Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Future with Donald Trump

By: Stewart Brennan
World United News

Ok, so now here we are on January 17th, 2017 a few days away from the US Presidential inauguration ceremony on the 20th, and the US establishment has not let up on its smear campaign on Donald Trump.

So it seems like Rocky Trumpiano has a long uphill battle in front of him if indeed he is going to bring about any sort of change as he promised the people in his 2016 presidential campaign.

The big question everyone is waiting for to be answered is, “Will Donald Trump be loyal to the American people that he claims to be standing for or will his loyalty rest with powerful interests and shadow government lobbies that run the United States behind the scenes?”

I think domestically, Donald Trump will have his feet kept to the fire by his supporters who’ve had enough of the empty Obama hope and change promises. If he does not change things around in America, he’ll lose his support and have to answer to massive protests. The only thing that will matter is real action so we all wait patiently to see what plans come into place.

However, what Donald Trump does outside the US will have a major impact on what happens inside America considering that the US Military has been the major driving force of US economics and also the driving force of the US economic collapse with its 1000 billion plus combined annual budget that flows out of the country and goes mostly unaccounted for. The last 16 years of US militaristic foreign policy has left the US and the World in a state of economic collapse and on the verge of World War III. So, can Donald Trump pull away from the belligerent direction that the Bush and Obama presidencies have unleashed on the World, or will Donald Trump continue with the same brutish attitude of a superpower bully?

If he decides to step back from aggression, then we should see the US stop funding other nations billions of dollars a year such as Israel. We should also see the closure of many of the 700 plus US foreign military bases that US tax payers are footing the bills for...At least one would think so.

We all want to know where Donald Trump is going to take the World for the next 4 to 8 years. Most people in the US and around the world hope Donald Trump will put the main focus of his presidency at home and pull the carcinogenic shadow policy away from foreign affairs, that is, if he’s going to make America great again and “drain the swamp”.

At the moment, it "seems" that Donald Trump has the entire shadow government and its mediums against him, so he will have an uphill battle if he is going to bring about change.

If Donald Trump is facing down the US shadow government, and it certainly looks that way considering all the attacks he's faced, Trump will become the first President to face down the establishment since John F. Kennedy and we all know what happened to Kennedy after he stood up to the US establishment...now I'm not saying that Trump resembles JFK, not at all, but he is “talking” about making changes...changes that the establishment do not want such as warming up to Russia...the very same Russia that Obama and the US establishment are pushing war plans on. Plans that demonize Russia falsely on every level while blaming Vladimir Putin for all the worlds problems.

In reality, the made-up stories that the war mongering US establishment and shadow government have created to demonize Russia, seem more like the rantings of a spoilt child who’s fallen down on his toy sword breaking it and is blaming everyone else for his own stupidity. (Enter John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Brennan and a whole cast of others)

Western Imperialism and the dictatorship that has grown from the World War II World Order is dying by its own belligerent self inflicted wounds; and so, the establishment is adamant not to let its greedy little militaristic empire fade away, which means the US must force every nation to bow to US economic dictates, especially Russia, Iran and China. This insane US mentality is what runs the world and what must end…however the deep state in Washington means to force the world to capitulate to their dictates and will do whatever it takes to get their way. The US shadow government will not stop their march for their economic World Order unless someone soundly defeats them…and the shadows have certainly been losing their wars to determined and defiant opponents...but not soundly.

Russia, China and Iran will not give up their independence for vassal status under a belligerent US regime, its just NOT going to happen. The US has to learn that the sovereignty and independence of every nation is not up for negotiation nor are the people of target nations going to bend to US dictates. Everyone now knows what American freedom really means, it means enslavement and dictatorship under an American Imperial economic empire.

Mainstream Media Fake News as the Catalyst for War Against Russia

The US establishment’s globalization plans have not changed even though their candidate did not win the election. They are escalating tensions around the world even now by imposing additional economic sanctions on Russia, spinning more invented fake news stories to demonize Russia, and pushing forward with a military buildup on Russia’s borders consisting of thousands of tanks and troops…of course, let’s not forget the missile launch sites in Eastern Europe either or the many US Military bases residing in the US vassal states that border Russia in Eastern Europe. Also of extreme importance is Obama’s recent order to equip the terrorists in Syria with anti-aircraft missiles which can be used to shoot down commercial airliners as well as Russian and Syrian Jets.

The way the US establishment is persecuting Donald Trump, it would be hard to believe that he was chosen to run their affairs. In fact, it’s true to say that the US establishments candidate in the 2016 US Presidential race was Hilary Clinton, who made it clear that she would confront Russia while also confirming openly that she follows direct orders from establishment think tanks such as the “Council on Foreign Relations” (C.F.R.)…but then, she didn't win the election, which came as a complete shock to television viewers everywhere because most people were told by the mainstream media that Clinton was going to win where as others believed that no matter what, the fix was in for her to win...and judging by the face of the mainstream media and all the establishments spokes persons in Hollywood, Intelligence services, Neo-Cons, Neo-Liberals, and their TV programmed mob, the shock was complete and then anger replaced shock after the first exhale. An anger that continues to brew towards violence leading up to the inauguration …at least, that is the impression most of us are seeing.

I mean, how dare the American people vote for change! LMAO! Well, in reality, it’s not the first time the American people voted for change. They also voted for change in 2008 with Barack Obama who came to the White House on slogans like “Hope and Change” and “Yes We Can” ...of course nothing was changed as everything went from really bad to disastrous.

Donald Trump now comes to power with a promise of change with the very catchy slogans of, "Make America Great Again" and “Drain the Swamp” …the difference seems to be that Obama was clearly the establishments candidate and Trump is not, at least that “appears” to be the case.

What becomes an increasing concern is that even as Donald Trump won the 2016 US presidential election, the establishment continued laying their plans as if nothing had changed. In fact, it appears that the establishment is looking through Donald Trump towards their goal of global domination even though their obvious candidate Hillary Clinton did not win.

Donald Trump appears to be in the establishments way, especially in the areas of foreign affairs and economics when he states that trade deals are going to be renegotiated, although no details are given as to what would change in the trade deals. Usually, from my experience, US trade deals are one sided and stacked in favour of the American Corporations, so this topic certainly needs explaining by Trump. However, Donald also believes that it’s better to deal with Russia as a partner than as an enemy, which was one of the big reasons that people voted for Trump. He certainly would not lose any points from the world at large for avoiding War, which Hillary Clinton was going to take us towards. At any rate, both peace and trade were good points to feed the masses who continue to be economically strapped, war weary and want quick and real changes to their situations.

So, it’s clear to “assume” that the US shadow government is telling everyone that “they” are in charge and that Donald Trump has two choices, either roll with the shadow governments plan or be attacked...that's certainly what has been on display in front of our eyes...

Donald Trump has stated that he prefers a peaceful approach with Russia rather than confrontation, while the Neo-Liberal’s and Neo-Conservative’s profess their united belligerent position with the military posture of the US shadow government, clearly there is a conflict of support here...

If Donald Trump is truly against the shadow government of the United States, then I would not put it past the US Intelligence agencies to assassinate Donald Trump in order to put a more receptive puppet in place who will play ball with the shadows just like in 1963 when Johnson became President after JFK was assassinated. Back then, Johnson escalated the war in Viet Nam shortly after John F. Kennedy’s death by using the fabricated Gulf of Tonkin incident created by the deep state to bring the US into war, much to the delight of the US shadow government and Military Industrial Complex.

So, how much more fake news will we see by the establishments mainstream media, how many more Hollywood hissy fits or so called Intelligence reports without any evidence will we see in the coming days before and after Donald Trump takes office? Surely some of Donald’s friends and enemies are in that swamp he has promised to drain…but this is a big swamp and it is very deep. Who knows what monsters lurk in the muck and mire of the Intelligence community…well we do know some of the monsters they’ve created such as al-Qaeda, ISIS / ISIL, and the Al Nusra terrorist mercenaries that are armed trained and funded by organizations like the CIA for starters and politically backed by monsters like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Hillary Clinton…yes, a very foul smelling part of the swamp that needs to be drained is right in everyone’s face leading the charge against the peace of the World…

Now before half of you go off thinking I am a Donald Trump supporter let me clarify what I believe the trends will be, if Donald Trump is actually an establishment operative, even though the appearances say otherwise, but here are the damning facts.

For those that support Donald Trump because he presents himself as someone who will work with Russia instead of confronting Russia, I think this is a great reason to support him as it holds many possibilities, but they are just words after all and one must pull back and look at the entire picture before making a decision.

Donald Trump’s actions will define what a Donald Trump Presidency will be and so far, it is looking like a major disaster as we begin seeing his cabinet picks side with the continuation of insane establishment objectives such as siding with the Neo-Fascist regime in Kiev to supply them with weapons to attack the Donbas region and Crimea as John McCain revealed in a speech to Neo-fascist soldiers with the Kiev government on New Years Eve 2016. Indeed, Donald Trump’s pick for Defence Secretary, General James Mattis answered US senator insane John McCain’s question that he believes Russia is the top threat to the Western World Order and agrees with John McCain on every belligerent position against Russia, Syria and Iran. Donald Trump knew this of his pick for Defense Secretary, in fact if Donald Trump is really thinking about being friends with Russia why would he pick such a controversial person that has no backbone when it comes to Congress? Speaking one’s mind is one thing but going against the boss is another and so if Donald Trump hasn’t fired Mattis for his position on Russia it is because he chose Mattis for exactly his position on Russia…that’s the way business works.

Donald Trump has also intensified his sabre rattling with China by picking up and escalating the Obama pivot. Trump has threatened anyone in his way with economic isolation or economic war…these are not the words of a man that will bring about positive change for Americans, it brings quite the opposite.

If Trump is going to be a President of change and a friend of Russia, then his policies should reflect those changes, and not reflect aggression on Russia’s partners such as China and Iran. Nor should Trump be stirring up trouble in Palestine

But let’s take a closer look at Donald Trump and his rhetoric on Palestine to get a real sense on what kind of President he promises to be.

Donald Trump said that Israel has no greater friend than the United States of America and to make a point of it, he then stated that he wants to move the US Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem Al-Quds in Palestine stating incorrectly that Jerusalem is the historical capital of Israel…first of all, let’s set Donald straight here, there never was an Israel until it came into being through terrorist means after European Zionists ethnically cleansing the Palestinian people off of their land before declaring itself a nation in 1947 which was then backed by the USA and confirmed to be a new nation carved out of Palestine in 1948 by the UN.

The Israeli’s are determined to claim all of Palestine as their own which in itself is a declaration of war on Palestine…it’s a no brainer to see that the Palestinian people will resist the continued attack and illegal settlements on their land by these invaders, I mean wouldn’t you if it was your home?

The sheer madness of Donald Trumps statement, should he follow through with action to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and push for making Jerusalem the Israeli capital would turn the entire Middle East on Fire and threaten to bring the World into a major conflict. To make a point of his real intentions, Donald Trump appointed hardline Zionist “David Friedman” as the US Ambassador to Israel. This is a man that also backs the Illegal Israeli settlements.

It’s not just Palestine that Israel is itching to steal, they also want the Golan heights and have been provoking Syria over the past five years by bombing Syrian military positions. The latest attack was a few days ago, at an airbase outside Damascus that leaves one feeling that Israel is provoking the Syrian government to retaliate, thus giving Israel the reason it is looking for to wage war on Syria and claim the Golan Heights for itself regardless of International Law. How long do you think it will take the new Trump Government and its Illegal Syrian Coalition to back up their sociopathic ally if Syria retaliates?

It’s no secret, that the Israeli’s do not intend to give the Golan Heights back to Syria and it’s not a secret that the Israeli’s are directly involved with arming and protecting certain terrorist groups engaged in destroying Syria and trying to bring down Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Let’s not forget that the US is desperate for a military way back into Syria to remove Bashar al-Assad from power and put in their own puppet.

A direct war on Syria by Israel will escalate quickly to include Lebanon and Iran. Russia has obligations to its partners but even so, Russia will be blamed by the west as the USA blames Russia for everything that the western think tanks dream up…from there the fire spreads and eventually pulls in all the surrounding nations, the US, its NATO coalition and Russia.

As Israel’s best friend, Donald Trump also holds Iran as the enemy and so he will also continue the Zionist hostilities and arrogance towards the Iranian government and its people. It is the same position that all the Neo-Cons Neo-Liberals, Mainstream Media and others within the US establishment hold as well, witness the recent vote in congress to extend sanctions on Iran despite the Nuclear agreement they reached with the P5+1 group a year ago.

So why would the US establishment and its Zionist element attack Donald Trump when Trump delivers exactly what they want?...unless of course the whole hostile position towards Trump is a US Zionist establishment deception to keep the world busy looking in one direction while they use the time they have to accelerate their war plans and put their military pieces into place…in Poland, Norway, the Balkans, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria…etc…The US establishment has certainly NOT taken a break, so maybe Donald Trump is their candidate after all…

Donald Trump’s ties to the Zionist Lobby and Israel is not going to bring change for the people of America, in fact it will bring more hardship and devastation. The question now becomes, “Is the defamation campaign on Donald Trump real or is it a deception?”

In the end, Donald Trump’s actions will dictate what his intentions will be and very soon the fireworks is going to begin, so when it does, we will have our answers as to who Donald Trump supports, the American people or powerful foreign interests and shadow government lobbies …but we will also be watching and waiting with eyes wide open.

You can’t drain the swamp if you embrace the monsters in the swamp….


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