Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The Reset of Canadian Society and the World


By: Stewart Brennan

Source: Alternative Views

The Great Reset [01] will not just be a global financial one, it will also be a reset of society with a sharp curve in freedoms including freedom of movement and freedom of speech where censorship will become the norm. Hell, it's already here! A second round of lockdowns are happening all over Europe, the commonwealth of countries and North America just as I said would happen in an article I wrote in August 2020 titled, The COVID 2nd Wave Will Tear Our Communities Apart”[02]. All the OECD nations have continued their COVID collective madness by going into full clamp down on their citizens, province by province, state by state, nation by nation. The draconian laws they are imposing on citizens are destroying the fabric of our societies and economies as small business takes the full hit while the major corporations that are part of the economic cartel all get a green light to continue operating.

This time the OECD governments are using a rise in false positive COVID tests as the reason to destroy their people and their nations. Not only are the tests inaccurate[03a,b](see here and here) and produce false positives but these false results through the massive testing they are pushing on the public is being used as the reason to shut down society.

Why do our governments and mainstream media not provide evidence of this so called, serious pandemic? Do you see a stream of ambulances rushing down your streets? Are your Hospitals overflowing and burdened by a plague stricken population?! Or do you just believe what you are told by mainstream news and government? Where’s the professional proof and why are they locking us down!? Why are doctors, professors and professionals being censored when bringing the real facts and figures to light?![04] (See also here[05] and here[06])


Incremental steps to a full totalitarian dictatorship continue to roll out in Canada.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced [07] that his government has tapped the Canadian Military [08] to administer unproven and highly suspect vaccines [09] to the Canadian population. Vaccines that come from “for profit only” pharmaceutical corporations that have been given immunity from prosecution [10] by our government! Do you really trust these people?! I mean, prove to me that these vaccines are NOT dangerous! They can’t! Which is why they gave these corporations immunity from prosecution and rubber stamped their approval.

As mentioned in some of my earlier posts, those who refuse these very dangerous vaccines[11] will not be allowed to participate in community. Everyone's personal medical files are now online as I discovered and wrote about in my last article Draconian COVID Laws Strangling Quebec Healthcare”[12]. Once they decide to remove the lockdown, there will be conditions imposed on the population. It’s fairly easy to assume that those who’ve had the unsafe shot will be allowed a “new normal” life, those who did not get the shot will remain in lockdown. They will use medical files which are now online to confirm if you received the vaccine or not. If you do not accept the vaccine, you will not be allowed to participate in society. That means, no concerts, no movies, no sports, no schools, no work, shopping, grocery stores, banks, government buildings etc. Nothing! Why are they forcing the vaccine on Canadian society by the Military?! Think about that! Do you think this is a conspiracy? Well it is a conspiracy, a real conspiracy which is an attack on our individual constitutional rights, freedoms and our communities!

We're all under surveillance in today’s online and cell phone world, a surveillance which is going to become worse. We are actually already there by virtue of the draconian COVID mask laws, lockdowns and mass censorship on people and communities. But as this BS COVID-19 operation continues to unfold, we will see each country become a sector or unit in this global reset and new world order that is being imposed by a consolidated economic cartel. (See World Economic Forum[01])

Government Dictatorship Expanding:

Buying Non essential items has become illegal in Manitoba[13] for the entire population, that means its illegal to buy Christmas presents which means no Christmas for the Children of Manitoba!! Let me tell you, I lived in Manitoba for two years (2007 to 2009) and saw how deeply disturbing the divide was between rich and poor. I lived it. Manitoba governments at every level are oppressive towards its people and are in bed with corporate interests. The population has suffered through massive poverty through low paying jobs, high inflation on housing, rent, food, energy and they are taxed on everything but the air they breathe…Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister should be tarred and feathered and then run out of town by the people of Manitoba for what he is doing.

In Ontario and Quebec, the Provincial governments of Ford and Legault are just as totalitarian and fascist as the Manitoba Premier, with their COVID legislation. (Ontario [14] & Quebec [15]) Where laws are made to close down all small businesses but allow the major corporations to remain open!

For example, only big corporate restaurants are allowed to open but the little guy is squashed and forced to close under severe penalty of the law where an army of police will descend on these family businesses, close them, fine and arrest the owners.

Adam Skelly of Adamson Barbeque, the working class restaurateur who defied Toronto’s pandemic lockdown, was arrested[16], handcuffed, and taken away by Toronto police. He was released 30 hours later on a $50,000.00 dollar bail!! with strict bail conditions imposed by Toronto's medical officer of health who ordered Adamson BBQ’s locks changed, the building seized and that Adam Skelly must stay 200 metres away from Adamson Barbecue. He cannot operate or direct any business except in accordance with Ontario’s Reopening Act. He is forbidden from communicating on all social media platforms and must obey orders and laws handed down by Ontario’s chief medical officer of health Dr. David Williams and Toronto’s medical officer of health, Dr. Eileen de Villa. Adam Skelly will appear in court again on Jan. 4, 2021…his fight continues.

If that’s not totalitarian governance, I don’t know what is…all across Canada Draconian laws are being implemented with severe retaliation by authorities including massive fines[17], jail and violent arrests.

Adam’s fight continues but it’s not his fight alone, it is OUR FIGHT!

If you don't see the abuse of power[18] then you’ve been indoctrinated into a totalitarian plot much the same way the people of Germany were in the 1930’s. It's people like that who allow totalitarianism to grow and take hold in a nation.

Every atrocity in history happened because the public gave away their freedoms to the state which promised safety from some orchestrated menace. THIS is such a time.

I will also point out that when totalitarianism was defeated in the past, those who were the instruments of violence all claimed that they were just following orders…


All the WWII soldiers that served to protect our countries from fascism must be rolling in their graves!

The Economic Reset of 2021

The coming economic reset in 2021 will embrace, push and activate a 5G microwave soup that will, in essence, bathe you in deadly microwave radiation and put you behind electronic bars. In other words, you will not be able to go anywhere without the states knowledge. You’ll have zero freedom without privacy, you will not be allowed to complain about it because if you do, you will experience the belligerent side of totalitarianism, the degree of which will depend on how defiant you are and how sensitive the topic is for the state, (Think China)…just ask independent news journalists or whistleblowers about their past and current experiences such as Bradley Manning or Julian Assange! Hell, ask anyone on the street all over the world protesting their lockdowns!

The only humans that will have total freedom are the economic cartels puppet masters and their governing sector politicians who own controlling shares of everything on this planet… and they are NOT nice people as you must attest to by now!

Meet the new boss, worse than the old boss and don’t bother getting on your knees to pray, for it is not going to go away…you’ve all been fooled again.

China Rises

China rises without the western styled lockdown, mostly because China had already taken their citizens freedom away years ago…where questioning the state will forbid a citizen to travel or depending on sensitivity and exposure, provide a citizen with a one-way ticket to their penal system or whatever comes next after an execution for not obeying their “LAWS”.

China has been embraced by the World Economic forum as a model that the western economic cartel will put in place to lead the next century. Hell, China has been given most of the western manufacturing capacity and the energy to power itself into being! None of it could have happened without the blessing of the economic cartel, and your successive governments through the corporate and banking economic system that has controlled the economic direction of the world for the past 300 years.

5G & The Digital Future

China has already turned their country into a digital police state, but so has the west through mega corporations, social media, mainstream media and governments connected to the western economic cartel. The article, Digital Authoritarianism, China and COVID”[19] written by Lydia Khalil are exactly what the economic cartel are implementing all over the world through the COVID-19 operation. The end result will be a world population controlled by a Digital New World Order where all of your information, medical records, banking information, social media history, and activity will be recorded and available 24-7, with strict laws prohibiting speech, movement, actions and defiance to government dictates.

The reason we are seeing the long duration of this COVID event in the west is because, the west is 2 years behind China’s 5G technology. A technology that is not completely in place in North America and Europe yet but is rapidly going live in China. 5G and AI technology with their invasive operations will end our freedom and privacy. The Fourth Industrial Revolution”[20] declared by the World Economic Forum is what will power the dystopian future if left in the hands of the governing tyrants…here is your job creator in the west with a massive re-education program now currently taking place in schools and on the streets streamlined through by the draconian COVID laws being implemented throughout Europe and North America.

The old U.S. economic reserve currency shoe is about to fall with a new economic system already up and running…and waiting…when combined with the COVID-19 operation you get the perfect storm for transformation from old to new, but with a Chinese styled totalitarian governance which has unfolded on our western communities through a series of intrusive government laws and dictates.

The new economic reset planned by the global economic cartel, that is found in detail on the “World Economic Forums” website is going to consolidate everyone into its digital matrix. Say goodbye to your privacy and your freedoms, your owners have spoken and they don’t like anyone that disobeys them…just ask anyone that has defied their mask and lockdown laws.

Fighting Back

James Corbitt recently said [21], "If you are advocating for lockdowns, you are complicit in tearing families apart. You are complicit in inflicting untold suffering on millions of people around the world. You are complicit in casting the poorest and most vulnerable in our societies into even further grinding poverty. You are complicit in murder." Yes, I would have to agree with that statement, because its true.

For all of you fearful covid freaks who get a dopamine high by all the fear mongering, there is something more dangerous coming your way, it’s called totalitarianism and its being rolled out under the guise of COVID-19 laws that will not disappear as the moral ethical leadership in our communities have. Draconian governance is going to stay long after the covid operation has been completed, and yes, a New World Order will rise by your dependence on a system that has you in a cage of fear. Our only chance to stop this tyranny from stomping out freedom, independence and community forever is to stand up and fight! Defy everything they throw at us! Refuse their lockdowns, their mask laws, their gathering restrictions, their business closings, their protest restrictions, their mandatory testing, and their pseudo-vaccines! Put your fears aside and Join us to save our communities and way of life! A revolution has begun in almost every western nation and it must grow if we are to defeat totalitarianism and those in power that wield it to destroy our communities.

The public has not been included in any type of future planning. We are only to obey draconian laws and accept what they have in store for us…they are supposed to do what “we say”, not the other way around. So, demand a seat at the table. Fight for your future! Defiance to the unjust laws imposed on our small businesses, communities and way of life is our duty as citizens! Fight for your children, grandchildren and the many generations after who will be forever enslaved if we do not act now. END the LOCKDOWNS and OPEN UP SOCIETY! Now is the time to rise up! Rise and FIGHT!

[22] Protest in Toronto Nov 28, 2020



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