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The 2021 Syrian Election


Source: Eva Bartlett

A Syrian American friend, Johnny Achi, flew to Syria expressly to vote in the elections. Yesterday, in Douma, he told me:

“I'm a Syrian citizen and have lived in the United States for about 30 years. I'm here in Damascus to exercise my rights and duties as a Syrian citizen, since the US chose to close our embassies. As long as the embassies are closed, we're going to keep making the trip here, to exercise our duty and our democratic right.

I chose Douma, in eastern Ghouta, under the “rebels” until 2018, to show that there is a big turnout here, people are happy to be back in government controlled area. Everyone I talked to outside is so jubilant that they got rid of all of Jaysh al-Islam, Faylaq al-Rahman, and all those brigades that were making their lives miserable.

The United States will not accept any of the candidates. They decided that this election is illegal. Their excuse this time is how can you have a democratic election when you have land under occupation. But the land is occupied by Turkey and the United States. If they would leave us alone, we would have freed those three provinces and would have all fourteen provinces under Syrian control.

But this vote will help us liberate those provinces still under occupation.”

Celebrations After Election Win by Syrian President Bashir al-Assad

Last night, in Umayyad Square, Damascus, before and after the presidential election results were announced.

A most beautiful night.

Syrians celebrating their sovereignty!


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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Global Medical Tyranny Spearheaded by the W.H.O.

By: Stewart Brennan

When activists and alternative news journalists say the United Nations is becoming a one world totalitarian government, they are not wrong. Here is an example of what I mean, as accused War Criminal, [01] "Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus" head of the U.N.'s World Health Organization preaches and pushes pandemic fear to 194 nations health ministers who then push it on the citizens in 194 countries.

Considering that 194 countries do what they are told by the W.H.O. then this can only be viewed as global medical tyranny as we learn more and more that there was no pandemic.

When the World Health Organization [02] under Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared a global pandemic in March 2020, the world was sent into a lockdown where billions of people were deeply affected by the resulting draconian actions taken by their governments; while hospitals were made virtually off limits without appointments, operations were postponed, thousands missed their screenings, many were kept away or were afraid to go to the hospital based on the fear porn by their media. Suicides, domestic abuse, substance abuse were all up and millions more lost their businesses to bankruptcy, while still more entered into extreme poverty, and all of it due to the decisions of one single inept man. A man that seems to be controlled by a covert economic cartel funding the organization he is the head of.

After 15 months and counting in lockdown, they have pushed the world’s population and economies to the brink of disaster.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus claims he is a doctor but given the fact that the adopted PCR test being used to detect covid, actually can’t detect covid [03] or anything else specific for that matter, puts this idiot’s credentials in serious doubt.

Everyone should know by now that billionaires and their organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Gavi Alliance, Rotary International, plus 194 nations through private bank loans, big pharma corporations, etc. (The Economic Cartel), fund the World Health Organization and drive the rhetoric coming from it including the BS from our mainstream media.

Deep pockets control the narrative from behind the scenes while the Real Doctors, Researchers and Professionals that question the W.H.O.’s non-science backed moves are being silenced and censored by governments, mainstream media, social networks and online search engines from getting their professional analysis and data out to the general public and so you have to ask why? (See first 3 Videos Below this Post)

The U.N.'s World Health Organization under "Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus" not only continues to push the fear of a pandemic that is false, but warns of a new and deadlier pandemic almost as if on cue, now that the deadly poizines [04] they call vaccines have been rolled out on a fearful population.

Here is what he said [05] to the health ministers of 194 nations at the UN’s annual assembly of health ministers on May 24th, 2021.

"A virus even more transmissible and fatal than Covid-19 will lead the world into the next pandemic, the director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) has said, noting the “evolutionary certainty” of such an occurrence.

“Make no mistake, this will not be the last time the world faces the threat of pandemic, it’s an evolutionary certainty that there will be another virus with the potential to be more transmittable and more deadly than this one.”

He continued, "the world remains in a fragile situation” saying without any evidence that the world is not “out of the woods, no matter its Covid vaccination rate.”

Not only is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus pushing the fear and false pandemic into overdrive he is also pushing untested deadly vaccines, which are the Gates Foundation and big Pharma’s position of forcing these deadly for profit only poizines on everyone…and our governments are starting to indicate they will be mandatory!

The whole pandemic they continue to push is based on the results of the PCR testing method they adopted which DOES NOT IDENTIFY ANYTHING SPECIFIC. Only that you once had a flu...well everyone has had a flu virus in their life at some point and so that is all the PCR test can tell you. The higher the cycle rate used in the test, the more likely it will find a remnant of dead virus in your system and THAT is what they are saying makes you COVID positive and what drives a false pandemic...the test is completely Bullsh*t and does not work or produce ANY relevant data. 
Yet they continue to mask and hide the annual Influenza “A” & Influenza “B” that circulates around the world every year. It’s as if they’ve turned the annual flu into a scary monster and now everybody’s afraid of the monster. However,  Sweden is the first country to stop using the PCR test.[06] so it will certainly be interesting to follow that thread going forward.

So, why are they continuing to push a pandemic while pushing everyone to take their deadly poizines? Why are they preparing everyone for something more deadly? Will they release something on the global population to prove they are right? They’ve lied to everyone before, and they’ve been caught lying so why are they still pushing their sinister agenda? I mean, would you trust them? I certainly can’t...

If we continue to allow these deeply disturbing lunatics to dictate the future of mankind, we will find that our freedoms are gone…wait a minute, our freedoms are gone...through their draconian lockdown and mask laws. 

I find them to be very sinister, because everything they do is covert, twisted and forced on the world population without any evidence or proof…we are to trust them and take their word for it, that they have everyone’s safety and health in hand. Ya right, I call Bullshit! 

I prefer to listen to the REAL doctors, not a TV personality or government official, and certainly not a questionable pawn in a position of such power over the world’s population…an accused war criminal on top of that.

The Global Citizen

The Global Citizen [07] project which pretends to champion poverty, operates as an entertainment mouthpiece and is loaded with the same banks, and organizations that want you to take big pharma’s poizines. Just look at the list of who funds and runs “The Global Citizen”. They are exactly the same group with many other partners from the economic cartel. The deeper you look, the more sinister it gets and they are ramping up this project right now to push vaccines and vaccine passports to get into entertainment venues. You can be sure they will push people to get the vax and offer free entry into their shows and venues if you have proof that you had their shot. They have deep pockets and control of the entertainment you can bank on this happening.

Freedom is not a given or guarantee in the world anymore, you have to step up and take it away from those that have taken it from you. Fight for the future, because you owe it to your children and grandchildren to leave them with a world in better standing than the one you came into. This is not a time to be apathetic nor lazy in research, we have to protect our families and the next generations to come and we are absolutely FAILING!

Form or join action groups, get out and protest, get a letter campaign together and TELL your governments they will be held responsible for their crimes. End the lockdowns, mask laws, fines and curfews.


All is not dark, there is hope, as a group of lawyers and medical professionals are seeking a second Nuremberg type trial [08] against the WHO, WEF, CDC and World Leaders.

You can visit the Covid Committee website at the following link here [09] and if you have been affected by the cartels pandemic crimes, report the event, persons involved, and as much detail to the following website: Secure Whistleblower [10]

When all is said and done and after a thorough investigation, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Bill Gates and many others should be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity for endorsing and pushing a false pandemic on the world. They must be held accountable for their deliberate actions including all deaths and injuries due to vaccines and for any resulting injuries, mental, physical or economic from their fake pandemic and bullied actions.

Here are the facts of my own personal experience [11] after seeing a real doctor and virologist. Incidentally, Influenza A & B circle the world every year. Your immune system handles it, but if you keep washing your hands, masking etc, all bets are off and maybe that is what Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus means when he says, “…another virus with the potential to be more transmittable and more deadly than this one” will circulate the world…or maybe they’ll just release one. Either way, they guarantee it.



[01] Tedros Ghebreyseus Accused of Aiding Genocide in Ethiopia
[02] World Health Organization
[03] PCR Tests Unreliable - consequences for false positive results.
[04] If People Get Jabbed After Watching This, They Are Beyond Hope
[05] Future virus ‘more deadly’ than Covid-19 will spark new pandemic, WHO chief warns
[06] Sweden Stops Using PCR Tests
[07] Global Citizen
[08] Second Nuremberg Trial being sought by Lawyers and Medical Professionals worldwide against WHO, WEF, CDC, and World Leaders
[09] Visit the Covid Committee website at:
[10] Secure Whistleblower
[11] Draconian COVID Laws Strangling Quebec Healthcare


[A] Transcript, testimony of Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich in pdf
[B] Masks are not Effective – The Evidence
[D] No mercy to pandemic-hit states as ECB chief says canceling Covid debts ‘unthinkable’
[E] The COVID 2nd Wave Will Tear Our Communities Apart
[F] The Corporate Takeover of Global Healthcare

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The Activist Poet - (Volume 1)

Montreal poet, analyst and writer Stewart F. Brennan, combines his memoirs, poetry, and political commentary in this masterpiece weaving together the experiences, impressions and observations made during the economic decline of North America between 1970 and 2021. - Book Now on sale at Amazon

Link to Book in Canada

Link to Book in UK

Link to Book in USA

About the Author:

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1960, Stewart Brennan is a Canadian poet, writer, blogger, geo-political and economic analyst, lean manufacturing specialist, critical thinker, social and political activist, video producer, photographer, and music promotor.

Stewart has worked in the Aerospace, Aviation, Packaging, Transportation and Logistics Industries in managerial positions and is the author of several blogs including World United News, World United Music, Alternative Views and SF Brennan Art, a blog of creative writing, poetry and prose.

He’s had several poems published in the “Red Hibiscus: Anthology” series Volumes 17, 18, 19 & 20 as well as in “Late Night Poets Virtuosos” & “Late Night Poets Anthology Volume 1 & 2”

Stewart has been writing and archiving information on World United News since 2007 and is known for his economic analysis and critical thinking on geo-political and geo-economic events. He’s also been published on Global Research, the center for research on globalization.

Stewart Brennan is also the creator, producer and promotor of World United Music, a project that started in 2010 promoting signed, unsigned and independent musicians and bands.

“I don’t like what the deep state has to offer so I decided to build my own World where creativity, music, and truth prevail. Therefore, I’m a photographer, Writer, Video Producer, News Reporter, Music Promoter, Radio DJ, Poet, Activist, Critical Thinker, and Problem Solver. This is my world…”

World United Music Blog

World United Awakening Blog

Alternative Views Blog

World United Music YouTube Channel

Monday, May 17, 2021

Israeli Terrorism Continues to Metastasize in Palestine


By: Stewart Brennan

The civilian population of 2 million people in Gaza are now into a second week of being bombed from air, sea and land by the belligerent war criminals in Israel; half of the population are children in this locked down prison! The Palestinian's have no tanks, no air force, no navy, no modern weapons, the entire strip of land is an open-air prison similar to the Warsaw Ghetto in World War II. This is NOT a conflict, it is genocide!! STOP CALLING IT A CONFLICT!!

The Zionist regime in Israel is nothing but pure evil on the level of the ISIS terrorist groups and should not be embraced by anyone while they continue their mass murder and terrorism campaign against the native people of Palestine.

Also, what is left of Palestine in the West Bank is being seized and taken over by ruthless, insane, well armed lunatics that are supported by the Zionist regime and by western nations turning a blind eye.

OECD Governments Approve of the Butchery by Israel

Now on seventy-three years of ongoing atrocities committed by the Israeli’s, we are at the same point of inaction with the same rhetoric coming out of the economic block of western governments, they say “Israel has a right to defend itself”…?…It’s not defense, it’s committing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people! These are the very same western governments that claim they embrace a moral code of rule and law…moral code?! Are you F*cken kidding me!?! The people may claim to uphold a moral code but our western governments certainly do NOT!

I’m calling on ALL governments of the world. It's time to end your support for these Zionist murderers! For every person they murder, YOU will be blamed for siding with them & not taking REAL action to end the ETHNIC CLEANSING! History will NOT smile on the Supporters of child murderers!! SHAME ON YOU Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson and all politicians that support this evil regime!! Shame on all the UK, European, and Asian politicians and Shame on the US government for their 73 years of support of the Israeli's committing genocide of the Palestinian people!!!

Only evil F*cken monsters would do this, while anyone that turns their head or thinks the monsters are justified for attacking and killing people and terrorizing a million children are just as much to blame! Where's you F*cken humanity!?!

These same Western governments that side with Israeli terrorism are also pushing police enforced marshal law, lockdowns, curfews, masks, social distancing, unreliable vaccines, and medical security passes in their own countries while turning their heads away from Israeli apartheid, ethnic cleansing and mass murder of the Palestinian people…the same nations that claim to have defeated Nazism in World War II, embrace Neo Nazi’s in Ukraine, terrorist dictators in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Israel, while imposing totalitarian laws on their own people…

Fascism wasn’t defeated in WWII, it metastasized into a global economic dictatorship that Hitler professed and sought…a New World Order.

That is what YOU support when supporting Israeli terrorism and mass murder!

If the governments of the world will not take concrete action this time around, against this illegal cancerous regime forced on the people of Palestine by the 1948 UN Security council, then the people of the world need to take matters into their own hands and close every Israeli embassy and expel all Israelis from their countries!! Then put a lockdown and blockade on Israel as Israel has done to Gaza and the West Bank. Do not lift the blockade until the Zionists have been dispossessed of their weapons of mass destruction and capitulate to peace.

Let me ask you this,

If Israel succeeds in total ethnic cleansing of Palestine, do you really think their expansion and cancerous growth will end there?” No, it won’t, they’ll push further into Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. They already occupy some of these places and are unwilling to give them up.

Cancer never stops, it just keeps on growing until the host is dead, so you need to take action now before it’s too late.


There is a way out of this but no one wants to take it. Read the following excerpt below from a post I wrote in 2012 called 

Victory for Palestine and the People of the World

Choices and Requirements for Lasting Peace:

Requirements for a lasting Peace throughout all of Palestine and Israel must also include an end to all illegal settlements, occupations, including a cessation of hostility towards the people, that is, of course, if a two-state solution is still being supported. If so, then Israel must return to 1967 borders as stated by the United Nations and its general assembly.

Let’s be realistic about this, the two-state solution has no possibility of working because the Israeli government and the settlers will refuse to give up any of the land they have seized from the Palestinians, and the Palestinians will refuse to concede the land that was taken from them, so there is no possible way to do this unless both sides are forced to do it at gunpoint.

The problems faced in the region today go back to the errors made by the United Nations in 1948 when they created the State of Israel by carving it out of Palestine. In essence, the two-state solution was a UN Security Council decision which is at the heart of this problem.

The "One State Solution", dominated by the Israeli's or by the Palestinian's is also not acceptable because it is a recipe for total disaster. Dominance by either side would be destructive because it is totally divisional, militaristic, driven by fanaticism and powered by a warlike nationalist mindset. Taking this path leads to an endless war between both sides that could quickly lead to regional war and or a global conflict, so this path must be avoided at all costs.

Real Solution for Lasting Peace:

The only real solution for the region is the one that nobody is talking about and that is a “Reunification of Palestine” where ALL THE PEOPLE, within the old borders of Palestine, rule together. Shared power would mean a democratic process for all the inhabitants regardless of faith or ethnicity, and it would mean freedom of worship, freedom of movement, and the right to live for all.

The reunification solution also calls for the creation of provinces within the state, where for example, one region could be called Israel, another Gaza, etc. This option requires that ALL POLITICAL FACTIONS make concessions in the name of peace, prosperity, respect, and unity. This option is the true path to peace in the Middle East and for that matter the road to global peace that I am sure is supported by a large majority of the people.”

So, how naive was I to even believe that the Israeli's want or wanted peace...they don't, all the Israeli's want is for all Arabs to leave Palestine, and they would prefer they left in body bags.

What if we give the Palestinians the weapons to defend themselves? Mutual destruction would certainly go a long way to stop the aggression, in that they wouldn't destroy each are your two solutions, both of which provide equality for all.

To the world governments who continue to say they support Israel's right to defend themselves, I say, then give Palestine the weapons so that they can defend themselves from tanks, planes, drones and weapons of mass destruction! And stop saying you support the two-state solution because you most certainly DO NOT! If you did, you would have taken concrete action by now against the successive belligerent Zionist regimes...your empty words are GARBAGE!!

…And words are NOT enough anymore!

To the people of the world, force your governments to act because THEY are supposed to do what YOU say, not the other way around. It’s time to stop seven plus decades of Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people in Palestine.! Stand up and take action! FIGHT for what is right and just!! You can start by stopping ALL trade to Israel and then kick out their deplorable diplomats from your countries! 

Contact your Representative directly!!

In Canada:

Members of Parliament

In the USA:

Find Your US House Representative here

Find Your US Senator here

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