Friday, November 25, 2016

Anxiety builds in the Aftermath of the 2016 US Election

UPDATE: November 26th, 2016

By: Stewart Brennan

As the smoke clears from the political upheaval of the 2016 US Presidential election, we find that acceptance of defeat and moving forward has stalled.

The anger and scare mongering propaganda that was ramped up by the US mainstream media over Donald Trump winning the US presidency has now found a life of its own and gone into overdrive as a handful of determined people led by Jill Stein of the Green Party has raised an unprecedented 4.5 million dollars in 24 hours to pay for election recounts in three very important swing states.

If the Green Party and the undisclosed pockets behind this recount are successful in petitioning these 3 states to recount the votes in their states and then manage to overturn the election results of all 3 important swing states (Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania) Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 election by winning the electoral college while also having the most votes...and if that happens, the US would immediately find itself knee deep in mass protest which would threaten to tear the social fabric of the American community apart.

So, who benefits from an action like this? Clearly it would be Clinton, but greater still would be the warmongering US establishment and their foreign lobbyists…

Jill Stein Clinton Connection?

Jill Stein’s recount move seems more like an establishment operation to put their candidate Hillary Clinton in power through the back door. One could easily come to the conclusion that the recount move targeting these 3 specific states 2 weeks after the election and just days away from the deadline, was a carefully planned political operation. I don’t think this calculated move was drawn up by Stein, even though she's a very smart person. No, I think she's being used by powerful people to put Clinton into the White else does someone raise 4.5 million dollars in 24 hours unless they know people with deep pockets...the sort of people that had a lot riding on Clinton...judging by all the information that is coming out, it looks more like a political false flag and all the markers are lined up to go into operation...including the mainstream media, political organizations belonging to people like George Soros such as MoveOn, and of course the TV brainwashed mob to push it all over the edge...This operation has the potential to throw the entire country into a very serious constitutional crisis with massive unrest if all 3 states flip to Clinton...and we'll never know if the recount is on the level either...

Clinton winning the "Recount Election" would be a nightmare, and I think this "false flag operation" is being carried out precisely for that end purpose...not by Jill Stein directly but by connected people in high places with deep pockets. After all, political circles are very small, especially between the Liberals and Greens, so if Clinton wins the “Recount Election”, don't be surprised if Stein is offered a position best suited for her talents such as Secretary of the Interior considering her noble position at Standing Rock in North Dakota, I think this is precisely where a deep pocket connection was made with Jill Stein...

At the moment, America is a deeply divided nation thanks in great part to its mainstream corporate media who act more like a military propaganda mouthpiece for the pentagon, the Military Industrial Complex, and the US government rather than an investigative news media that should keep the establishment in check. No, the US mainstream media has become a tool of the American corporate establishment and they use it against the people to get what they want…look what they've done, they are destroying the American Republic and tearing the US apart by propagating war, demonizing whistleblowers, suppressing dialog, ridiculing opposing opinion, stirring up political unrest and propagating racism while putting American citizens at each others throats…the entire nation is building towards a civil war because of them.

One Glaring Example

Anti-Trump protests, organized or hijacked by the George Soros funded “Move On” group, were quickly put in motion and broadcast over US television. I can’t remember the last time I saw political activism covered on television…In fact, the so called grassroots anti-Trump protest is the only grassroots protest that US mainstream media news seems to have covered in the last three decades of the Bush 1 & 2, Clinton and Obama presidencies…they certainly did not cover the massive anti-Iraq war protests in 2003 not to mention do their jobs with investigative journalism to call out the establishment on their lies, and they did not cover the grassroots Occupy movement protests in 2011 or cover / investigate the violent behaviour of the police that were sent to break up those protests by the Obama administration, who had every intent on crushing the peoples voice. So, why now, why has the US mainstream news decided to cover the Anti-Trump protests on American TV news?

Background: The 2016 Presidential Election

The mainstream media (MSM) were grossly in support of Hillary Clinton and tried to convince everyone for months that she was leading in the official polls and going to win the presidential election.

MSM told people how to think, and it backfired (Nov 10, 2016)

You know what they say, if you repeat a lie often enough, people start to believe that it’s the truth, and so mainstream TV saturated their news in favour of the establishments presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton…and then she lost the election.

The MSM led millions of people to believe Clinton was going to win the 2016 Presidential election and when she didn’t win, people took to the streets in their thousands calling for a change in the US electoral system because it was reported that the few states Clinton won, gave her more votes than Donald Trump received for the many states that he won.…the protests were helped along of course by George Soros funded “Move On” and of course, George Soros is a big Hillary Clinton supporter...after all I’m sure he wanted to see a little payback for his investment in a Hillary victory. (ReCount Plans within plans?)

Although it’s very true that many people out protesting on the streets were not there because of Soros, but because they were angry with the results and maybe also a little scared by some of Trumps more insidious statements that the mainstream news did nothing to calm their fears. 

Now adding fire to the anti-trump protests, we have the challenge by Jill Stein of the Green Party and Clinton Supporters to recount the ballots in three swing states that could possibly overturn the election in Clinton’s favour. According to Jill Stein, the challenge is to find out if foreign agents? hacked into the election system and tampered with the results.

It’s one thing to challenge the validity of a papertrailess election system before the election but it's another thing altogether when one asks for a vote count 15 days after the election is over. But what becomes extremely concerning is when computer experts and lawyers suggest Clinton demand a recount in 3 swing states that Donald Trump won. The timing is more than suspicious wouldn’t you say?

Nothing is certain in a recount except that if Steins petition for a recount is successful in all 3 states (Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania), along with the success of online petitions by political organizations calling for the electoral college to overturn the election results in Clinton’s favour on December 19th, 2016, Hillary Clinton will have won the electoral college and become the unofficial US President. You can be sure the mainstream media and Move On will then be mobilised to the streets Immediately following where there would be a great deal of social unrest throughout America. In fact, the whole country would descend into a major constitutional crisis that could threaten to usher in Marshal Law with a militarized police force to enforce it. Pressure will be on the Congress to officially adopt the results of the "ReCount Election" on January 6th, 2017...

If such a scenario were to unfold, it would be the end of the US Republic and would change the face of the United States forever…and you can be sure that the US Mainstream news will bring you a tilted story while putting Hillary Clinton on a pedestal as they continue demonizing Donald Trump and all his supporters…many of whom voted for change the same way people voted for change with Barack Obama eight years ago.

I wouldn't put it past the Clinton clan to blame Russia and alternative news for hacking into the electoral system and changing the votes...

When it comes to the US power establishment, they do not like others changing their military, political or economic plans, nor do they tolerate resistance towards these policies...they never take “No” for an answer. Here is where Trump poses a problem for them...The same can be said about internal affairs since most of the time they just ignore what the people want unless it’s what the establishment convinced the people to want.

Donald Trump was elected US President on November 8th, 2016 and it appears that the US establishment does not like the peoples choice for president. I don’t know about you but I have this uncomfortable feeling that they want Trump removed and wont take “No” for an answer.

US Foreign Policy

The current US foreign Policy has brought the entire global community to the point of confrontation with Russia. This dangerous confrontation has been brought about by America’s insatiable appetite for expansion of its military and economic empire. However, the added threat is that the US is also in a panic because they are going through the final stages of economic collapse.

Since the end of World War II, the US has bullied the World into accepting their dictates by military and economic ultimatums. However, over the past three decades of the Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and the 2 George Bush presidencies the US has accelerated their push for its version of a New World Order so much so that today the world finds itself in grave danger of being dragged into World War III over the US establishment’s insistence of not taking Russia’s “No” for an answer…

The Future

If the world is going to have a future, there is a narrow path that we the people must follow to bring us all safely through. That path holds honesty, truth, peace, and justice in high regards…however, if we steer away from this moral path, we will destroy the community…its not about choosing a side due to politics but focusing on the narrow path to bring about the best outcome under a rigged system.

Hillary Clinton has already proven herself to be a US War Criminal by her direct involvement and responsibility for the total destruction of Libya. Tens of Thousands of people have died because of her and now Africa is bleeding refugees into Europe that the Europeans simply cannot handle because of their own economic poverty.

The fact that Hillary Clinton was even allowed to run for US president in the past US election is a testament to the insanity that holds the reigns of power behind the scenes in America.

We already know Clinton’s position in regards to International affairs so if she had won the US presidential election, she would have quickly moved her people into place and beat the drums of war against Russia, Syria, and Iran as she did throughout her campaign over the mainstream media airwaves.

What Comes Next…will Donald Trump still be the US President?

Donald Trump won the 2016 US Presidential election, and so, for a little while, we have escaped the real prospect of World War III with Russia. However, as politically untested as Donald Trump is, those behind the scenes will do everything in their power to either steer Trump towards their political and economic objectives or they will remove him from power. If Trump does not bow to the US establishments dictates, he will pay the price…the severity of that price will depend on Donald Trump himself.

Clearly, the future of the United States and the World rest on what happens in US political circles in the next two months…

Will the establishment launch a successful campaign to remove Donald Trump from power via a challenge to US electoral law? If they do (Already in process through the Green Party) and they are successful, there will be civil war in the USA, something that the US establishment has been preparing for over the last 15 years but more aggressively over the last 8 years under Barack Obama. Don’t believe me? Check out the renewed Patriot Act, the National Defence Authorization Act (N.D.A.A.) and the way Obama and the US establishment has militarized all the local police forces throughout America. Then think about all the violence that the police have gotten away with over these past 15 years, the MSM silence of it…or how about the current war being waged on Native American’s at Standing Rock North Dakota right now?

Standing Rock should be a wake up call to millions of American’s this Thanksgiving weekend…what do you think they will do to protesters if they overturn the 2016 US Presidential election results?

If the US establishment is unsuccessful in removing Donald Trump with the "ReCount Election" and he still doesn’t play ball with them after they have exhausted all their political tricks including impeachment, then they will try to assassinate him. This scenario leads to civil unrest and could prove to be worse than the dirty politics approach because in death, Trump would become an American martyr and a rally cry for millions of really pissed off American’s.

If Trump survives politically to become the US President and then decides to continue the policies of the US establishment while enacting his divisional rhetoric, there will be an uprising by the people on both sides of the coin…this leads to widespread unrest and a battle between the people and the political establishment. Again, they are prepared for this outcome with marshal law and a militarized police state, however, the people will be united and could hold great power over the establishment by simply staying at home and not complying with the state…

I don’t really know what a Donald Trump Presidency will look like, no one does because he hasn’t been politically tested yet, but I do know what a Hillary Clinton Presidency would look like and so does everyone else that has followed her sociopathic path of warmongering and destruction. Clearly, the moral thing is to not support someone who has committed mass murder, and that’s what she’s done…Donald Trump? I mean, Who gave us these choices anyways!?

Right now there is a pause before the storm…but that storm is brewing and will hit with full force very soon. Everyone can feel it building but at the same time most people have also become polar in their political belief and have chosen a side instead of walking the narrow path. The depth and ferocity of what will come is uncertain at the moment, but if you believe in morality and want to save the world, then taking the narrow path is the right choice to avert the worst of outcomes…we must hold the halls of power in contempt and make them serve the community, because after all, that is what the politicians are supposed to serve, the community not corporate and banking interests…

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