Saturday, May 2, 2020

Doctors: No Fundamental Difference Between the Flu and COVID

Dr. Wittkowski doesn’t mince words as he explains to Dr. Dan Erickson his perspective regarding herd immunity, COVID-19, consequences of social isolation lockdown and the effectiveness of vaccines." - There is no fundamental difference between the flu and COVID.

Our Last Chance to Make Real Change

Video Source: World United News 

Martial law is now driving lock downs all over the world because the flu will make you sick...but its also to keep you locked up as they intentionally pull down the old bankrupt economic system to make way for their totalitarian cashless 5G system that's ready to be unleashed...they want total submission to the new system that they will propose once the old system is dead. To assure this, they have eliminated massive protests via the corona virus scare so that the people cannot organize together for proper solutions. The economic cartel wants to maintain their totalitarian economic control over everyone via their private banking economic system. Weather they do it with China or without, the decision has been made to take all your freedoms away in one fell swoop...all resistance to their decree's will be punished as France's Macron has already stated. In the coming days we will see increased censorship on all differing opinions to the mainstream narrative especially that of the Corona Virus.

The one chance that we the people have to make the changes needed when the fraudulent economic system comes down is being taken away in every western country at the same time. We the people must NOT allow the economic cartel to dictate our children's future. The future MUST be decided by the people within each nation. Therefore, it is imperative for everyone to have ALL THE INFORMATION on economics, CORVID-19 and everything else for that matter. Question absolutely everything that comes from mainstream media and government because both are controlled by corporate and private banking interests.

Censorship is the enemy of all good people. Martial law is a war on our communities! Stand up and fight!

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