Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Madness We Call Reality

This is a repost of an article I wrote a year ago (Oct 20th 2007)

By: Stewart Brennan

Everyday we engage in a pressure cooker of daily routines that become more complex and energy consuming as time passes. These sophisticated routines we burden ourselves with, squeezes every last bit of energy out of us until we are practically disabled. What is it that has all of us in a mindless hurry? What is it that empowers us to be an active participant in this “thing” that drives our daily lives and society? Is it real or imagined? I say its time to take a good look at this madness we call reality.

What is this… “Thing”?

It has been chipping away at the foundation of civilization for a very long time. It has crept into and has woven a belief within our minds, and it guides us in everything we do. Those that have control of this “thing” dictate our very existence. “They” use it against us and control our actions with it. “They” will say anything and do everything to grab our attentions away from knowing the truth. They bombard us with planned suggestion to support this “thing” that they control.

The “thing” I am taking about is “money”, and “They” the “Private Bankers”, are the ones who control and Print it. We are totally subservient to them and their money system. It has disconnected us from our free collective ability and isolated us from each other.

Civilization should be based on the wonderful capabilities and accomplishments that humanity has achieved and not on money. Humanity should not be controlled by a few individuals but by the moral pillars of what is honest, and truthful in a just society.

Commercialism impedes our focus on reality:

You can call this monetary system a misguided direction or plan, or whatever you want…Capitalism, Imperialism, or Dictatorship, it doesn’t matter. The real problem, and driver of the current system is the money-maker, his printed-paper, and an idea called financial wealth.

If we choose to remain on this path of “financial wealth”, we will always be controlled by the few that have set their sights on acquiring and controlling anything and everything. If we continue to embrace this system of money and not in the ability of our collective selves, mankind will perish from the Earth.

Remember, “Wealth is in the Soul”, not the bank, or stock market.

What Do We Do?

Today, our survival is in the hands of corrupt bankers and corporations that hire politicians to make laws that benefit the corrupt few instead of the population.

If mankind is to survive, he must evolve out of the illusion that economics portrays and into the Global reality of unity. The reality is that we need to help each other to progress as a species. The purpose in life is not enslavement by debt, but to work collectively for the betterment of mankind or the society. We need to remove the illusion of monetary wealth. Real wealth is not in a bank account, precious metal, or abundance of material. “Wealth is in the Soul”! Imagine a World without money.

Private Bankers and their system of financial wealth have created a World that is dysfunctional. It enslaves society to keep it running. The leaders of the financial system decide on who gets food, water, medicine, and who lives and dies. It makes weapons of mass destruction, and makes tyrants and slaves. Money is the root of all our problems.

A “Society based on money” robs us of our ability to think freely. Our attentions are taken away by commercialism via communication devices like the cell phone, television, radio, and Internet. All of which portray an unrealistic bubble that most people have come to believe is reality. The system is blindly supported by many and not questioned because those that control the system have told you not to question it.

Together we can remove the oppression that money and corrupt officials have imposed on society. Let's create a “World United” where everyone goes to sleep on a full stomach, has enough water to sustain themselves, has the medicine to treat sickness, and schools to teach the values and responsibilities of being alive. Lack of Money should not impede our helping others. It is morally wrong to say that helping someone costs too much! Remove the controlling element of money from society and the future begins to look brighter.

Basic Survival:

Many of us have forgotten how to take care of ourselves and those around us when money is not involved, and I am sure the prospect scares you. The reality is that we have been disconnected from nature and do not have control of our destiny. We need to regain control of our lives… We are supposed to be integrated with nature...that is what is missing in our lives! That missing element in your life, the hole in your soul, that void we try and fill but never seem to satisfy…is our connection to nature.

One day, everything will stop…No more “Grid Electricity”, no more running water, transportation, which means no more food deliveries to stores. Think about how you would survive without electricity…no more communications. TV, radio, Internet, telephones, will all be silent. No more modern-day communications.

Does anyone remember how to build a fire, purify water, gather food, build their own shelters, know what plants and roots will cure your ailments? The world we know or knew will be gone, and that can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

Knowledge is your Salvation:

Our Grandparents or great grandparents and for some of us, our parents, knew how to survive hard times. They also warned us about the Private bankers and their money. My generation grew up without knowledge of hard times. We are the TV generation, born and raised.

Right now, we need to prepare for the collapse of the American Empire and the financial system that controls the World…and that means to learn everything about basic survival.

We need to get involved now by building trust in our communities. Reconnect with nature. We have to approach life as a unified community. The very lives of our children and grand children depends upon it.

Money and its guarantee of greed is the destroyer of our World. It is the sole reason for war. All crimes committed are sprung directly or indirectly from greed and the society that money created. In a future world devastated by economic upheaval…survival will come down to who was ready.

Disconnected from Nature:

We are now completely disconnected from nature and our symbiotic relationship with it. Individually, we no longer know how to provide the basic needs we require to survive. We are completely dependent on the function of the current economic system and the direction we have embraced is leading us to complete destruction. But now, “The Financial System” appears to be feeding on its self.

The foundation on which our modern world is built is crumbling, and with it the whole world will fall because government would have you believe that being a social society is evil when in fact it is quite the opposite.

Humanity needs strong characters to stand up against the endless waves of anger, brutality, and oppression that are systematically removing Human Rights and freedoms of the individual. It is up to everyone that reads this plea to stand up and make a difference in his or her perspective countries and or communities. Not one country, province, or state, and not one individual can escape the oppression that the World Bank and ruling class have imposed upon us. The time to act is NOW!

Be prepared; get back in touch with your surroundings and your community. Plan for the survival of your community in a long-term disaster scenario, and do it collectively together. We depend on each other to survive. We cannot do it alone. Be at peace.

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