Industry, a new technology was needed to kill off the small record labels, while controlling artistic freedom and the people’s voice. CD’s, and radio syndication provided the answers these C.F.R. members needed. After all, music had a huge effect on people that gave the younger generation a voice. A voice that grew in power by the number of radio listeners…this worried the power elite, because they were in jeopardy of loosing control over the people.

Freedom of Speech:

Human protest is generally reflected through music, so controlling the art form was the Council of Foreign Relations (C.F.R.) ultimate more “War Protest Music”, or any kind of protest music...the one thing they did not anticipate was the internet, file sharing and Napster.

Napster brought music back to the people; the old Vinyl was digitized including the music not brought into the CD age which was available once again for everyone. In my opinion, downloading a song from the internet is no different than using a cassette tape to record from the radio like we did back in the 70's and 80's. I have no problem with it, in fact I recommend it and argue in defence of it. Music should not be controlled by a corporate few, but by the artists themselves...I have no problem buying an mp3 from an artist...I'm a DJ so I make my own CD's.

At any rate, it was a deviant way for the large labels to end the free speech movement in music when they embraced a new, and very expensive technology. Before the collusion, records cost between $5.00 and $7.00. The cost of CD's...$25.00...profit was also their goal.

What this all amounts too is control and censorship of an industry where decisions made on who is heard and who is not, was dictated by a very small group of people. What came out of the mainstream music industry then was a controlled art form. New artist’s no longer had a way to showcase their music to a large audience, because pop radio was bought up and forced to play the big record companies top 40 hits. The peoples voice was silenced, and corporations reaped the benefits. You might question why the names of the major labels are members of the “Counsel on Foreign Relations” not I. Control is what they wanted, control of everything you do, everything you see, hear, speak, and feel. Welcome to the age of big mother F…

#123 456 789

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Why is Hugo Chavez Considered an Enemy?

August 4th, 2007
By: Stewart Brennan
I’ll take What’s Behind Door Number 2

I really do not understand why Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez is considered an enemy? I also do not buy into what people are being told about him in the mainstream media. The media in the USA do NOT cover a story from a neutral point of view. I would also state the same thing with regards to Fidel Castro, and Mr. Ahmednijad of Iran.

The three names above have been made into enemies by “The National Endowment for Democracy N.E.D.)” A C.I.A. secret group and rabid dog of the “Council on Foreign Relations (C.F.R.)”

The American News Media spits out propagated information that Americans take as the truth and then echo the propaganda to confirm that American News did its job. When people say that these three men are the enemy, they are confirming that the plan of the ruling elite worked and that they do not have the will or mental capacity to do the research.

If you really want the truth…LOOK…IT…UP! Wikipedia has good information on Hugo Chavez mostly because he is an active character in our Internet generation. The Internet is the people’s only medium of free speech so use it to research and question everything you hear that comes from the newspaper’s Ten Commandments or the Gospel according to Television.

The three men above resisted American Imperial domination, and were demonized for it. They took action. What did Chavez do exactly? Well he brought Freedom to his people! He cut the chains of grotesque poverty where 9 out of 10 had nothing and the 1 out of 10 owned everything and were connected to US Imperial corporations. The wealth of Venezuela was being stolen and not one cent was going back to its people, with the exception of the people in charge of the government, banks and corporations which were tied to US interests.

I will tell you this much, I like Hugo Chavez! I think he should be given the Nobel Peace Prize! He is an elected President of the people from Venezuela. I will not write about what he has done for his people because I think that everyone should look it up on the internet! I will defend him with the policies that he HAS enacted for his people. Besides, he called George Bush a “Devil” and what is wrong with that? I have more colorful words for George Bush, but being a civilized person, I will not print them here. If the choice is American Imperialism behind door number one, and freedom behind door number two, I'll take whats behind door number two.

#123 456 789

Friday, August 3, 2007

Same Old Story, Same Old Money

By: Stewart Brennan

Ossama Bin Obama has a get-tough solution for Democrats...Invade a nuclear country like Pakistan where the very word "American" sparks riots of hundreds of thousands of people. Ya that’s a Democratic solution!

It would seem that the Democrats do not have the American people's thoughts and wishes in view either. Obama's solution to an exit strategy is to go from Iraq to Pakistan & back to Afghanistan in force. Hillary Clinton does not even comment on Bamma’s position. One might think that she is a closet supporter of War for big campaign dollars. The “Democratic House Speaker” Pelosi, does a 180 on Democratic position in Iraq withdrawal time table and leaves it up to it me or does this seem a little bit like collusion with the Republicans?

Maybe it’s collusion, and maybe it’s just that both parties have the same old money masters who are all members of the "Council of Foreign Relations".

So now, how do you vote? Do you lay down and become sheeple or do you have a revolution and run for office under a third political party? The choice is really simple.

If you're still not convinced that the Democrats and Republicans are really the same group of idiots with the same group of idiots money then idiot propaganda has worked on you!

An exit strategy from Iraq belongs to the General in charge when his Commander in Chief so orders it. I do not believe that George Bush or any Democrat / Republican will actually remove the American Army out of the Middle East. The USA has a habit of occupying a country with its military for a long, long, long, long time. If the resolve were to exit then they would not be building 4 permanent military bases in Iraq. Nor would they be building the largest most fortified embassy in history. Face it! Complain all you want, but no matter what you think, they, the Democrats or Republicans, will never leave Iraq or the Middle East. Which means there will be a sustained War just like the old money masters want. If you are not sure what is meant by Old money, please look up Wikipedia under the name “Council of Foreign Relations” there is an abundance of information there and a list of members. If you do not believe the information that is in front of you, then you must also believe that the Rockefeller’s no longer have an interest in money…or how to make lots of it.

If you want to make a change in the direction of your country, then run for office but do so under a new political party! You will not need big business to support you because no matter what party you voted for in the last election, big business will only support war profits.

Mr. And Mrs. America will fund you though, and what’s wrong with that? All across the USA people are calling for change. Well change will not happen unless you run for congress or US President yourselves. Make the system work for you; don’t wait until the system decides to share your opinion, because that will never happen.

Paid for by, “The United Party”. (A total cost of 10 minutes.)

Stewart Brennan
#123 456 789

Thursday, August 2, 2007

A New Political Party

August 2nd, 2007

By: Stewart Brennan

A New Political Party is Needed

Politicians in the USA have no reason to bicker and complain about issues of Health Care and Education because these issues are considered by many advanced Nations as fundamental human rights. What American’s are purposefully not being told by their politicians is that if your Government, regardless of political Party, decided to concentrate on freedoms for its own people, they would have Free Health Care, and Free Schooling. These freedoms and human rights are already covered by the existing taxes that you currently pay, but you are not receiving them.

Government, News Media, and Corporations with greedy agenda’s have fed Americans confusing and conflicting information, to fool you into believing that it is not economically possible. Constructive dialog cannot be achieved with the direction the two party system is taking you. Think about the eleven points below and then take political action. Run for office in a new political party, a third choice for Americans that are tired of all the bull. Call it the “United Party”.

Here is a list of things that the United Party would change or create for all Americans in a possible order list.

1. Inform the United Nations of a withdrawal from Iraq over a 6-month time frame. Cooperate with the International Criminal Court of Justice by making documents or any form of recorded material available to the prosecutors for a War crimes Trial against the Bush Administration. Serve a court order to close the Council of Foreign Relations and include their members in a vast investigation for “War Crimes” and “Crimes against Humanity”.

2. Abolish personal income tax returns to the IRS, because it is unconstitutional. Investigate the Federal Reserve Board Directors and its Chairperson for treason against the American people and the rest of humanity. Invoke measures for Corporations to make their books public once a government auditor reviews their books, which would be conducted on a yearly basis. Regulate the taxes corporations pay the government.

3. Remove the insurance companies strangle hold on the American population by removing them completely from the health care system. They’re only involvement would be for, “Death Benefits” and prescription drugs.

4. Reform the “Health Care” system and tie it to Human Rights. (When the insurance companies are removed from health care, all the red tape will disappear and wait times will be reduced drastically.) Health care workers and administration officials would be freed up from a paperwork nightmare to practice what they do. Health care would be State run with the system receiving federal funding through existing taxes.

5. Hold a conference on global Warming and sign on to reduce not only greenhouse gas emissions, but also reduce pollution of every type by efficient management of natural resources. Create a Federal institution that commits our best and brightest to new and or realistic solutions to combating pollution from the corporate sector. Fund the State run programs to feed the Central Federal organisation. The same group would also recommend solutions to business on how to efficiently make the change over in technology, packaging, farming solutions, and efficient housing regulations. The FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) would also be merged within this group. The Federal Institution would also share vital information with the United Nations so that important discoveries could be shared and implemented by member UN states provided the same system is in place within their countries. I.e.; push for a UN resolution on centralizing information by its body. (This would further empower a Collective World Community to move forward together.)

6. Create an education system that is available to all Americans including College and University. Education should not be a privilege for the rich only, but a fundamental right for all Americans, equally. Schools would not be allowed to regulate tuition fees. Each state would run a school program that would receive funding by the federal government. If a school decides that it wants to become private, then it would not receive federal funding but would be allowed to continue on its own. Existing taxes already pay for this program.

7. I would also restrict lawsuits that are designed to sue for personal gain. As an example, there would be a no fault insurance plan for automobiles. Lawsuits have bogged the courts down and suppressed freedoms and liberties of the American People. Example, suing for $,$$$,$$$ because a dry cleaner did not remove a spot on a pair of pants. Those who make charges that are judged by the court to be unfounded will then automatically be ordered to pay the defendants court costs. (Thus eliminating the many thousands of lawsuits that infringe on the rights of American citizens and also eliminating counter suits.

8. Prevent collusion of news media’s and mediums. Allow medium editors a platform for free speech and accuracy in reporting. The American people should not be controlled through propaganda that is placed by special interest groups.

9. Remove the rights of secret societies from operating within the USA. Heed the words of John F. Kennedy on this very same issue.

10. Remove the Cold War American military machine that has become Corporate America’s personal tool. Scale back the American military presence within other sovereign nations and bring them home for retraining on national emergencies, such as rebuilding the homes of victims of disastrous weather events like Hurricane Katrina.

11. Create a family allowance so that children in the USA do not live in poverty. The allowance would be a federal and state allowance, which would be indexed to the poverty line. The lower a family is, on the poverty scale, the more a family would receive to a set maximum so that children might live with the basic needs guaranteed by human rights. The State & Federal System would also be based on the number of children in a family unit. The existing taxes that Americans pay to the government, already cover this human right also.

Once these eleven points are introduced and are in place working for the citizens of the United States, fear would no longer drive its society and the American people would be truly free and have its intended Freedom envisioned by its founding fathers in place. The truth will set you free. Embrace love not fear.

#123 456 789

Free Health Care vs Free War Toys

Opinion : Stewart Brennan

Free Health Care for the American people or free War toys for other nations?

I believe that health care is a human right and that no one should be turned away. Big business wants you to be paralysed by controversy on how to upkeep it. Health care is funded by our taxes and it is working very well in my country thank you, and I am grateful of it. The free world really cannot understand why the USA does not have free health care for its citizens. Every Industrialized nation in the free world has had it since the end of World War 2 or there about.

Let me ask you this; is it alright for the Bush government to send 43 billion plus US dollars in war toys to Israel and Egypt by borrowing from the Federal Reserve? Or would it be better to invest in the American people?

The federal reserve as you probably know or maybe did not know, is OWNED by the members of "The council of foreign Relations" the same group from where war is decided and funded, the same group that does not want you to have free health care, and it is also the same group that your president GW Bush and company are members. The big insurance companies are owned by the same people who are the majority shareholders in war munitions and the time Warner media.

Do you want free health care or not? It has NOTHING to do with cost...100 Billion dollars to guarantee health care to all American citizens is a drop in the bucket compared to the Arms your government is sending to fund both sides in war throughout the world!

Step back and ask yourself, Do I want free health care or not? Don't bog yourself down with who pays! You already paid for this human right for god’s sake!

Stewart Brennan

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