Saturday, December 27, 2008

Israel Commits War Crimes… Again!

By: Stewart Brennan

I condemn Israel for their continued War Crimes on the Palestinian People! I urge EVERY person on our planet to stand up and put an end to Israel’s brutal attacks on the Palestinian people. Boycott Israel, call your leaders and tell them to put a stop to these evil bastards. Let them know you have had enough of these Israeli war crimes, and if your leaders do not listen, then let them know that they will be held responsible and accountable! It is time that the entire World puts a stop to Israel’s evil aggression.

I am completely outraged at yet another violent attack by Israel on the Palestinian People, and I am ashamed of my own Country of Canada for not taking action! Words are NOT enough when War Crimes are being committed. Maybe Canada should send aid and peacekeepers to Palestine for their protection against Israel instead of whatever it is they are doing in Afghanistan?

Maybe other countries should consider protecting the Palestinian people also, and maybe we should tear down the wall that the Israelis have erected, or maybe we should blockade Israel all together until they stop their apartheid, military aggression, and genocide of the Palestinian people!!!

How can the leaders of the World sit back and allow Israel to carry out aerial attacks on innocent human beings? …How would you feel if Israeli planes, guns and bombs, targeted your children? To think that I had to watch and hear the screams of parents running with the lifeless bodies of their children in their arms grieves me to no end. The so called mainstream reporters would have you believe that Israel is justified for carrying out these attacks while the lifeless bodies of woman, children and men, lie blown to bits by evil aggression!

The Western News media does nothing to help stop this horror. Do they report the real news, or a one-sided propaganda smear? What about moral responsibility to humanity? Why are the mainstream journalists not putting the tough moral questions to the so-called leaders of the Western World? Are they investigative Journalists or are they smear puppets in an Imperial News Corporation? If they are in conflict with their bosses, why don’t they organize so that they CAN bring the real news to the masses?

Our so called western media and Political leaders would have you believe that Israel is justified for killing woman and children, They will tell you that apartheid by Israel on the Palestinians is not happening, and that an elected government of Palestine is not legitimate. Is it me, or do they sound like they are a bunch of assholes backed by an Israeli Lobby group? AIPAC, Bnai Brith perhaps?

Israel has declared War on the Palestinian people and has subjected them to living as jailed or caged animals on strict rations, just like the Nazi’s did to the Jews of Europe in the 1930’s. Israeli Zionists enact the same brutality on the native inhabitants of Palestine as the Nazi’s did to the Jews of Europe. We are told in our schools, news mediums, and movies, to never forget what happened to the Jews of Europe. In fact, this has become so entrenched in Western Political Doctrine by Israeli lobby groups that they insist we remember or risk being branded as anti Semitic.

Well I will go one further, and say that a Zionist is the same as a Nazi, an evil-minded oppressionist that inflicts fear, hatred, and violence to justify their existence.

Maybe Great Britain and the USA should not have created Israel as a homeland for European Jews after World War 2. I am sure that my father, a veteran of WW2, would have been disgusted by the acts committed by this brutal Zionist regime. After all, he fought to end tyranny and oppression by the Nazi’s during WW2…and back then, the Western nations would have you believe that they were moral law abiding nations.

I am ashamed of all the Countries that continue to allow these brutal and evil attacks on human life. Who ever is in support of Israel and their justification for killing people in Palestine, Lebanon, or Syria, are incarnate monsters and the real problem of our World today. Attitudes such as that of Zionist Israel will destroy the World with War.

Is this what awaits my Children & Grand Children? More Wars? Maybe we need to replace those who pretend to rule the World in good faith. The way I see it, these so called leaders have done nothing but destroy life in their greedy attempt to demand a “New World Order”. A phrase Adolph Hitler used often when justifying the Third Reich. Western Leaders of today, use these words often, in fact it seems to be their sole agenda. Who are behind those words, and what do they really want?

The biggest Zionist Lobby Groups are AIPAC and Bnai Brith. They will insist that Israel is justified for attacking the Palestinians and push their agenda with ALL Western Leaders.

Real Christians, Jews, and Muslims “DO NOT SUPPORT the ZIONIST AGENDA of ETHNIC CLEANSING!”

There are 1000’s of ways to resolve conflict but Israel always uses brute force to kill hundreds of people every time they lash out…what is the difference between the Nazi’s of the 1930’s and the Zionist’s today? Nothing!

Israel has not evolved with moral principals and does not deserve any more patience by the people of the World. Israel should never have been imposed on the Palestinian people to begin with. Creating Israel was the single most destructive error made after World War 2.

Reform the U.N.

Its time to put an end to the post World War 2 U.N. Security Council. Peace is up to ALL nations and not the 5 Permanent members. Its time for ALL nations to have a say in international affairs. If the World is going to progress then it will be up to ALL nations to lead and not just 5 nations that dictate terms!

Moral decisions cannot be made with a United Nations controlled by the 5 permanent Security Council members. If the UN decides to grow up and reform the Security Council, we will then be in a position to take a moral path as a species where all mankind will be equal!

If the U.N. does not evolve and decides to maintain the status quo of a 5 Country dictatorship then the World will be doomed to the very worst that these blood thirsty nations can dream up…such as Israel, and the constant pardon they receive after committing atrocities.

I call on every Human Being to stand up! Stand up and let your voices be heard. Tell our leaders that Israel must be tried for War Crimes and that taking life is NOT acceptable. Free the Palestinian people!!!

Please see this very important video called Occupation 101.

Occupation 101

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Steven Harper Divides a Country

The fiasco in Ottawa that the Harper Minority Government initiated last week has insulted a majority of Canadians while having the effect of tearing our country apart from a name calling session in which Medicare supporters were called socialists in league with separatists to destroy Canada. What the Hell were you thinking Mr. Harper? This type of fear mongering and labeling has divided our Country at a time when unity is called for.

For those who might not be aware, Canada’s Prime Minister Steven Harper and his Conservative Party were faced with a determined Coalition of political representatives elected by the majority of Canadians. Harper panicked after a vicious name calling session with uncalled for labeling that would have made US Republican Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy smile in his Grave. The Conservatives grasped at the one thing that they thought could save their government, to “Prorogue” Parliament. The outcome has caused an immediate rift and division in this country, which may not heal for a long time. Was the name calling intended Mr. Steven Harper, or was it your genuine feelings of the Canadian people?

The Lead Up to Division:

Over the past 2 1/2 years, Steven Harper’s minority government has bullied the opposition into accepting Conservative legislation in the House of Commons. Some would say that weak opposition leaders failed to take advantage and were not able to agree on tactics to stop the Conservatives from railroading their agenda into law. That is a debate on its own, however, as a Canadian, I am not happy about the way Liberal leader Stephan Dion handled the Conservative legislation because, I was taught that when faced with confrontation you stand up for your principals while keeping an open mind. You then VOTE on them to show your character and moral stance if that is the situation as was Dion’s. You do NOT stand up, turn your back, stick your fingers in your ears and act as children. The consequences of those actions have now come to fruition.

If the Opposition Parties were afraid of the consequences that an election might have on their future, then an immediate change in leadership should have been the remedy. Looking back, Stephan Dion did not show a quality of character that people could admire and the Conservatives knew it when they called an election for last October 15th.

A word of advice to all politicians, when representing the people who voted for you, at the very least, you must show that you have moral values and backbone by opposing legislation that is pointed against the principals of your constituents and VOTE!

Advice to the Liberals:

The Liberals need to look at the immediate future and their options with the prospects of a dictatorial budget imposed on the Canadian people by a Conservative party that does not believe in Social Programs. On January 26th, not only will this be a confidence vote but a crucial point in Canadian History. If the Liberal Party does NOT replace Dion before this date and bring the Harper Government down on a non-confidence vote, the Conservatives will push their agenda forward against the majority of the people, and the wounds will deepen. The results will be disastrous and Canada will have a renewed Constitutional crisis during an economic tsunami that will most definitely cause hardship and political determination.

It is imperative that the Conservative government is brought down on the division issue, however, without a new Liberal leader, the month of May is a long time away and a non confidence vote in January would surely bring about the possibility of an election before May. In this situation, the Liberals are not ready to face the House with strength because with Dion at the helm, the Canadian people will not vote for a party, which has a leader that did not demonstrate backbone on fundamental principals that should have been demonstrated long ago. Liberals who turn their back, put their hands in their pockets, or simply do not vote on important issues do not get to stay on as Leader of the Opposition. Nor do they gain the respect of the Canadian people. The Stephan Dion Liberals embarrassed Canadians, and that is something the Conservatives know all too well.

On the other hand, if the Liberals choose a new leader before January 26th 2009, they will go into Parliament ready for what ever is thrown at them weather it is an election, or a coalition government. The Liberals may not get the full backing of Quebec voters, but it is even more likely that the Conservatives will lose all their backing in Quebec. A Majority government will then depend on the voters in Ontario; so don’t be surprised if the Conservatives focus their interests there.

Moving Forward?

The Harper Conservatives have decided that this is the time to pick on the Canadian people and create division in our nation, which in my mind is a treasonable offence on the Canadian People! Harper has demonstrated once again that dictators do indeed live in Canada and that his panicky response to “Prorogue” Parliament when faced with a determined opposition has divided the Country. The decision by Canada’s Governor General’s “Michaelle Jean”, to grant Stephen Harper his wish to “Prorogue Parliament” leaves a distasteful burning question as to the function of a position that is redundant and has ties to an overseeing monarchy from another Country.

The aftermath of this should be troubling to the Conservatives because they have just lost all their Federal votes in Quebec in the next election. The barometer in this fiasco will be the outcome of the Quebec Provincial election in mid December 2008. Some people may not remember that Quebec Provincial Premier Jean Charest was a Conservative under Brian Mulrooney in the 80’s and 90’s before he switched his focus to Provincial Politics and changed parties to become a Liberal. The timing of Harpers outburst against social program supporters and French Canadians stinks of dictatorial division wrapped up in an “I told you so” excuse to the Canadian people about Quebec separation.

Jean Charest will most assuredly loose the Provincial Election in Quebec on December 8th in large part to his own shortcomings, but now guaranteed due to Harpers outburst and finger pointing to the Quebec Separatists as nation killers. Harpers accusations have the French majority in Quebec furious with this perceived attack on their identity.

The wrath of Quebec’s francophone speaking majority will unfold with their choice of political parties in the coming Quebec Provincial election to make a point of their displeasure at Harper’s words. The ensuing focus of those political parties will be on the continued eradication of the English speaking community within Quebec.

The Anglophone community has been brutally attacked and nearly destroyed by apartheid type laws, which have set the standards in attitudes of the majority francophone citizens. Harpers comments will most assuredly put the final nails in a community’s coffin by an eager population that needs to focus blame.

The unrest does not just stop there. Out west in Alberta there is also talk about Separation and how the East doesn’t care about their interests. Are those people talking about politicians from the east or the people that live there when they focus their anger? It seems that Steven Harper is intent on creating division in this country and you have to wonder why.

The solution to this quagmire of political BS is for the Canadian people to call for Steven Harper's resignation, and for Mr. Dion, to CALL FOR A LIBERAL LEADERSHIP CONVENTION in early January!

To all political wannabee’s, if you want to see what the real majority of Canadians want or who the Harper Conservatives are? Please click on the link below and view the video taken at the Conservative convention in Winnipeg last November 15th. You have to wonder what they conspired about in their private convention that no one outside their party was allowed to attend.

Canadian Protest Nov. 15th 2008 Winnipeg Manitoba

Block Harper Rally Nov 15th 2008 (Winnipeg)

Stewart Brennan
(Former Irish Anglophone Resident from Quebec)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Steven Harper Must GO!

Photo By: Stewart Brennan The recent events that have transpired in Canadian Politics has left me in an extremely angry mood, ripe with hostility and ready to take an extremely angry stand against the Conservative government and Steven Harper. The insulting attack’s he aimed at the opposition parties these past days reflects his true feelings towards the majority of the Canadian people. When Harper shouted obscenities in the House of Commons about socialists and separatists conspiring to kill Canada, he was really shouting insults at 65% of the Canadian people who did not vote for his Conservative Party. These fear mongering tactics have been seen more recently in the USA and in particular with George Bush’s Cabinet where fear mongering is the Conservative way. I swear I heard Stephen Harper allude to “Your either with us or against us!” Well I’ve had quite enough of this type of CRAP. It seems to me that Steven Harper and the Conservatives are intent on destroying Canada by trying to suspend government at the most crucial of economic times by asking the Governor General to Prorogue the House of Commons. I call on the Governor General to refuse Steven Harper’s request to Prorogue government and ask that Michaelle Jean allow our Canadian system of democracy to run its course. IF that means a vote of Non – Confidence, then so be it! Allow the coalition to govern afterwards so that Canadians will have someone steering the ship during this economic nightmare! Did anybody else notice all the fear mongering out of Harpers mouth? Harper has rekindled a constitutional crisis and set up divisions between Canadians. HOW DARE HE! A continuation of this course will only result in the destruction in the foundation of our Country. Canada voted but did not give you a majority Mr. Harper because they do not trust you, and rightly so. Its time for you to GO! Sincerely, Stewart Brennan Winnipeg, Manitoba

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