Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Economic Change is Coming to the World

 By: Stewart Brennan

As the US economic cartel reels from its geopolitical losses in the Middle East, the speed of their economic contraction now looks more likely to head into a full scale collapse for the 20 trillion in the hole US dollar. In fact, I believe we will see a more rapid, or God forbid, a more violent stage of economic contraction as the US government goes against its economic vassals in Europe and scraps the Iran Nuclear deal…

Iran has kept its part of the agreement whereas the US government has shown once again that they are not trust worthy for any type of agreement with any nation on anything except their promise to destroy nations that don’t go along with their economic dictates.

Donald Trump and the Iran Nuclear Agreement

US President Donald Trump, refused to certify the Iran Nuclear Deal on October 13th, 2017; a little more than two years after the P5+1 (France, Great Britain, Russia, China the USA and Germany) reached a deal with Iran. The Trump decree now goes to the US Congress to decide within 60 days on weather to re-impose sanctions or not. A vote for sanctions will kill the deal. We already know what Israel and the Israeli lobby in the US wants, as they believe the Iran Nuclear Deal is a “BAD DEAL”…and they control the US congress.

The decision of US President Donald Trump and indeed the history of the overall behavior of the US Government has put the USA on target for economic isolation by its European partners who need Iran’s oil for economic survival…I wrote about how the USA would never honor the Iran Nuclear deal two years ago in a facebook post on Sept 10th, 2015 just after they signed it. Well, low and behold the current US President has proven me right.

The Economic Future of the USA

Regardless of which way the US congress votes, the USA will continue to decline economically, the decision by congress will just decide on the rate and speed of the US economic collapse.

Iran has already begun selling their oil in everything but US dollars and Europe will buy their oil from Iran regardless of what the US decides, as indeed the EU has made it clear to the US Government that not only is Iran in compliance with the Nuclear Deal, but that Europe will continue to do business with Iran regardless of what comes down the road with US economic policy.

The trends show that major Independent oil producing nations such as Russia have moved away from the US dollar as well due to Washington’s continuous hostile economic and military stance against their economic Independence.

Energy is what powers an economy, it is also what props up the US dollar and keeps the US dollar as the reserve currency…and that is about to change.

Economic Options

The economic options available to the World seem to be either, continue using the US dollar as a global reserve currency or use other currencies such as the Chinese Yuan which comes with an economic package of a New Silk Road with rail links to Asia, Europe and the Middle East. This economic package for Europe is a no brainer especially if the USA can no longer supply Oil and Gas to its European vassals and force them to use the US dollar in transactions.

The US is fast losing its geopolitical influence around the world and so the economic war that the US has created through their economic and military threats are beginning to backfire on themselves.

The conclusion is obvious, a decline in confidence in the USA as the global economic leader will crash their already bankrupt economy. How far will the US Government and its Deep State go to maintain its supremacy? We are going to find out…

Economic Conflict?

However, should a confrontation for world dominance emerge between economic rivals the US and China…well, this chapter has already been written as the major stock holders in the corporate cartel in the western countries have sent their manufacturing capacity to China willingly over the past two decades and have also plugged China into the oil that they need to power it. Our entire economy is based on consumer spending where just about everything is made in China.

So, is the entire world being played the fool while a scripted economic World Order is put into place? There is evidence to suggest that this is indeed the case considering that the Chinese banking system contains both state and “private banks”.

China rose to become an economic power because of the western business cartel, and China receives the energy they need to maintain their steady growth…

Question: If China was the economic enemy of our governments, why would western economic oligarchs give China everything they need including the energy to defeat the western economic cartel, unless that cartel is a business partner with Oligarchs in China…China’s strength comes from state run public central banks but there are also major private banks operating within the Chinese corporate cartel that controls a large part of their economy.

When you are in business and have a large share of the business but want to corner the market and take it all, all one has to do is create a knock down cheaper product to put your rivals out of business. This hostile business tactic has been employed against competition since Standard Oil cornered the Oil market in the USA in the late 1800’s.

The usury model of business and private banking requires growth to sustain company margins…China also requires huge growth to maintain its ferocious economic appetite. That spells a guaranteed disaster down the road for everyone unless we do something about it now and change the way money works.

The Illusion Revealed

As much as I enjoy seeing the belligerent US economic empire go down in flames, I do not want to see another one rise in its place. Real changes need to happen in the nations economies of the world, not a redirected alignment to a corporate cartel from China...Greed is, of itself, very predictable and very destructive to all communities, be they in China, the EU, Africa, North America or South America.

The Private banking system is purposely flawed in favor of those in charge of it doesn’t matter what country is in charge of the global economic system if the system has the same majority stock holders with the same type of debt based usury system…I don’t want US economic dictatorship and I certainly do not want Chinese economic dictatorship! What I want is a REAL new deal! Not a change in tyrant bosses…

To my fellow human beings around the world, it’s time we stood up in every single nation to Re-Nationalized our resources and start using public central banks to reel in the criminals that have taken control of our nations. It’s time for the World to embrace a sustainable life rather than an unsustainable life that leads to global suicide.

Restructuring government to work for the people must be the top priority in every nation today so that we all have a future together on this planet.

The economic system belongs to the people of a nation...NOT to the criminal cartels that have seized control of our nations through privatization and private banks. The wealth and money of our nations belong to the people and should not be subject to the absolute control of a greedy cartel of mobsters.

Our nations are being raped by greedy corporations that have no moral responsibility nor an off switch to stop their endless pursuit of growth… all the revenue streams in every nation have been hijacked and our politicians endorse this behavior…it is the same in every country that does not have control of their monetary system…and our Countries, are now on the brink of an economic disaster because of it…

Take charge and make the changes because those in Power will not listen. Bring back economic stability by using public central banks the way they are intended, to serve the community. Nationalize your nations resources and remove the criminals from power! Change the way your government works. You only get one chance to make the changes necessary in your country, so be sure to organize now so that when the economy fails you are ready to make positive changes with everyone on the same page.

Is economic change coming to the world? Yes, change is certainly coming, the degree of change will be up to you. 


Saturday, August 5, 2017

World News and Current Events 2017

The following post contains video playlists of "Alternative News and Opinion" which is missing from the North American and European News stations. I have included them here so that others may discover a different point of view without having to rely on a biased narrative from an economic cartel which drives Western mainstream media. 

Seeing more than one side of a story to connect the dots on what is happening in the world, is the only way a healthy democracy can survive, otherwise, special interests seize a nations future through manipulation to better their own selfish interests. Therefore it is truly important for everyone to be well informed so that they make educated decisions when voting. The very essence of democracy depends upon it.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

The Putin Interviews

“The Putin Interviews” is a four-part series of interviews between iconic film maker Oliver Stone and Russian leader Vladimir Putin providing the World with an in-depth view and understanding of the Russian leader, world events and the insane push of western political and economic hegemony over Russia and indeed the world. This is a very important historical documentary which should be, in my opinion, shared with every North American and Western European. (See Download Link at the bottom of this article)

PART 1 of 4

PART 2 of 4

PART 3 of 4

PART 4 of 4

US Deep State NOT Happy About these Interviews

Indeed, the US deep state and its mainstream media are not happy about these revealing interviews as we have seen by the attitude of TV host's such as Stephen Colbert where he trashes Oliver Stone on Corporate TV for Stone's documentary; a documentary which shows the world a little sanity and reality on Russia and the Russian leader throughout the four part series.

Oliver Stone’s documentary brings serious attention to the whole false narrative that the US Deep State and its corporate media have concocted about Russia and their leader Vladimir Putin. It is my belief that the creation of a US enemy keeps the US Imperial war economy thriving while keeping the US economy afloat through endless wars which of course require endless amounts of weapons and material...and that is precisely what the US Deep State and its corporate Media are doing when they falsely target Russia and Vladimir Putin as the enemy of choice. In essence they are trying to revive a dead cold war foe who has been gone since 1991. 

Why is the US Government demonizing Russia and Vladimir Putin?

Well, it seems that Russia is in the American's way of attaining global economic domination because Russia remains economically independent. Energy supply to Europe is certainly a key factor in US hostilities towards Russia, so much so that the US government and Pentagon will stoop to the pits of hell to get Russia to cave to their demands.

The US position is nothing more than a suicidal pact with insanity which must be stopped by all means...and indeed, information such as what these interviews hold is the key to removing the poison inflicted by a truly biased and repugnant American mainstream media.

Below is the Colbert Interview of Oliver Stone

In an article written by John Wight on RT, he calls out “Colbert” and the US establishment for its insane position. Here's an extraction from his post...

"...Colbert’s line of questioning amounted to a regurgitation of the very caricature that Stone had set out to move beyond in over 20 hours of interviews on an abundance of topics with Putin – his upbringing, family history, career, thoughts on leadership, the challenges Russia faced during the dark days of the 1990s, his relations with various US presidents, NATO, and so on.

Yet for the likes of Mr. Colbert it’s much easier to go with the official narrative, contained in his first question of the interview: “What do you say to people who say that yours [Oliver Stone’s] is a fawning interview of a brutal dictator?” Not only the question, but also the casual and insouciant way in which it was delivered, confirmed the dumbing-down of news information, analysis and commentary that has been underway in the United States over decades.

The result is a culture so intellectually shallow it is frightening to behold, one in which ignorance is celebrated rather than scorned, in which national exceptionalism and arrogance is exalted rather than rejected. And woe betide anyone, such as Oliver Stone, who dares try to penetrate this fog of ignorance and sense of exceptionalism that has so corroded US cultural values...."

Freedom of Speech, Truth and Justice

As a person who believes in truth, honesty, peace, and justice, it is my position not to believe anything I am told by the US deep state, its government or its bought and paid for corporate news and entertainment industry simply because they've been caught lying time and again. How can anyone have trust in a government or medium that consistently lies? If people want the truth, then it is best to investigate everything going on in the world using the internet to uncover the truth.

Today, people are no longer held in a bubble of a nations propaganda because the internet provides everyone with the freedom to share their views and investigations, unlike the US corporate media who are employed to spin a narrative based on the economic interests of a few powerful people.

The battle for truth and justice has taken a great leap forward by alternative media, independent writers, investigative journalists all over the world, including important film makers such as Oliver Stone and his latest work, "The Putin Interviews".

It is important for everyone to investigate what is really happening in the world before the US economic deep state drag’s the world into another major conflict on the back of outlandish lies…we have a responsibility to our children, grandchildren and their future generations, to provide them with a real future…it's time for everyone to get their heads out of the sandy illusion that western media has spun…start investigating reality for yourselves or we simply will not have a future at all.

Stewart Brennan

Download LINK: 

The Putin Interviews 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

France 2017 - Marcon vs Le Pen and a Warning

By: Stewart Brennan

The stage is set for a showdown in France between the European Union, French deep state candidate “Emmanuel Macron” and ultra nationalist candidate “Marine Le Pen”…

Here are my thoughts on the French election:

The Euro dictatorship in Brussels has their deep state candidate running in the French Elections, Mr. Emmanuel Macron -“ni” or “nyet”?

The question is, “What do French citizens want?” Do they want to lose their cultural identity, their social programs and social reforms through EU dictates and austerity or do they want to save their cultural identity and their way of life by returning to a national state of economics?

All the chips are in the pot at this poker game and it looks like Macron’s pair of Queens bluff will be called by Le Pens and her Full House…


If Macron wins this high stakes poker game, France will be history… the people of France will lose everything they've gained socially and go down the path of an EU bankruptcy…a bankruptcy filled with austerity that will continue to rip France apart and bleed jobs away from the country the way they did to Greece…and of course, we must not forget that the EU also has a belligerent US economic foreign policy driving it. The USA does NOT like Socialist countries and is doing its best to destroy every single one of them…that is one of the reasons why the EU was created in the first place…to end European Socialism.

One Bank to rule them all, one Bank to fine them, One Bank to in-debt them all and in austerity bind them…”

The US foreign and economic policy is against socialism of any kind because it is practiced by nations that have their economic independence; nations that don’t like being told what to do…and we all know how the USA responds to nations that seek their economic independence…

France and all other European nations have been held hostage to an unelected executive EU governance which has held them in an iron grip of economic obedience…is it any wonder why we are hearing the sounds of revolt and revolution reverberating across Europe…Le Pen has the Eurocrats freaking out because if she wins, the dictatorship of the European Union will be over and so the European, US and French Deep State are going to do everything they can to stop Le Pen from winning…

The French and European Deep State are warning of an economic catastrophe if Marine Le Pen wins the French election in May 2017…yet in reality, no matter who is elected, the economy is going to crash anyways. But if France wants to save itself, then they should circle the national wagons and protect their culture and way of life.

France needs to drop out of the Euro to regain its national sovereignty if they are going to survive down the road when the European Union crashes under deeper austerity measures through the American economic de-socialism agenda.

In fact, I would warn the people of France that if they vote for Macron, they will lose their nation to wealthy speculators in a privatization blitz that will leave the people of France impoverished without their social and health programs, which of course will be whittled away under Euro austerity and deep budget cuts due to having to “Borrow” its budget money with interest to provide the goods and services the country needs.

Macron is all for de-nationalizing industry and selling it to special interests, which is one of the ways in which a country is taken apart economically…that is what Macron has done in the past and will do in the future if he is elected. In reality, Emmanuel Macron is anti-national and anti-France…

The people of France have to realize that no matter what candidate they choose, the economic picture is going to be very bad…however, it would be in the French peoples best interests to not go down with the European ship and instead regain their national identity…get out from under the EU before France is crushed by a crippling debt and austerity…Protect yourselves with your own national central bank and monetary system…a monetary system owned by the French people…money that would not be borrowed for budget expenditures but created by the government OF the French People and spent into existence without debt or interest…regain your Industries and make your own trades…don’t let the USA / EU dictate who you can trade with…the election is in 2 weeks, so you can either choose the status quo candidate and Eurocrat “Macron” and fade away into a global soup of anti-culture, debt and austerity OR choose the nationalist candidate “Le Pen” and retain your historical, political and economic identity…the Future is yours to decide…What have you got to lose? Everything…

CrossTalk - Le Pen vs Macron

Video Source: RT

Friday, April 7, 2017

Trump Destroy's UN Charter & Drives Towards WW3

By: Stewart Brennan

The US Deep State plans for Syria and the World, have not changed under the Donald Trump presidency. In fact, by his direct attack on the Syrian Military, Donald Trump just confirmed that he is a willing partner in the US deep state plans, so there will be no changes for the betterment of the American people or the world for that matter under Donald Trump.

US Terrorist Attack and Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

The Donald Trump Government attacked the Syrian Military at the Shayrat airbase near Homs on April 6th, 2017, basing his reasons on unproven accusations of chemical weapons use by the Syrian Government in the terrorist held area of Idlib.

The chemical weapons attack in Idlib, being blamed on the Syrian Government, comes at a time when Washington's EU project is failing, at a time when their war on Syria is failing, at a time when the US economy is failing and at a time when their hopes of keeping Europe away from Russian supplies of oil and gas are is also important to note that it comes at a time when US deep state figures like John McCain and Lindsey Graham are screaming for the American government to support their terrorists army and bring down the Syrian Government of Bashar al-Assad.

The results of this US Military attack on Syria puts us all on a runaway freight train that is driving in a head-on collision to World War III and the end of history.

War Crimes and the United Nations

Seems to me that only someone who is completely ignorant would blame a crime on someone else without evidence or proof, but to actually attack another nation without evidence or proof of the crime is in itself the most nefarious of crimes. Those that commit such crimes ARE THE TERRORISTS and the sponsors of STATE TERRORISM…

Not only has Donald Trump committed a war crime for attacking Syria on unproven claims but he has also attacked the United Nations Charter, shredding it into a million pieces as the US refused to abide by International Law and deliberately bypassed the UN Security Council when they didn't get their way.

The first countries to stand up and congratulate Donald Trump for his State Terrorist actions were other United Nations members within the illegal American coalition against Syria. Criminal partners such as Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the UK, France, Germany, and Italy. (Among others)

As it stands now, the US and its warring coalition no longer uphold International law as the guiding principal, as they endorse the USA for breaking International law and the UN Charter which they swore to uphold…that means that the United Nations is dead

Disturbing Characters

So, who were the key people behind Trumps sudden decision to Attack the Syrian Military? An operation which had to be planned well in advance. 

In my opinion pressure was directed by American deep state war hawks John McCain and Lindsey Graham who were the first to cheer Donald Trump for his belligerent actions. Both McCain and Graham are on record for their insistence of US Military support in arming the terrorist groups in Syria with the goal of removing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Both of these war hawks also became hysterical and called for US military intervention when their terrorist proxy armies on the ground began losing to the Russian, Iranian, and Syrian coalition.

These terrorists that are supported by Graham and McCain, have committed some of the most sadistic crimes ever committed by man, and still the US and its coalition members continue to support, arm and train this army of monsters…where does this lead to? Well it leads to more chemical weapons attacks to blame on the Syrian government since the last one worked so well for them…and who knows what other nightmarish operations they will unleash at their backer’s behest to blame on the Syrian Government.

These are cold blooded killers we are talking about, controlled by cold blooded killers in the US, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel who stood up and applauded the American's war crime. It appears that they will stop at nothing to get their way in Syria as some nations such as Turkey are calling for more US attacks on the Syrian army. Of course, once again we are hearing the chorus of “Assad must go” by all the sociopathic leaders of these states.

The Moral Nation

If the US is so moral as they claim to be, why did they launch a massive military attack on Syria without proof of who committed the crime? Maybe, its because they are behind the crime themselves and are so desperate to have their terrorist army counter attack after being driven to the point of oblivion by Russia and the Syrian Arab Army, that they needed to commit this desperate false flag of terrorism to save their army of monsters from annihilation. If so, and I do believe this is the case, then this will not be the only US attack on the Syrian military, and that leads to conflict with Russia and Iran.

Russia and Iran are the other two nations that US deep state representatives McCain & Graham have been pushing to attack…so we now have to wait nervously to see what kind of nightmare these monsters will dream up next. Especially now that US and its NATO partners have thousands of tanks, military troops and other equipment in place around Russia and Iran. Let’s not forget America’s NATO partner Turkey, who has solidified their position in Northern Syria with direct supply lines of US coalition military equipment to the terrorists.

With Erdogan's military position now vulnerable in Syria after exposing himself as a loyal partner to the American Deep State and a deceitful partner to Russia, Turkey's leader, is screaming the loudest for the US to continue its military attacks on the Syrian Army.   

There will be no change under Donald Trump as War seems destined to escalate under his “American war first” policy.

What Can You Do to Stop it?

The only ones that can stop this road to World War Three are the American people. They must rise up in their tens of millions and condemn the US governments military actions against Syria. Everyone should go on strike, not pay taxes, stop shopping...Call up your representative, fax them, text them, email them and confront them in public. Tell them to back off. Launch a twitter storm on Donald Trump. Form a movement to take back your country from these war mongering sociopaths that have hijacked the American nation. Pull your money out of the banks, boycott all the corporations pushing war, if you own some of their stocks, sell it, boycott their mainstream news propaganda channels including their advertisers…march against the Mainstream corporate media and surround their buildings. Occupy them! Call them out for their lies and propaganda. March on Washington, NY, Chicago, LA, push for people like McCain and Graham to be forced out of office on crimes of high treason!

People all over the World can also participate especially in the countries where their governments openly supported the US attacks on Syria. Call them, write them, email them, text them…Everyone can boycott American products. Just do it!

Contact your Government Representative!

In the USA:
Find Your US House Representative here -
Find Your US Senator here

Canada - Members of Parliament
UK - Parliament Representatives
Important Book:

A very important book to help readers understand what is really happening in Syria as it takes you through Syria’s recent history and portrays the actual facts on the ground. This is a must read by all. ~ Stewart Brennan, Political Analyst & Activist


Link to Turkish Government Website - No:78, 18 March 2017, Press Release Regarding The Third Anniversary of The Illegal Annexation of Crimea

Israel Threatens Syria’s Assad with Collapse (2010)

Important Video News Archives on Syria

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Future with Donald Trump

By: Stewart Brennan
World United News

Ok, so now here we are on January 17th, 2017 a few days away from the US Presidential inauguration ceremony on the 20th, and the US establishment has not let up on its smear campaign on Donald Trump.

So it seems like Rocky Trumpiano has a long uphill battle in front of him if indeed he is going to bring about any sort of change as he promised the people in his 2016 presidential campaign.

The big question everyone is waiting for to be answered is, “Will Donald Trump be loyal to the American people that he claims to be standing for or will his loyalty rest with powerful interests and shadow government lobbies that run the United States behind the scenes?”

I think domestically, Donald Trump will have his feet kept to the fire by his supporters who’ve had enough of the empty Obama hope and change promises. If he does not change things around in America, he’ll lose his support and have to answer to massive protests. The only thing that will matter is real action so we all wait patiently to see what plans come into place.

However, what Donald Trump does outside the US will have a major impact on what happens inside America considering that the US Military has been the major driving force of US economics and also the driving force of the US economic collapse with its 1000 billion plus combined annual budget that flows out of the country and goes mostly unaccounted for. The last 16 years of US militaristic foreign policy has left the US and the World in a state of economic collapse and on the verge of World War III. So, can Donald Trump pull away from the belligerent direction that the Bush and Obama presidencies have unleashed on the World, or will Donald Trump continue with the same brutish attitude of a superpower bully?

If he decides to step back from aggression, then we should see the US stop funding other nations billions of dollars a year such as Israel. We should also see the closure of many of the 700 plus US foreign military bases that US tax payers are footing the bills for...At least one would think so.

We all want to know where Donald Trump is going to take the World for the next 4 to 8 years. Most people in the US and around the world hope Donald Trump will put the main focus of his presidency at home and pull the carcinogenic shadow policy away from foreign affairs, that is, if he’s going to make America great again and “drain the swamp”.

At the moment, it "seems" that Donald Trump has the entire shadow government and its mediums against him, so he will have an uphill battle if he is going to bring about change.

If Donald Trump is facing down the US shadow government, and it certainly looks that way considering all the attacks he's faced, Trump will become the first President to face down the establishment since John F. Kennedy and we all know what happened to Kennedy after he stood up to the US I'm not saying that Trump resembles JFK, not at all, but he is “talking” about making changes...changes that the establishment do not want such as warming up to Russia...the very same Russia that Obama and the US establishment are pushing war plans on. Plans that demonize Russia falsely on every level while blaming Vladimir Putin for all the worlds problems.

In reality, the made-up stories that the war mongering US establishment and shadow government have created to demonize Russia, seem more like the rantings of a spoilt child who’s fallen down on his toy sword breaking it and is blaming everyone else for his own stupidity. (Enter John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Brennan and a whole cast of others)

Western Imperialism and the dictatorship that has grown from the World War II World Order is dying by its own belligerent self inflicted wounds; and so, the establishment is adamant not to let its greedy little militaristic empire fade away, which means the US must force every nation to bow to US economic dictates, especially Russia, Iran and China. This insane US mentality is what runs the world and what must end…however the deep state in Washington means to force the world to capitulate to their dictates and will do whatever it takes to get their way. The US shadow government will not stop their march for their economic World Order unless someone soundly defeats them…and the shadows have certainly been losing their wars to determined and defiant opponents...but not soundly.

Russia, China and Iran will not give up their independence for vassal status under a belligerent US regime, its just NOT going to happen. The US has to learn that the sovereignty and independence of every nation is not up for negotiation nor are the people of target nations going to bend to US dictates. Everyone now knows what American freedom really means, it means enslavement and dictatorship under an American Imperial economic empire.

Mainstream Media Fake News as the Catalyst for War Against Russia

The US establishment’s globalization plans have not changed even though their candidate did not win the election. They are escalating tensions around the world even now by imposing additional economic sanctions on Russia, spinning more invented fake news stories to demonize Russia, and pushing forward with a military buildup on Russia’s borders consisting of thousands of tanks and troops…of course, let’s not forget the missile launch sites in Eastern Europe either or the many US Military bases residing in the US vassal states that border Russia in Eastern Europe. Also of extreme importance is Obama’s recent order to equip the terrorists in Syria with anti-aircraft missiles which can be used to shoot down commercial airliners as well as Russian and Syrian Jets.

The way the US establishment is persecuting Donald Trump, it would be hard to believe that he was chosen to run their affairs. In fact, it’s true to say that the US establishments candidate in the 2016 US Presidential race was Hilary Clinton, who made it clear that she would confront Russia while also confirming openly that she follows direct orders from establishment think tanks such as the “Council on Foreign Relations” (C.F.R.)…but then, she didn't win the election, which came as a complete shock to television viewers everywhere because most people were told by the mainstream media that Clinton was going to win where as others believed that no matter what, the fix was in for her to win...and judging by the face of the mainstream media and all the establishments spokes persons in Hollywood, Intelligence services, Neo-Cons, Neo-Liberals, and their TV programmed mob, the shock was complete and then anger replaced shock after the first exhale. An anger that continues to brew towards violence leading up to the inauguration …at least, that is the impression most of us are seeing.

I mean, how dare the American people vote for change! LMAO! Well, in reality, it’s not the first time the American people voted for change. They also voted for change in 2008 with Barack Obama who came to the White House on slogans like “Hope and Change” and “Yes We Can” ...of course nothing was changed as everything went from really bad to disastrous.

Donald Trump now comes to power with a promise of change with the very catchy slogans of, "Make America Great Again" and “Drain the Swamp” …the difference seems to be that Obama was clearly the establishments candidate and Trump is not, at least that “appears” to be the case.

What becomes an increasing concern is that even as Donald Trump won the 2016 US presidential election, the establishment continued laying their plans as if nothing had changed. In fact, it appears that the establishment is looking through Donald Trump towards their goal of global domination even though their obvious candidate Hillary Clinton did not win.

Donald Trump appears to be in the establishments way, especially in the areas of foreign affairs and economics when he states that trade deals are going to be renegotiated, although no details are given as to what would change in the trade deals. Usually, from my experience, US trade deals are one sided and stacked in favour of the American Corporations, so this topic certainly needs explaining by Trump. However, Donald also believes that it’s better to deal with Russia as a partner than as an enemy, which was one of the big reasons that people voted for Trump. He certainly would not lose any points from the world at large for avoiding War, which Hillary Clinton was going to take us towards. At any rate, both peace and trade were good points to feed the masses who continue to be economically strapped, war weary and want quick and real changes to their situations.

So, it’s clear to “assume” that the US shadow government is telling everyone that “they” are in charge and that Donald Trump has two choices, either roll with the shadow governments plan or be attacked...that's certainly what has been on display in front of our eyes...

Donald Trump has stated that he prefers a peaceful approach with Russia rather than confrontation, while the Neo-Liberal’s and Neo-Conservative’s profess their united belligerent position with the military posture of the US shadow government, clearly there is a conflict of support here...

If Donald Trump is truly against the shadow government of the United States, then I would not put it past the US Intelligence agencies to assassinate Donald Trump in order to put a more receptive puppet in place who will play ball with the shadows just like in 1963 when Johnson became President after JFK was assassinated. Back then, Johnson escalated the war in Viet Nam shortly after John F. Kennedy’s death by using the fabricated Gulf of Tonkin incident created by the deep state to bring the US into war, much to the delight of the US shadow government and Military Industrial Complex.

So, how much more fake news will we see by the establishments mainstream media, how many more Hollywood hissy fits or so called Intelligence reports without any evidence will we see in the coming days before and after Donald Trump takes office? Surely some of Donald’s friends and enemies are in that swamp he has promised to drain…but this is a big swamp and it is very deep. Who knows what monsters lurk in the muck and mire of the Intelligence community…well we do know some of the monsters they’ve created such as al-Qaeda, ISIS / ISIL, and the Al Nusra terrorist mercenaries that are armed trained and funded by organizations like the CIA for starters and politically backed by monsters like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Hillary Clinton…yes, a very foul smelling part of the swamp that needs to be drained is right in everyone’s face leading the charge against the peace of the World…

Now before half of you go off thinking I am a Donald Trump supporter let me clarify what I believe the trends will be, if Donald Trump is actually an establishment operative, even though the appearances say otherwise, but here are the damning facts.

For those that support Donald Trump because he presents himself as someone who will work with Russia instead of confronting Russia, I think this is a great reason to support him as it holds many possibilities, but they are just words after all and one must pull back and look at the entire picture before making a decision.

Donald Trump’s actions will define what a Donald Trump Presidency will be and so far, it is looking like a major disaster as we begin seeing his cabinet picks side with the continuation of insane establishment objectives such as siding with the Neo-Fascist regime in Kiev to supply them with weapons to attack the Donbas region and Crimea as John McCain revealed in a speech to Neo-fascist soldiers with the Kiev government on New Years Eve 2016. Indeed, Donald Trump’s pick for Defence Secretary, General James Mattis answered US senator insane John McCain’s question that he believes Russia is the top threat to the Western World Order and agrees with John McCain on every belligerent position against Russia, Syria and Iran. Donald Trump knew this of his pick for Defense Secretary, in fact if Donald Trump is really thinking about being friends with Russia why would he pick such a controversial person that has no backbone when it comes to Congress? Speaking one’s mind is one thing but going against the boss is another and so if Donald Trump hasn’t fired Mattis for his position on Russia it is because he chose Mattis for exactly his position on Russia…that’s the way business works.

Donald Trump has also intensified his sabre rattling with China by picking up and escalating the Obama pivot. Trump has threatened anyone in his way with economic isolation or economic war…these are not the words of a man that will bring about positive change for Americans, it brings quite the opposite.

If Trump is going to be a President of change and a friend of Russia, then his policies should reflect those changes, and not reflect aggression on Russia’s partners such as China and Iran. Nor should Trump be stirring up trouble in Palestine

But let’s take a closer look at Donald Trump and his rhetoric on Palestine to get a real sense on what kind of President he promises to be.

Donald Trump said that Israel has no greater friend than the United States of America and to make a point of it, he then stated that he wants to move the US Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem Al-Quds in Palestine stating incorrectly that Jerusalem is the historical capital of Israel…first of all, let’s set Donald straight here, there never was an Israel until it came into being through terrorist means after European Zionists ethnically cleansing the Palestinian people off of their land before declaring itself a nation in 1947 which was then backed by the USA and confirmed to be a new nation carved out of Palestine in 1948 by the UN.

The Israeli’s are determined to claim all of Palestine as their own which in itself is a declaration of war on Palestine…it’s a no brainer to see that the Palestinian people will resist the continued attack and illegal settlements on their land by these invaders, I mean wouldn’t you if it was your home?

The sheer madness of Donald Trumps statement, should he follow through with action to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and push for making Jerusalem the Israeli capital would turn the entire Middle East on Fire and threaten to bring the World into a major conflict. To make a point of his real intentions, Donald Trump appointed hardline Zionist “David Friedman” as the US Ambassador to Israel. This is a man that also backs the Illegal Israeli settlements.

It’s not just Palestine that Israel is itching to steal, they also want the Golan heights and have been provoking Syria over the past five years by bombing Syrian military positions. The latest attack was a few days ago, at an airbase outside Damascus that leaves one feeling that Israel is provoking the Syrian government to retaliate, thus giving Israel the reason it is looking for to wage war on Syria and claim the Golan Heights for itself regardless of International Law. How long do you think it will take the new Trump Government and its Illegal Syrian Coalition to back up their sociopathic ally if Syria retaliates?

It’s no secret, that the Israeli’s do not intend to give the Golan Heights back to Syria and it’s not a secret that the Israeli’s are directly involved with arming and protecting certain terrorist groups engaged in destroying Syria and trying to bring down Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Let’s not forget that the US is desperate for a military way back into Syria to remove Bashar al-Assad from power and put in their own puppet.

A direct war on Syria by Israel will escalate quickly to include Lebanon and Iran. Russia has obligations to its partners but even so, Russia will be blamed by the west as the USA blames Russia for everything that the western think tanks dream up…from there the fire spreads and eventually pulls in all the surrounding nations, the US, its NATO coalition and Russia.

As Israel’s best friend, Donald Trump also holds Iran as the enemy and so he will also continue the Zionist hostilities and arrogance towards the Iranian government and its people. It is the same position that all the Neo-Cons Neo-Liberals, Mainstream Media and others within the US establishment hold as well, witness the recent vote in congress to extend sanctions on Iran despite the Nuclear agreement they reached with the P5+1 group a year ago.

So why would the US establishment and its Zionist element attack Donald Trump when Trump delivers exactly what they want?...unless of course the whole hostile position towards Trump is a US Zionist establishment deception to keep the world busy looking in one direction while they use the time they have to accelerate their war plans and put their military pieces into place…in Poland, Norway, the Balkans, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria…etc…The US establishment has certainly NOT taken a break, so maybe Donald Trump is their candidate after all…

Donald Trump’s ties to the Zionist Lobby and Israel is not going to bring change for the people of America, in fact it will bring more hardship and devastation. The question now becomes, “Is the defamation campaign on Donald Trump real or is it a deception?”

In the end, Donald Trump’s actions will dictate what his intentions will be and very soon the fireworks is going to begin, so when it does, we will have our answers as to who Donald Trump supports, the American people or powerful foreign interests and shadow government lobbies …but we will also be watching and waiting with eyes wide open.

You can’t drain the swamp if you embrace the monsters in the swamp….


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