Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blackwater = Cover up!! Cover Up!! Cover Up!!

By: Stewart Brennan

George Bush gave Condoleezza Rice the task of extending diplomatic immunity to the Blackwater SS agents who killed 17 innocent people in Iraq last month. Washington wants to sweep this unprovoked shooting incident in Iraq under the table and protect Blackwater from any fall out. I say, kill this terrorist organization called Blackwater NOW! Smash their ability to hurt another soul on this planet and seize their assets and suspend their permits to carry guns.

Bush wants to keep his Secret Security called Blackwater free from prosecution and have extended government protection and immunity to a bunch of thugs and criminals. If the American Congress allows this to be swept under the table, then all the people of the World will see your country as an untrustworthy EVIL empire capable of the worst horrors.

Trust is the basis of any friendship, and the USA has betrayed every nation on the Planet by stating that Blackwater operatives are above the law. The Blackwater terrorists are running amok and are out of control. Its time to shut them down!!!

Can YOU claim diplomatic immunity for shooting and killing people?

Blackwater: The American Terrorist Organization

Washington Post Article: Immunity Jeopardizes Iraq Probe

Washington Post Article (Oct 31st, 2007): Senior Democrats Want Blackwater Case Details

UPDATE: 2014 – Oct 23

Guilty as charged: Blackwater guards convicted for 2007 Iraq shooting

Source: Russia Today
UPDATE: 2015 April 13

Emails reveal US officials undermining Blackwater case

Former Blackwater security guards, from left: Paul A. Slough, Dustin L. Heard, Nicholas A. Slatten and Evan S. Liberty.

Source: Press TV

The FBI agents have found out that senior officials in the US Justice Department intentionally attempted to undermine the case of Blackwater security guards’ fatal shooting of Iraqi civilians in 2007, internal emails revealed.

The FBI has planned to charge the American contractors with crimes, including weapons charges, manslaughter and attempted manslaughter that could send them to prison for the rest of their lives.

Several emails, obtained by the New York Times, however, revealed that the department’s senior officials were against the move and sought to drop some of the charges in an effort to lighten the sentences.

In September 2007, Blackwater security guards opened fire on unarmed Iraqi people near a bustling traffic circle with machine guns and grenade into Baghdad’s crowded Nisour Square, killing at least 17 people and wounding several others.

In December 2008, as the Justice Department prepared to ask a grand jury to vote on an indictment, the lead FBI agent, John Patarini received an email from Kenneth Kohl, a federal prosecutor who had written, “We are getting some serious resistance from our office to charging the defendants with mandatory minimum time.”

Patarini, however, replied, “I would rather not present for a vote now and wait until the new administration takes office than to get an indictment that is an insult to the individual victims, the Iraqi people as a whole, and the American people who expect their Justice Department to act better than this.”

He also forwarded it to colleagues and superiors.

Four former Blackwater contractors are scheduled to be sentenced at a federal court on Monday. Dustin L. Heard, Evan S. Liberty, Nicholas A. Slatten and Paul A. Slough were convicted at trial in October.

The Department is seeking sentences of 57 years for Slough, 51 years for Liberty, 47 years for Heard and life in prison without parole for Slatten.

Last week, federal prosecutors wrote in court documents that “the crimes here were so horrendous — the massacre and maiming of innocents so heinous — that they outweigh any factors that the defendants may argue form a basis for leniency.”

An FBI supervisor, Andrew McCabe, encouraged top FBI officials to continue with the case, saying the Justice Department was “delaying and reducing” the indictment.

“This is the latest in what has become a troubling habit by DOJ,” he wrote.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Bush & Cheney are Spoiling for World War 3

By: Stewart Brennan

If you missed president Bush addressing the nation last Wednesday Oct 17th, 2007, you missed an American Terrorist warning the planet that he will start “World War 3” if he doesn’t get his way. Several days later, just so that everyone understood, Dink Cheney followed up this threat with World War warnings to Iran with the zeal of a madman and stated that the “International Community” was on their side. Are the Americans justified in issuing World War threats?

A World War against a tiny nation of Iran does not seem feasible assuming that the threat was directed at Iran alone. Somehow, I think it was also words of warning to Russia and China not to back Iran in the Security Council of the U.N. America wants Iran isolated so that they can control the Oil under the Iranian soil. The USA has drawn a line in the sand and warned the Russians and Chinese that if you back Iran, you risk a Global Conflict. Vladimir Putin addressed the World in Tehran earlier this week and stressed patience by waiting for the UN inspectors report; at the same time he also said that they would not tolerate war in the region.

The World it seems, and the American people must prepare themselves for the prospect of a Global Conflict. Why else would these American Terrorists bark these words if not to inflict a terror on the World. Bush and Cheney have served “The ultimate terror threat” in my opinion, which is Total annihilation.

Who Supports America?

The international community does not support America. The only nations that support the USA are Israel, and France, and they do not have the voice of the people. As a Canadian, I will NOT side with the USA and nor will most of my countrymen. The only International Community that supports the Americans is the International World Bank because to them, “War is Profit” short term and long term.

Reasons of Insanity:

America no longer controls the Worlds oil and believe they must get their hands on it to maintain what they term as freedom and democracy. In other words, the Americans have voted amongst themselves to take another nations natural resource and given themselves the freedom to do it. Freedom will be achieved when the World is free of the American Military Industrial Complex and the Private Bankers that steer and support their greedy gains.

I believe the USA is serious when it threatens World War 3!

Bush and Cheney need to be forcibly removed from office, if we are to have any hope of World Peace. The American Government has a history of inflicting terrorism throughout the World by using covert operations to cause upheaval in strategic nations with wealth not controlled by the machine called American freedom. Who will stop them now?!

Here is how I see the Bush / Cheney plan playing itself out.

In the coming weeks, a self-inflicted attack by the US government will be condemned as a terrorist plot of Iranian origin. The Bush & Cheney White house will use this staged event to rally the people of the United States and a few other nations to go to war. Civil liberties will be removed, the draft will be instated, and all elections will be put on hold. Russia and China will side with Iran and will protect the tiny nation from American aggression. George Bush will have his World War 3!

As a deterrent, to coin the bush lingo, “we should remove the threat altogether” and forcibly remove George Bush, and Dink Cheney “before their answer comes in the form of a mushroom cloud”!


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Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Madness We Call Reality

By: Stewart Brennan

Everyday we engage in a pressure cooker of daily routines that become more complex and energy consuming as time passes. These sophisticated routines we burden ourselves with, squeezes every last bit of energy out of us until we are practically disabled. What is it that has all of us in a mindless hurry? What is it that empowers us to be an active participant in this “thing” that drives our daily lives and society? Is it real or imagined? I say its time to take a good look at this madness we call reality.

What is this… “Thing”?

It has been chipping away at the foundation of civilization for a very long time. It has crept into and has woven a belief within our minds, and it guides us in everything we do. Those that have control of this “thing” dictate our very existence. “They” use it against us and control our actions with it. “They” will say anything and do everything to grab our attentions away from knowing the truth. They bombard us with planned suggestion to support this “thing” that they control.

The “thing” I am taking about is “money”, and “They” the “Private Bankers”, are the ones who control and Print it. We are totally subservient to them and their money system. It has disconnected us from our free collective ability and isolated us from each other.

Civilization should be based on the wonderful capabilities and accomplishments that humanity has achieved and not on money. Humanity should not be controlled by a few individuals but by the moral pillars of what is honest, and truthful in a just society.

Commercialism impedes our focus on reality:

You can call this monetary system a misguided direction or plan, or whatever you want…Capitalism, Imperialism, or Dictatorship, it doesn’t matter. The real problem, and driver of the current system is the money-maker, his printed-paper, and an idea called financial wealth.

If we choose to remain on this path of “financial wealth”, we will always be controlled by the few that have set their sights on acquiring and controlling anything and everything. If we continue to embrace this system of money and not in the ability of our collective selves, mankind will perish from the Earth.

Remember, “Wealth is in the Soul”, not the bank, or stock market.

What Do We Do?

Today, our survival is in the hands of corrupt bankers and corporations that hire politicians to make laws that benefit the corrupt few instead of the population.

If mankind is to survive, he must evolve out of the illusion that economics portrays and into the Global reality of unity. The reality is that we need to help each other to progress as a species. The purpose in life is not enslavement by debt, but to work collectively for the betterment of mankind or the society. We need to remove the illusion of monetary wealth. Real wealth is not in a bank account, precious metal, or abundance of material. “Wealth is in the Soul”! Imagine a World without money.

Private Bankers and their system of financial wealth have created a World that is dysfunctional. It enslaves society to keep it running. The leaders of the financial system decide on who gets food, water, medicine, and who lives and dies. It makes weapons of mass destruction, and makes tyrants and slaves. Money is the root of all our problems.

A “Society based on money” robs us of our ability to think freely. Our attentions are taken away by commercialism via communication devices like the cell phone, television, radio, and Internet. All of which portray an unrealistic bubble that most people have come to believe is reality. The system is blindly supported by many and not questioned because those that control the system have told you not to question it.

Together we can remove the oppression that money and corrupt officials have imposed on society. Let's create a “World United” where everyone goes to sleep on a full stomach, has enough water to sustain themselves, has the medicine to treat sickness, and schools to teach the values and responsibilities of being alive. Lack of Money should not impede our helping others. It is morally wrong to say that helping someone costs too much! Remove the controlling element of money from society and the future begins to look brighter.

Basic Survival:

Many of us have forgotten how to take care of ourselves and those around us when money is not involved, and I am sure the prospect scares you. The reality is that we have been disconnected from nature and do not have control of our destiny. We need to regain control of our lives… We are supposed to be integrated with nature...that is what is missing in our lives! That missing element in your life, the hole in your soul, that void we try and fill but never seem to satisfy…is our connection to nature.

One day, everything will stop…No more “Grid Electricity”, no more running water, transportation, which means no more food deliveries to stores. Think about how you would survive without electricity…no more communications. TV, radio, Internet, telephones, will all be silent. No more modern-day communications.

Does anyone remember how to build a fire, purify water, gather food, build their own shelters, know what plants and roots will cure your ailments? The world we know or knew will be gone, and that can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

Knowledge is your Salvation:

Our Grandparents or great grandparents and for some of us, our parents, knew how to survive hard times. They also warned us about the Private bankers and their money. My generation grew up without knowledge of hard times. We are the TV generation, born and raised.

Right now, we need to prepare for the collapse of the American Empire and the financial system that controls the World…and that means to learn everything about basic survival.

We need to get involved now by building trust in our communities. Reconnect with nature. We have to approach life as a unified community. The very lives of our children and grand children depends upon it.

Money and its guarantee of greed is the destroyer of our World. It is the sole reason for war. All crimes committed are sprung directly or indirectly from greed and the society that money created. In a future world devastated by economic upheaval…survival will come down to who was ready.

Disconnected from Nature:

We are now completely disconnected from nature and our symbiotic relationship with it. Individually, we no longer know how to provide the basic needs we require to survive. We are completely dependent on the function of the current economic system and the direction we have embraced is leading us to complete destruction. But now, “The Financial System” appears to be feeding on its self.

The foundation on which our modern world is built is crumbling, and with it the whole world will fall because government would have you believe that being a social society is evil when in fact it is quite the opposite.

Humanity needs strong characters to stand up against the endless waves of anger, brutality, and oppression that are systematically removing Human Rights and freedoms of the individual. It is up to everyone that reads this plea to stand up and make a difference in his or her perspective countries and or communities. Not one country, province, or state, and not one individual can escape the oppression that the World Bank and ruling class have imposed upon us. The time to act is NOW!

Be prepared; get back in touch with your surroundings and your community. Plan for the survival of your community in a long-term disaster scenario, and do it collectively together. We depend on each other to survive. We cannot do it alone. Be at peace.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The End of Free Speech in America

By: Stewart Brennan

A battle is going on right now to kill off all media and mediums that hold different opinions than the Corporate Media Executives and their financial backers.

There is a bigger picture here that needs to be considered before you just write this matter off. When you add all forms of communication surveillance, and Internet control, to Radio, Newspaper, and Television you have a totalitarian media tool for a Fascist Government. Things are getting seriously twisted and the free peoples voice must not be silenced! The same thing happened in 1930’s Germany. Dictatorship wasn’t achieved all at once, but by little bits of freedom lost here and there until absolute control was achieved.

If the lackeys in the FCC go ahead with the plan on removing restrictions on Media ownership, they will remove the average American’s voice and all freedoms experienced in opinion and press. There will be nothing to stop a Complete Imperial Fascist State.

Every time a court ruling is made in favour of the American people, these same twisted corporate politicians and lawyers strike back with a counter. Such is the case with the illegal wiretapping and secret surveillance of everyone and everything. Bush and corporate communications companies got away with that one and BOTH parties sold you the American people out!

Something needs to be done…When was the last time you heard a President even use the words, “World War Three”…as Bush did yesterday?

The laughable President who seems incapable of fluid thought is no longer a puppet to joke about! It appears that the ONLY reason that he appears to stumble with his words is because he is hiding behind the real objectives. The way I see it, Truth will roll out of the mouth easier than a series of lies within lies. George does a lot of stumbling but more now than at the beginning of his term. When a liar gets caught or trips up, his immediate reaction is to get angry with those posing questions to him…I saw Bush scold a number of reporters yesterday just for asking serious questions, and he was really smug and threatening with his answers.

George Bush is a satanic, evil, lying, Warmonger, whose worship of power and corruption showers him in wealth…and he’s laughing at you! Who will call him out?

It is my considered opinion that the American people should stand up and remove every trace of power from these monsters in Washington! When President Kennedy said, “Ask not what can your country do for you, but what can you do for your Country?” he did not mean for you to sit by and support a wealthy elite few ruin your free nation and have it ruled by a tyrant.

It is not just the lives of the Iraqi people that are at stake here, but also the lives of everyone on the planet including the American people!!

The voice of reason must prevail! Stand up America, and take your country back! Show the World why it is great to be an American because you are not doing that now. Sever all Government ties with corporate influence, run for election yourselves, don’t rely on the imagined two party system of Democrat verses Republican anymore. These two parties are owned by corporate America and serve only their ever-gracious money masters.

Truth and Honesty will win out in the end, but if that is going to happen, people need to make a stand and stick together. The Bush Autocracy and the executive members of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) have declared a state of WAR on the American people. Their well-placed puppets at various points in Government chip away at your freedoms every day, while the Senate and Congress pass the laws that erode your freedoms and constitution.

Its time to wake up America! Once control of the media and medium has been achieved by these sick greedy bastards they will simply cut off all those that do not bend to their wishes…i.e.: Americans that do not agree with the government will be considered revolutionaries and terrorists and therefore silenced…don’t let that happen!

Response to the Articles “Senate & Bush Agree on Terms of Spying Bill” from the Washington Post and to “Plan Would Ease FCC Restriction on Media Owners” from the “New York Times”

Washington Post Article

New York Times

We are fast approaching the time when self-survival will be a reality, and this electro/mechanic/fossil fuel world will be a moment in history.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nuclear Deal with India May Be Near Collapse

By: Stewart Brennan

This Post is a reply to: Nuclear Deal with India May Be Near Collapse

By Robin Wright and Rama Lakshmi - The Washington Post

A controversial nuclear deal between the United States and India appears close to collapse after the Indian prime minister told President Bush yesterday that "certain difficulties" will prevent India from moving forward on the pact for the foreseeable future.

The news that the “Nuclear Deal with India May Be Near Collapse” is a major victory for world peace and a visionary hope of freedom from oppression.

The United States has been positioning itself for a greater war and conquest over any opposition to its policies and has bullied nations to side with it or face the consequences, which could only mean military response. Given the current administrations record on national and international policies, we should all breath a sigh of relief and continue to question any policy of the current American government. A government I might add, that infringes on the freedoms, health and welfare of its own citizens.

The Bush government has a 10-point program for removing the freedoms of the American people, the same 10 points that the Nazi Party used to seize and retain power and then reign in terror on its people and the World. There is no difference in their approach. Any set back to their agenda should be hailed as a victory!

Naomi Wolf - The End of America

Video Source: Talking Stick TV

The USA has been playing dangerous politics with India & Pakistan.

These are two nations that have a history of differing opinions. Military positioning and pressure on Pakistan is the real threat that has been lost by the New World Order Americans. I would say that Pakistan no longer has a gun to its head and the area’s four major combatants can relax their shoulders for a moment. The escalation and mounting tensions of War and rebellion in the region has dropped because this deal is now almost dead. America sought to isolate Pakistan while at the same time, it served notice to all the Asian nations including China and Russia that America has a close nuclear ally on their door steps.

The American presence in India has unnerved the entire region. Russia & China are now in a tight military and economical pact together against the Western Nations who lust for War. Positioning and military preparation for an all out War was escalating rapidly on Asian soil. It is less so now with the collapse of this treaty between the USA and India.

I for one congratulate the free people of India for standing up to an American Bully. Now if only the American people could stand up to their totalitarian regime, our species might move ahead to World Peace and a utopian society that right now is still only a dream or vision of a dreamer.


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Anglophones in Quebec Have No Rights

Letter to the Canadian People:

Most Canadians do not know that the Province of Quebec has an English population. That is because the politicians in Quebec are KILLING our language and culture. Federal Politicians are NOT helping the Anglophone community in Quebec either. In fact Mr. Harper has embraced the Francophone minorities in other Provinces but NOT done one single thing for the Anglophone community in Quebec!!!

The English Language and Culture is being KILLED in the Province of Quebec and NO ONE is helping us. Every time the question of equal rights is raised in Quebec for the English population, we are shouted down and denied our rights. A FEDERAL leader’s DUTY is to protect minority rights, which also includes the English community in Quebec. Are English Quebecers to be denied their rights as Canadians so that the Federal Conservative Political Party can appease French speaking people for votes?

As a Quebec Anglophone, I am sick to death of not having any rights! French politicians are KILLING my culture in Quebec and you Mr. Harper are helping to make it happen. Our community has been smashed and our friends and family have been scattered across Canada in pursuit of the right to live in their culture and work in their language. 

Let me tell you something Mr. Harper, my father and many other English Quebecers fought for this country!! They won the right for their children to live free of oppression. So why is English Quebec STILL being oppressed? We are not allowed to post English signs unless the words are written 50% smaller than the French words…and we had to wait 10 years for the right to put English on the signs. By Quebec Law FRENCH must be predominant however, all Provincial Government buildings including Hospitals are French only. There are little to no English services…unless they are staffed with French people who barely speak English. 

The English school system is a shambles with a drop out rate of 40% because 50% of the classes are taught in FRENCH. Our children are not allowed to be schooled in English.

Anyone that comes to Quebec must enroll their children in French schools. No one is allowed their freedom of choice and if by chance you are English speaking, you MUST apply for an English eligibility certificate and prove that you went to an English school.

English is considered illegal in this province. Is that equality? I thought I lived in Canada, where I was guaranteed my rights? I am not working because I am denied the right to work in my language. I'm not fluently bilingual but I understand and converse well enough, so why the prejudice?

I have lived in this Province all of my 47 years. I have a College education (Electrical Engineering), depth and experience in modern Manufacturing practices and systems but I no longer have any rights. Not even to complain.

I am still denied a job in this Province because I am not Fluent in French and I am not alone! Any company that has French management or a French person in charge of human resources will not hire English-speaking Quebecers. A growing majority of the Quebec Anglophone jobless are seeking social assistance, and help from food banks…I am no stranger to asking for help in this regard. It is demoralizing to an educated and skilled worker, especially when we are told that the jobless rate is at a 30 year low.

Why hasn’t the rest of Canada heard about the struggle of the English community in Quebec? Is it because of Government controlled media spewing propaganda? An inept media? Fascist Politicians? Please, someone help us here!! The Montreal English Newspaper will not print this letter. Is it because French interests own the paper?!

The Anglophone community is hanging on by a thread and the Montreal Gazette does not help us! The CBC, and CTV do not help us! I am willing to bet that not one Canadian Newspaper will run this letter. Why?

If one Canadian newspaper includes this letter, who ever reads it, please send me an e-mail to confirm it.

Prejudice, hate, and anger are the tools of dictators and I say this, that YOU Mr. Harper are a hypocrite for selling out the English community in Quebec. Why haven’t you pushed for equal rights in this Province? Scared of a political backlash? Why not stand up to the French Quebec that oppresses the English people in the province…stand up and say “Respect is a two way street, to earn it, you also have to give it. Change the laws!!”

I grew up embracing all cultures, and I will NOT be conveniently sacrificed for political gain! I am a HUMAN BEING just like anyone else! Are French people more important than English people Mr. Harper?!!? …Or do you seek their votes?

I have 5 children who also do not speak French very well…what is their Future? What is the future of this Canadian family? Will we be just another family broken up and scattered across Canada? Or will we end up living on the streets? The creditors are pushing me closer to the streets every day.

I am tired of the typical brush off or Quebec Politicians answer of, “You have to be French.” or “You can work anywhere else in Canada.”…Those are not options in a free and equal society of Canada. That is Quebec dictatorship.

I am not allowed to complain, and in a country that prides itself on being fair to minorities why has it forgotten the English community in Quebec? What are Federal Canadian politicians afraid of? Are they afraid of risking separation? Is the Anglophone community in Quebec to be sacrificed for fear? What do I tell my children? The best thing is to move? Wave the magic “demanage wand” and tap your heels, “There’s no place like home!”…“Where is my home?”

I do not have the means to leave this Province, and most Ontario, Alberta, or B.C. companies will not hire from so far away, especially when I have to start from scratch financially. I speak French better than you Mr. Harper. Maybe I should ask the Canadian people for your job! At least I would treat ALL Canadians with respect!!


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Attack on Your Freedom

By: Stewart Brennan

There is an all out attack on the freedom loving people of the United States by its Government. Your liberty as free people in the U.S. will fall victim to Security Corporations such as Blackwater if they are not challenged and put in prison.

I bet Blackwater would do a good job for the Bush family when it comes to security at the poles come election time in 2008. That is, IF there is an election, because now, all that needs to happen in the USA for there not to be an election is an economic depression. Bush could declare martial law and suspend all elections given his new executive powers!

That economic depression is well on its way.

The Bush Family and the Oligarchy that they serve are planning an economic collapse in the USA. George Bush could then declare martial law with his specially trained security forces and suspend elections when the economic depression unfolds. George Bush could then invoke Martial Law and his dictatorship would then be complete and no dictatorship is complete without its secret service (SS).

Blackwater and other security organizations are contracted to fill that spot. Blackwater did such a great job for the White House in Iraq (Sarcasm), I bet they could beat and suppress children speaking out in high schools just as effectively. Have they been hired as school security guards yet? How about social security, oh that’s right Bush says there is no more money for helping out Americans down on their luck. There will be no social security, because George Bush believes that Blackwater should be your social security…had enough yet my American friends? Are you tired of seeing your children beaten up for speaking out, or getting broken arms for dropping cake on the floor in a high school cafeteria?

Government Hijacked:

When Republican George Bush asked for an extra 190 billion dollars, Congress gave it to him. A congress with a Democratic majority I might add, who rode the anti war protest of the American people in 2006…votes overwhelmingly in favour of funding the illegal war in Iraq. Did you, “the American people” give your politicians the authority to wage a continuing war?! I thought you voted against it? Maybe your government is not listening to you anymore. Are they not supposed to be working for you?

The American politicians and their rich corporate sponsors have declared war on the American people. You no longer have a division of 2 political parties but one government that wants war, save two presidential hopefuls (Ron Paul, & Dennis Kucinich). The American Oligarchy has hijacked the American government and is pulling on the leash. The harder the American public cries foul, the harder and louder this group pushes their congressional employees to support the Bush directive. They are at War with YOU!

Internal Security Crackdown:

US Security is handled by groups like Blackwater…think about that one for a minute. These guys will be at your airports, train stations, Government buildings, in your schools, and at every poling station. They shoot first and don’t ask questions. These arrogant thugs, or hired guns don’t answer to anyone! They are the Bush Family’s secret security or SS for short. Similar to Hitler’s Patriotic SS, these sick murdering Blackwater individuals are so ruthless, they make Hitler seem like a Yosemite Sam cartoon character.

Higher Morals Must Prevail:

There MUST be a crackdown on ALL private security companies with regulations put in place to protect the American citizens from being brutalized victims from a rising totalitarian state! Don’t wait for Bush’s elected term to end, get him NOW…before its too late. If there is still something worth fighting for in the USA, it is your children! Protect your children and grandchildren from these ruthless thugs!


Blackwater: The American Terrorist Organization

By: Stewart Brennan

America can breath easier tonight (Sarcasm) because George Bush has hired Erik Prince, a proud Republican, financial supporter, and sitting board member of “Christian Freedom International”. I am talking about the owner and creator of Blackwater, Erik Prince.

The American people should be concerned about this heavily armed private security army hired by the American Government. Blackwater answers to no one…not even to congress. How convenient for the Bush Family to have an End Time Christian Military Republican as a secret weapon to by pass the wishes of the American people.

Lets look at why the American government needs 190 Billion dollars. After all, this is only pocket change for a trip to the candy store where you can buy Blackwater surprize packages, filled with bullets bombs and guns. In fact, I have a pen to sell congress for 1.3 billion dollars.

Who are these 200,000 contractors that have been hired by the US government to destroy Iraq? How much money are they Contracted for? If I was an American Citizen, I would call for more than an Investigation into corruption, these Evil Terrorist Christians, are paid to kill woman and children in Iraq by the American Government. The way I see it, the American Government has no choice but to consider Blackwater a terrorist organization and should shut it down with all their assets seized! After all, isn’t that what George Bush does to security forces, I mean, terrorists or terrorist groups in other countries? You might even find some of that missing 3 Trillion dollars that congress recently said “WOOPS, where did it go?”

The 190 Billion dollar gift to Bush’s business partners and the Blackwater SS Security Services, that congress approved, is sickening. WAKE UP AMERICA! Don’t place your trust in Bipolar Politics anymore. The Democrats and the Republicans have the same agenda prepared for them by the Council on Foreign Relations. Guess where that 190 Billion Dollars is going? If you have the answers, show me the spread sheet!!

Does anyone know the details of how 190 Billion dollars is spent? I say let's have a public inquiry into Government spending! By the way, Ron Paul and Denis Kucinich are the only Presidential hopeful's that voted against this recent war chest.

Blackwater, and other groups like them, are purchasing military aircraft from countries like Brazil. Guess where they got the money for those war toys…give up? I would not be surprised to see the same hired military groups planting evil plans for an attack on Iran? Don’t tell me that these guys are there to rebuild a country!

Can a company like Blackwater be unleashed on the American Population someday? Sure, why not, after all, it would be a contracted business deal with no accountability. Anybody with money could hire these guys to do anything they chose. Wait a minute… Do they do contract killing? That could be advantageous…
About: Eric Prince

Erik Prince (born June 6, 1969 in Holland, Michigan) is the founder and owner of the military support contractor Blackwater USA. A millionaire and former US Navy SEAL, after high school he briefly attended the United States Naval Academy before attending and graduating from Hillsdale College. After college, he earned a commission in the United States Navy after joining in 1992, and served as a Navy SEAL officer on deployments to Haiti, the Middle East and the Mediterranean, including Bosnia. When his father Edgar Prince unexpectedly died in 1995, he ended his Navy service prematurely. After Erik's mother, Elsa Prince, sold the family's automobile parts company, Prince Corporation, for $1.3 billion to Johnson Controls, Inc., Erik moved to Virginia Beach and personally financed the formation of Blackwater USA in 1997.

Prince is the brother of Betsy DeVos, a former chairman of the Republican Party of Michigan and wife of former Alticor (Amway) president and Gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos. Prince's first wife, Joan Nicole Prince, died of cancer in 2003, and he has since remarried and has six children. He now runs Prince Group, Blackwater's parent company, from an office in McLean, Virginia and also serves as a board member of Christian Freedom International, a non-profit group with a mission of helping "Christians who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ".

Prince is noted for disliking having his photo taken and distributed; he often uses his hands to shield himself from photographers. While attending a technology conference in North Carolina, he was visibly uncomfortable when photographed on stage and officials asked that the images not be published. Some have claimed that this is due to fear of terrorist reprisals for his role in creating Blackwater USA.

Since 1998, Prince has personally donated over $200,000 to Republican causes.
Erik Prince attended the Naval Academy, graduated from Hillsdale College, and was an intern in George H.W. Bush's White House. Prince has contributed $200,000 to the Republican National Committee since 1998, and also has supported the candidacies of conservatives such as President George W. Bush and Senator Tom Coburn. He also serves as a board member of Christian Freedom International, a non-profit group that provides Bibles, food and other help (Guns?) to Christians in countries where they face persecution.

Arrest Bush, supporting members of Congress, and Erik Prince.


See: Blackwater

Book: "Licensed Kill": Hired Guns in the War on Terror by Robert Young Pelton, 2006. Prologue, which opens with an account of a meeting with Erik Prince; Chapter 2, and Chapter 11, "The Lord and the Prince" which contrasts the owner of Hart Security with that of Blackwater.

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