Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Greatest Depression?

No one in power will admit it, but we are in the midst of a Great Depression. It started in October 2008 when the hollow financial pillars of America collapsed under the weight of enormous debt! The foundation that the greedy bankers and evil oil barons built was unstable and always doomed to fail from the beginning.

In October 2008, the US financial system began to spiral into a free-fall and took the World economy with it. When an economy is in free-fall, there is no good news until you hit the bottom, dust yourself off, and pick up the pieces.

What will future generations think when they look back at this period of time? One question might be, “How come they were so greedy?!” I’d like to hear your opinion on what the question might be.

What is the Trend Right Now?

The massive debt that has grown over these many years will keep the markets tumbling baring some fake recovery plan. At the moment, the market collapse is picking up momentum and will heave continual losses proportional to the monetary deficit.

The deficit is so large in the USA that it now surpasses gross national product. The numbers released in an article on Reuters February 25, 2009 was a staggering 66 Trillion dollar debt, compared to 65 Trillion in GDP. That amounts to bankruptcy.


How long will the depression last? I don’t know, but I can tell you that it will be long enough that people will suffer and then beg for a solution that the central banks will gladly offer. I am betting that the offer by these Criminally Wealthy bastards will either be 4 major currencies quartered in 4 Global regions or 1 global one. Either way, it will be backed by silver and controlled by the same collusion of Private Banking families that engineered the depression in the first place.

How did we get in this MESS?

Well, lets look at 2 key factors. Oil, and Private Banks.

Facts about Oil:

1. Oil is the prime source of energy that has driven the economy.
2. It is the reason that the Worlds Population has increased over the last 100 years from 2 Billion to 6.5 Billion.
3. Oil has been the driving force of the Industrial age over the last 100 years and also what has driven the exponential growth in the production and transportation of our food.
4. Between 60 to 80 percent of the products we produce or consume is made up of Oil.
5. In 2005 the Global demand for oil had surpassed the Global supply and so we had exponential demand saddled with a dwindling supply triggering a huge rise in the cost of Oil, topping $147.00 a barrel at its peak.
6. A World economy that is driven by limited Oil supply cannot maintain continued growth because sustained growth is exponential.

Facts about the Monetary System

1. Most Central Banks are Privately owned by a few extremely wealthy families. These Private Bank control the issuance of most of the World’s Currencies.
2. Private Central Banks like the Federal Reserve are not Government owned.
3. When the stocks crash, the big private banks cash in and there is massive ownership transfer. (Companies, resource rights, gold, land, smaller Banks, etc) The major private banks get it all if you cannot pay your debt.

The Private Bank Conspiracy:

The Banking system in which money changes hands is rigged. All the money that the Private Banks print is ultimately designed to go back to the very same Private Banks. A complete explanation of how this Banking system works can be found in the video below.

Money, Banking, & The Federal Reserve

Video Source:

Here is a simplified example of how this scheme works.

Ex: When a government Treasury bond is exchanged for an amount of cash, say $100.00, the Central Bank loans the money to the government and charges interest, typically 3 to 4%. However, the Private Central Bank does not print the additional money owed in interest and so the Government can never pay the Central Bank back the $104.00 because only $100.00 exists. Considering that this corrupt system has been employed for a long time and there has been a money supply in circulation, the Government must raises taxes or charge more for its services in order to pay back the loan to the Central Bank. The same system applies to the people and the ring of smaller private banks that control the mortgages and daily business routines.

Interest creates debt, and debt brings inflation because one needs to raise money on goods to pay back the debt to sustain growth. In this simple example, the $104.00 debt cannot be paid back because there was only $100.00 created and therefore the bank takes legal ownership of the collateral put up front to guarantee the loan when the debt can't be paid back. Incidentally, the interest is compound interest on the total Principal loan, so the total amount owed to the private bank grows annually. Over time the debt begins to increase exponentially.

How is it paid back? The Government guarantees the Private Central bank (US Federal Reserve) that the debt will be paid back by the people in the form of taxes.

Now, take our example of $100.00 and substitute it with today’s reality…66 Trillion US dollars, with compound interest that dates back over many years. Are you starting to get a good picture of what we are facing?

If we only had to pay the principal amount of the loan back, we would not be in this mess and that is why the suggestion that we only pay back the principal loan to the Private Banks or Private Central Banks and not pay the compound interest sounds like the only thing to save our World from a devastating Catastrophe. Incidentally, the compound interest is 95% of the overall debt and has become so large that it is impossible to ever pay back.

Debt and Inflation

Debt creates inflation and is the reason why the price of a 3 Bedroom home at $12,000.00 in 1962 increased to $120,000.00 in 1978. Last year the same house cost $400,000.00. It's all due to inflation brought on by debt owed in Compound interest on a currency. Inflation cannot go on forever…anyone who believed that buying a house was a good investment never counted on deflation. The simple fact is that salaries have not increased in proportion to inflation on the currency, so eventually the bubble bursts.

The Oil Influence:

When Oil production in the USA peaked in 1970, America had to import more oil from foreign countries and therefore could no longer control the energy needed to sustain its growth. Don’t forget that OPEC, the main Oil Producing Nations of the World, flexed its muscles to end the Israeli / Arab War in 1973. That was after Richard Nixon removed the Gold Standard, i.e. the convertibility of US dollars into Gold ($35.00 / oz) in 1971 crippling the Breton Woods system that had been in place since WWII.

By 1973 the Breton Woods system was replaced de facto by the current regime based on freely floating Fiat…anyhow, the result was an economic recession that started in 1972-73 that hit very hard.

So, how did we emerge from the recession in the 70’s? Determination to find alternative fuels and…Credit Cards…Credit cards allowed people to consume and then pay later. As consumers we expanded debt growth and then put more demand on imported oil. However, to get people to use these credit cards, Salaries had to increase along with the inflation.

Credit Cards stimulated the economy but they brought compound interest on them that was much higher than the interest rates charged by the banks…money was not even printed in this buy now pay later exchange which increased the over all imbalance between printed money and the debt owed on the money!

The second Oil based recession happened in 1980. To get out of that recession we created Free Trade. Free trade made it easier for companies to set up shop in other countries, that had cheaper labor, whereby lowering the corporate bottom line and reducing prices on a wide range of items…however, the Home Computer age began in 1980 also. A brand new technology for home use was a great incentive to start buying again, after all how many TV’s, and stereo’s did we need in one home. Electronic miniaturization and the resulting products have fueled a growth in the electronics industry that has lasted 28 years.

But basically, we had become bigger consumers that were so debt ridden, we needed to include our bordering neighbors to help us pay the debt. So an exchange was made through free trade. But that just put us all on the hamster wheel where we were working harder to payoff the ballooning dept. Salaries did not increase much but inflation sure did.

In 2001 we again hit a recession…we emerged from it by removing the regulations on Real estate. How typical of a panicked administration. With growth came a larger consumer base and demand for foreign oil. It wasn’t long before everyone was included in the Fiat currency debt of the private banks.

All 3 of these quick fixes of past recessions accelerated the debt growth and created a massive debt bubble in each area, Credit, Real Estate, and Trade.

Remember, interest on money is never printed and so, to pay it back you need to increase the prices on goods, taxes, etc…eventually the debt becomes so huge that there isn’t enough cash in society to pay it back…what is the Private Banks solution? Create a massive amount of money out of thin air. The US Government calls it a Stimulus Package.

The Federal Reserve Central Bank did not just ask for the US congress to pass a Stimulus Bill but in fact demanded it with no questions asked. Congress was even threatened with marshal law should they not pass it.

Most World Currencies are “Legal Tender” and based on itself and not precious metal. That means that the more of it out there in circulation, the less its worth. Which brings me back to the interest rate. Most of the Worlds Central Banks have lowered the Interest rates on their currency to almost nothing (0.25% to 0%) such as the Federal Reserve. What this does in effect is to devalue the currency. The private banks are pushing governments to pass legislation on huge monetary stimulus packages in the order of hundreds of Billions of dollars to give to themselves while ballooning the national debt. That’s YOUR CHILDREN's FUTURE MONEY! Of course the Central Bank will print this money gladly and take more ownership from a Country’s real estate, its resources and everything taxed…and we the people will have to pay it all back…with interest! In essence, we have become debt slaves to the private banks because it will be the people that owe the extremely wealthy all those Trillions of dollars that went into those "save the bank" funds. We are not saving the banks; the Banks are robbing us blind!!

Following the trends, we see that the US Dollar is finished and the private banks will suggest replacing the devalued currency with a new one. Perhaps backed by silver?

In the rush to approve a new currency, private interests will still control the economic wealth and the same debt rules will apply. The satanic cycle of greed will continue whereby the Private Banks will get it all and the people will be the losers…again.

Wait a minute! What about energy to drive the new economy that will emerge from the ashes? An economy that will have sustained growth?

Well, here are some things to ponder. Since energy is required to energize growth in an economic system and power the Oligarchy’s military, what energy source will replace fossil fuels to drive this new economy?

Can we risk a return to exponential growth with a limited energy source and risk another global War in the Oligarchy’s rush to claim the dwindling supplies? Population always grows when there is economic growth, but it also declines when the economy contracts due to starvation, war and disease.

The World’s population will contract severely if there is an economic depression with an energy shortage. War will descend on us masked in the form of competition for the dwindling supplies of oil that will keep debt economies alive. Make no mistake; we need to change who controls the issuance of currency. The Privately owned Banks must be removed so that we the people no longer live under totalitarian control or debt slavery.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and if it made sense to you, please pass it on to others because in reality, we only have each other to rely on. Don’t count on those extremely wealthy families to do the moral thing. They never have in the past and will certainly NOT give a damn about us this time either! May we all survive and come out of this depression as free men and women with a World united in peace.

Stewart Brennan

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