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IRAN: Weapons of Mass Imagination

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By: Stewart Brennan

Can it be true? No more false accusations?

IAEA Board of Governors closes Iran PMD case

The original Video and the News channel of Press TV were victims of Western censorship and removed from YouTube to cover up western War Crimes in Syria. Where possible, I will insert a mirror video of the report.

Original Source: Press TV

“The governing board of the International Atomic Energy Agency has decided to close Iran’s so-called PMD case. The decision to close the case related to the possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program terminates 12 resolutions against Tehran. The IAEA’s director general says the decision is an important milestone. Tehran has called it historic.” From Vienna, Press TV’s Homa Lezgee reports.

Historic news right!?

I certainly hope so, but as I said on Sept 10th 2015…”the Americans are not going to allow Iran to continue building its economic and military strength as an independent economy as we will see down the road when the US decides to return to the sanctions regime on Iran for having broken the nuclear deal on their phantom Nuclear weapons program…that road leads to all options on the table which means War on Iran…”

Well, it looks like the US Governments Insanity is more predictable than the weather, if this UN Panel can be believed…

UN Panel accuses Iran of violating Security Council resolution

The original Video and the News channel of Press TV were victims of Western censorship and removed from YouTube to cover up western War Crimes in Syria. Where possible, I will insert a mirror video of the report.

Video Source: Press TV

The United States loves to pick on Independent nations by wielding economic sanctions through the United Nations Security Council; done either by false accusation or by fabricated evidence as we saw leading up to their war on Iraq in 2003.

Weapons of Mass Imagination

Iran does not have nuclear weapons or a nuclear weapons program and has not deviated from their nuclear energy program as verified and stated by the IAEA.

...and as far as I know, there are no laws that prohibit countries from developing conventional weapons for the protection of their own sovereign nation…if there were, then all western nations would be sanctioned to death for their role in the weapons industry development over the past 100 years. But hey, here's an opportunity, maybe we the people could collectively end the weapons Industry together, if these accusations of weapons of mass imagination are to be taken seriously.

The US, Israel, UK, and France could all be sanctioned for weapons that might be capable of carrying nuclear warheads…and that wouldn’t be a stretch away from the truth, because these countries actually DO HAVE nuclear weapons! And they might even use them, god forbid…

Come on, get serious…if the United Nations wants to continue functioning, it better get its act together...If the UN wants to be taken seriously in the future, then it really has to start putting their foot down and penalizing rogue nations that make unwarranted accusations that have serious implications for the victim nation. Lying about weapons of mass destruction and carrying out a sanctions war must be frowned upon and treated as an action of war. To ignore it is to ignore the UN charter…

Today, I no longer expect the United Nations to do the right thing, considering their recent record of insane decision making. Especially when one country, the USA, can influence an economic block (OECD) subservient by virtue of its reserve currency status and global economic institutions (World Bank, IMF), by coercing nations to vote for Saudi Arabia, the most brutal human rights violator on the planet to head the Human rights commission, or to appoint the Neo-Nazi Ukraine government as a security council member for 2016 - 2017, especially a government that has also practiced genocide of the Russian speaking people of Ukraine...or how about the criminal state of Israel, a nation that continues their campaign of genocide on the Palestinian people how is it they get away with some of the gravest War Crimes, and crimes against humanity committed this century, no doubt the US veto…and why has the UN turned a blind eye on Turkey’s illegal oil trade with terrorist groups in Syria, not to mention their invasion and occupation of Iraq and refusal to leave when told. Turkey is a NATO member and therefore protected by the the UN a worthwhile organization?

No, today the United Nations is a failed institution brought on by US hegemony and bully attitude to nations that claim their own independence…what we have today is an institution that does not abide by its own charter and has lost all credibility in the house of reason and the eyes of the people.

The United Nations has become a joke to the people of the World and has lost its legitimacy, even though it is the only institution that functions as a place to bring all nations together...

We are now witness to a mirror of historic events that fuelled the rapid demise of the League of Nations, leading up to the ultimate blow that brought the house down in 1939…a global war…

Possible Repercussions

As for the mind games currently running amuck at the UN, let’s see how the Europeans react to the latest BS accusations towards Iran by the US…will all the European nations play along and jeopardize all the new energy deals they just signed for their future economic survival, or will they abide by common sense, international law, and cut their puppet strings to isolate the belligerent sociopathic US government at the United Nations?

Because if the European Nations decide to back these new US allegations and proposed sanctions on Iran as they have in the past, then those same European Nations will be exposed for their own hypocrisy, which also means they will most definitely back the Saudi's anti-Assad coalition now quickly being assembled.

The rapid build up of this new Anti Assad coalition led by Saudi Arabia and Turkey will also prove that the US diplomatic mission to Russia was to bide time so that the Saudi led terrorist coalition could gather for the final destruction of Syria and its government...the US backs Saudi Arabia unconditionally, so there is no question in their quilt…this struggle is really about who gets to build gas and oil pipelines across Syria and Turkey to supply Europe…the energy will either come from Qatar or Iran…

Russia and Iran are the only nations fighting terrorism in Syria and are the sole voices of reason with respect to eliminating the well funded terrorist groups in Syria.

Russia: Syrian people should determine future of their country

Original Video Source: Press TV

Weather you are a believer in Peak Oil or not, resource wars take on the guise of many other reasons, but in the end it comes down to economics, and economics require energy…oil and gas energy, to run an economy…

We are indeed in perilous times that I can’t help but equate to the global insanity that the world experienced in the run up to World War I and World War II.

My gut feeling says the UN is heading for a fall just like the League of Nations did as WWII broke out in 1939…let’s just hope sanity prevails and a World War is averted to save us from ourselves...I hope I'm wrong about all of it...

As for the Future of the UN, we will be treated to a geopolitical puppet race as the UN begins their search for next secretary-general.

Until now, the selection of the U.N. secretary-general was determined by the five permanent Security Council members behind closed doors. However, next year the members of the general assembly will have the chance to interview candidates, see the entire list of candidates and then vote on the candidates presented to them. However it is still up to the 15 member Security Council to make their choice and submit their selected candidate for a general assembly vote…a security council I might add, that will contain two members that came to power in a brutal and violent coup; the military dictatorship from Egypt and Neo-Nazi Fascist regime from Ukraine… 

At least it should be an interesting and laughable show to see what kind of US puppets will be offered and paraded to the general assembly for the next United Nations Pinocchio pageant in 2017…




Israeli Crimes 

Friday, December 11, 2015

The US Coalition is Building up Forces in Iraq to Invade Syria

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By: Stewart Brennan

The Insane Push Towards WWIII in Syria by the US and its allies

The United States has stepped up their plans to remove the Assad government by calling for its allies to assemble a joint military force in Iraq. However, as most of us know, the primary purpose of this coalition is to remove the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government from power in Syria.

Pentagon demands more from action anti-ISIS coalition allies

Source: Russia Today

The US is insisting that their gulf state allies join the US war coalition to fight ISIS / ISIL / Daesh in Iraq and Syria. It is not a request nor is it going to be unanswered, as the main culprits in calling for the downfall of Bashar – al-Assad such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE are all going to put their hired mercenaries together with Turkey’s armed forces and a small fraction of European nations with air power and support via France, Germany and the UK.

Breaking News

According to Iraqi opposition MP Hanan Fatlawi, the head of the opposition Irada Movement:

“A hundred thousand foreign troops, including 90,000 from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and Jordan, and 10,000 troops from America will be deployed in western regions of Iraq,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

The Iraqi MP said that the US plan was announced to the Iraqi government, during a recent visit by US Senator John McCain on November 27, 2015. McCain told Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, senior cabinet ministers and Iraqi military officials that the decision was “non-negotiable”. Hanan Fatlawi added that the Iraqi prime minister protested the plan, but was told that, “the decision has already been taken.” (Taken by whom?)

Indeed, this is very important information...and sheds more light on why Turkey invaded Northern Iraq and refuses to can be absolutely sure that Turkish government officials oil deals with ISIS certainly has something to do with it as well.

But what is really disturbing if not already alarming, is the fact that Turkey’s invasion of a sovereign state is supported by the US Government; which further proves their hypocrisy and mockery of International law.

International Law?

One moment the US says Turkey had a right to protect its airspace from intrusion and the next moment it says Iraq does not have a right to protect itself from invasion by NATO member Turkey. (Dmitry Babich sums it up perfectly here.)

This fact alone should tell everyone that the US has lost its common sense and is in the hands of madmen…madmen like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and everyone connected to the US Foreign Policy who are itching to go to war with Russia...and Iran… 

Iraqi PM demands 48-hr deadline be met as Turkey refuses to withdraw

The original Video and the News channel of Press TV were victims of Western censorship and removed from YouTube to cover up western War Crimes in Syria. Where possible, I will insert a mirror video of the report.

Original Video Source: Press TV

The US Government also makes clear that Iraq is occupied by the US Military, serving notice to the Iraqi government that they will do as they are told or else…This arrogant attitude by US sociopaths is all too common now and the norm that one would attribute to a belligerent Fascist Dictatorship...Occupation brings out the sociopaths attitudes and actions as we saw by the results of their War Crime of invading and destroying Iraq in 2003.

Shock and Awe (Part 1 of 2)

Original Source: Deep Dish TV

Shock and Awe (Part 2 of 2)

Original Source: Deep Dish TV

The ball is in Iraq’s court now. The question on everyone’s mind is, “Will the Iraqi government officially invite Russia into Iraq to help remove the terrorist threats?” Not so long ago the Iraqi government allowed Russia to fly cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea over their country to hit targets in Syria…it’s safe to say that there are billions of people around the world and millions inside Iraq, hoping that Iraq government invites the Russians in to help them remove the chains of American Occupation.

Russian warships attack ISIS positions in Syria from Caspian Sea

Source: Russia Today

However, if an invite doesn’t go out to the Russians by the Iraqi government, then we can surmise that the American’s threatened the Iraqi government as John McCain’s reply seems to indicate…

US Coalition Troops from Middle East Countries?

Of special note in the bombshell notice by Iraqi opposition MP Hanan Fatlawi is the reference to troops from the Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and Jordan, who contract mercenaries to fight for them from firms such as Blackwater / Xe Services / Academii / Dyne Corp, etc. Could these be the 70,000 strong Syrian Free Army David Cameron was talking about?

SNP: Of 70,000 how many moderates, how many fundamentalists?

Source: Russia Today

The US is putting together a mercenary army recruited by various spy agencies tied to western nations and trained by Blackwater, Xe Services, Academi etc. They are funded and employed by the Gulf State monarchy’s and are used to destabilize other Middle Eastern governments in countries such as Syria and Yemen.

UAE Blackwater mercenaries killed in Yemen

Source: South Front

Once again, foreign mercenaries connected to Blackwater / Xe Services / Academi are caught dead handed causing mayhem and destruction for western corporate interests in the Middle East. In this case, the terrorist corporation was contracted by the Saudi’s, and caught in Yemen.

The New York Times reported on November 25 that the UAE has"secretly" deployed 450 Latin American troops, mostly from Colombia, but also from Panama, El Salvador and Chile, to fight in the war on Yemen.

Yemeni sources also say that the Colombians fighting in Yemen are part of a larger battalion who have been training in the UAE deserts over the past five years.

Of course, Saudi Arabia is currently leading a coalition of forces from Egypt, Sudan, Colombia and private contractors against the Yemeni army and Ansarullah movement.

How Much More Proof Do We Need?

The significance of this unfolding story is massive, as it not only, once again, points the finger at the US and its partners for organized terrorism around the World but it implicates them beyond a shadow of a doubt…which is something many of us have been saying since Blackwater was first exposed for their crimes in Iraq back in...2007

Blackwater / Xe Services / Academi are just a few of the major organizations behind recruiting, training, and equipping the terrorists throughout the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa over the years…there is also a new one that Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater now heads called “Frontier Services Group” although it operates in Africa and is tied to both Western and Chinese Interests. 

Also connected in this coalition of deceit are the Israeli, Saudi and various European secret service agencies for logistics in their own spheres as branch, support, or contributing departments to the overall goals of destabilization of Independent nations such as Syria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq and Russia.

Organizations like Blackwater / Xe Services / Academi, are mercenary corporations and covert military organizations that are deeply imbedded with weapons manufacturers, OECD secret services, Investment Banks and the US Pentagon…They operate much the same way a corporation does only they are military specialists and technicians who train terrorists and mercenary armies…

How hard can it be to recruit people, when you have an endless supply of money and equipment? Untrained terrorists could not operate sophisticated military equipment without specific instruction on how to assemble and operate weapons such as those US TOW missile launchers

The tools used by the US and their allies to covertly attack target nations are groups like Blackwater / Xe Services / Academi who should be labelled more correctly as organized terrorism…

Here is the connection to the terrorist armies called ISIS / ISIL / Daesh, or whatever name they choose to be called today…simply put, the terrorists in Syria and Iraq are operated by the same mercenary groups that the former Bush government unleashed on Iraq since 2003. They are funded by regimes such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar. Their weapons are provided by the western countries, but mainly by the US military Industrial corporations owned by financial oligarchs who direct these companies by the weight of their majority stock shares. They are a crime syndicate that deals in smuggling oil, drugs, weapons, and pillaged historical artefacts and also drive a slave trade. They are the most ruthless and barbaric people on the planet next to their sociopathic enablers.

There’s a War Coming…

There was an article written in 2007 by JP Briggs II, Ph.D., and Thomas D. Williams for Truthout June 29th, 2007 called “Bush, Mideast Wars & End-Time Prophecy” that goes into great detail about how US foreign policy become dangerously steeped in ideas of Armageddon, the Apocalypse, an imminent war with Satanic forces in the Middle East, and an urgency to construct an American theocracy to fulfill God's end-of-days plan.

Featured prominently in this western doomsday Geo-politicult are some of the main characters that would like to see Iran and Syria destroyed. (IE: AIPAC, John Hagee, Franklin Graham, The Apostolic Congress, Kenneth Blackwell, Gen. William Boykin, Christian Embassy, James Dobson, Benny Hinn, Tim LaHaye, Rod Parsley, Erik Prince, among many others)

Included in these prominent End Time Christian groups and individuals was none other than “Erik Prince” the creator of “Blackwater” who was recently interviewed by Asia Times on Sept 25, 2015 on how to defeat Islamic State…and not surprisingly his answer comes in the guise of a twisted end times prophesy…

Recently, “Blackwater” now under UAE management, was in the news again as a number of their international recruits were killed in clashes with Houthi Ansarullah fighters and allied forces in Yemen’s southwestern Ta’izz Province bringing the total number of Blackwater forces killed in the past few days to 14.

This is the same private security firm that was exposed from leaked Stratfor emails to be helping fellow terrorists overthrow the Bashar al-Assad government in 2012…The same firm which also operated extensively in Libya…

Of course, Security groups including Blackwater were also involved in training terrorists in Turkey’s border region with Syria to fight the Syrian Army.

It looks like the US and its allies have created a World War III theatre based on the End Times Prophesies with a real manufactured terrorist army recruited, programmed, trained, and armed by the US, their allies and private security firms…and they are directing it at the western TV audience in all its blood curdling horror to justify the war they are waging on Syria, and planning on Iran…

However, Russia has stolen their thunder and seems to have spoiled their plans. In fact, the panic state we now see the US and its Gulf State partners in, is the direct result of Russia shining light in dark places…places like the Turkey / ISIS oil trade in the Azaz district of Aleppo, Northern Syria. A place that Erik Prince conveyed to Asia times was where the US should concentrate their war plans…of course, his plan was mentioned before Russia began its attack on terrorism in Syria.

Sobering Reality

The US and its Gulf State allies are building up a terrorist mercenary force to overthrow the elected Syrian government and its President, Bashar al-Assad while they are also engaged in destroying the Syrian infrastructure…they are taking direct action to back up their statement…

Saudi FM: Riyadh to continue supporting militants in Syria unless Assad steps down

The original Video and the News channel of Press TV were victims of Western censorship and removed from YouTube to cover up western War Crimes in Syria. Where possible, I will insert a mirror video of the report.

Original Source: Press TV

Russia is smack in the middle of this rapidly escalating build up to a Syrian invasion by the US Coalition and NATO allies, which includes Turkey…who the US has stressed they will back with article 5 of the NATO treaty.

Russia has no choice but to hold its ground, because a loss in Syria will bring the US sponsored terrorists right to their own borders, and that is precisely what the US government wants. So when Vladimir Putin discusses in front of news cameras, the accuracy and ability of their cruise missiles, that they could be armed with Nuclear weapons, he is not bluffing. He's being up front by letting everyone know, that what the US government is planning, will lead to catastrophic events.

Vladimir Putin states that Nuclear weapons would never be needed to fight terrorism and he hopes they never have to use them against terrorists…it is my considered opinion that Vladimir Putin is telling the west, in no uncertain words, that if you decide to go down that road, and unleash your full power using a terrorist army against us, then Russia will take the appropriate actions to deal with the threat.

Hopefully, no nukes will be needed’ against ISIS – Putin

Source: Russia Today

Russia will defend itself if the west and its allies use this mercenary terrorist coalition against them…and they will defend with whatever means necessary to protect themselves, so the US coalition better be very careful in what their next steps will be…because the ramp up of 100,000 mercenary troops looks more like an Insane Push Towards WWIII by the US and its allies…it would have been much better for everyone, if the US joined the legal Russian coalition in Syria...

Any threats to Russian military in Syria will be destroyed - Putin

Source: Russia Today


Turkey Invades Iraq (The US and Turkey Face off with Iraq & Russia)

Turkey Oil Smuggling with ISIS

The US & NATO Back Turkey


Blackwater, Xe Services, Academi - Constellis Group

Syria: News Archive and Time Line of Foreign Sponsored Terrorist War on Syria

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Monday, December 7, 2015

The US Military Deliberately Bombed the Syrian Army

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By: Stewart Brennan

The US Military bombed a Syrian Army Position today, and in doing so, provided air cover for the Daesh mercenary terrorist army in the area.

Considering that the US Government insists that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must go, it now appears that the Americans and their coalition are engaged in actions to make that happen.

The US is currently forming a coalition to bomb Syria with some of their European NATO allies, while also supporting their NATO partner Turkey even after their illegal oil trade with the Daesh Terrorists, their bombing raids on Syria and their shooting down of the Russian Military jet over Syrian Airspace.

Despite the obvious crime of shooting down the Russian bomber, the US saw fit to excuse Turkey and warn Russia that if Russia retaliated against Turkey, then NATO would respond and evoke Article 5 of the NATO treaty...and that my friends, would lead to World War III; that's how serious this is.

The recent additions (France, Germany, and the UK), to the American war coalition against Syria, seems to have the US feeling it has a moral right to bomb Syria as they continue to insist that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad must go. The US Military escalation in Syria today proves without a doubt that the American’s are determined to eliminate the legitimate Syrian President and his government by force no matter what anyone thinks and it looks like they will destroy the entire country in doing so…

The US doesn't have to put American troops on the ground because they already employ a terrorist mercenary army in both Syria and Iraq, I say without hesitation that the US government and their NATO allies ARE THE TERRORISTS!

US-led coalition strikes Syrian army compound, several dead & injured

Source: Russia Today

What next?

Now that the American’s are exposed for clearly trying to destroy the Syrian Army, there will be a United Nations Security Council meeting to condemn the US Military action. The US will then deny their part or they will say it was an unfortunate incident, even though they had the coordinates of the Syrian army positions as well as the terrorist positions. Once again, Russia will be the real diplomat and call for the US and its illegal coalition (France, UK, Germany, Turkey, and others) to join the real and legal Russian coalition trying to rid the region of terrorism…to which the US response will be to turn the offer down and insist that the Russians work with the US and their coalition…

Russia has said it will abide by the Law unlike their American counter parts, so nothing will be resolved as the US will continue to thumb their nose at International law by conducting a “NON UN Sanctioned Attack” on an Independent nation…which by international law is a “War Crime”.

The US and its coalition STILL say Assad must go…they don’t have that right, only the Syrian people have that right; and if one really respects the Syrian peoples rights, then one would NOT be bombing their country without the Syrian governments permission, because everything must be coordinated with the ONLY real military force on the ground battling the terrorists..."The Syrian Army" who the US just bombed.

The ONLY legal way forward is for the US and its NATO vassal states to work with Russia, Iran and the Syrian government, to eliminate terrorism in Syria. The same can be said for eliminating terrorism in Iraq as well, where the US & Turkey have also broken international law and invaded that country repeatedly…when is this US Bullshit going to stop?

Anyone who believes that the US, Turkey, France, UK, and Germany (among others) are there fighting terrorism in the name of humanity have intentionally chosen to blind themselves by propaganda bullshit. If the US and its so called coalition were serious about eliminating terrorism then they would have joined the Russian initiative from the very start…even so, with all the so called “accidents” that are now piling up, one would expect a civilized human being to apologize, to admit their mistakes and join with a legitimate group who are really confronting terrorism head on…

Unfortunately, we are dealing with a gang of nations mostly from NATO countries who insist on removing the Syrian government regardless of the cost. They support belligerent terror funding countries like Saudi Arabia without question.

Saudi Arabia threatens Syrian President Assad with military action

The original Video and the News channel of Press TV were victims of Western censorship and removed from YouTube to cover up western War Crimes in Syria. Where possible, I will insert a mirror video of the report.

Source: Press TV

Both Syria and Iraq have been totally obliterated. They will never be the same again as the War crimes that started all of this back in 2003 in Iraq, has left the entire region in an absolute state of oblivion thanks to the US & UK who will not cease until every community in the Middle East has been destroyed and gutted of its history, and that is not a joke because it’s not far off…

Could it be that they the US & its allies are concerned with their “Interests”? And, what are those interests and who benefits? Have they told you yet? Maybe its “OIL” and their domination of the energy supplies throughout the region. It certainly isn’t freedom and democracy because what they are doing does NOT bring Freedom and Democracy!! Who benefits in the region? The ones bombing Syria should give everyone a crystal clear picture…And who is warring on Syria? The US, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Qatar, and others…I suspect they all get a piece of the action in their violent and malevolent game of Thrones.

Anyone with a moral conscious cannot support the actions of these heinous war crimes, if they do, then they are declaring that they support the very evil they claim to be fighting against. Shame on them, and shame on those who support the destruction of humanity…

At this rate, every nation on earth that does not side with the USA will be branded as the enemy, if they haven’t already been labelled so…

Terrorism all over the World is supported, funded, trained, and armed by the US, UK, France, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, and others who’s GDP and economic interests are tied to the weapons manufacturers that are owned by these gang members of the economic mafia…

I’m absolutely disgusted with all of them and if and when the time comes, where I will be told to pick a side, I will not fight for this rabid bunch of criminal scumbags and neither should you if you have a moral compass!

US & NATO at War with the Syrian People & The Syrian Army

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Friday, December 4, 2015

The Voice of Protest is alive and Well in the New Music Industry

By: Stewart Brennan

The Real Voice of protest is alive and well in today’s underground music scene.

Music will always reflect the attitudes and feelings of the ordinary person on the street because “Music is the peoples voice”.

However, suppression is another story…Censorship is a multi legged creature that can be found wherever a corporate bottom line is affected and since the music industry is owned by the multi-conglomerate weapons industry, you’re not going to hear any anti-war songs or any anti-corporate songs for that matter on the mainstream airwaves, especially if the message in the song draws negative attention to a product or affects the sales and bottom line of an associated company.

That is why, what passes for music on the mainstream airwaves and television today is totally disconnected from reality, while being foreign to what is really going on in life. The corporations that control the mainstream music industry have successfully removed the collective consciousness and voice of the people from the airwaves and replaced it with a fabricated one that is empty of any meaningful substance. Most of the songs are alike and have been standardized into sterilized clones of each other.

This is precisely the reason why the music Industry has taken a nosedive in sales; much the same way mainstream TV news lost its viewers because they both evolved into a corporate fabricated medium for trash and propaganda. Music has taken the same disastrous path as televised News because it is owned by the same corporations that own the News…

The voice of the people (thoughts and feelings) is found in music, and that voice is found mostly in the underground and Independent music scenes, where reaction to current events play themselves out in the lyrics and performances of the artists.

Take the events from the false flag attacks in Paris France for example, the voice and expression of the people resulting from those events comes out in music. Here is one song that speaks to the human reaction and attitude from those events, which coincidently is missing from the mainstream airwaves, but is alive and well in the underground music Industry.

Je Suis Free - Healthy Junkies

Corporate arrogance and its dehumanizing platform, which is all too often legislated by corporate lobby groups against all humanitarian ethics and morals, is the real battle we find ourselves in today, and we are losing...losing because we have lost our voice on the mainstream airwaves.

The BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico back in 2010, was the largest environmental disaster by a corporation in history, until Fukushima topped that one in 2011, but I digress. The establishment did everything they could to sweep all news of the BP Oil disaster under the carpet, and did so with law enforcement.

Had the BP disaster happened in the 1960’s or 1970’s, a song would have been written about it and played over the national radio airwaves, it would have been in the top 10, and would have also sparked an environmental movement right across the USA, and indeed other's a song that was written by an Independent band to, "Save Us from Ourselves"

Save Us from Ourselves - Blackberry Wednesday

Source: David Wade

Yes, save us from ourselves! “…Can you hear that sound, there’s a war coming…”…Passionate, Empowering, Prophetic and Missing from the mainstream music airwaves…are you surprised?

Sometimes music expresses our anger and dissatisfaction with the status quo of corporate governance, their insolence and corruption…because as you revolutionaries know, the people that control our world are truly "Crooked and Bent"!

Crooked and Bent - The Inflictors

Source: The Inflictors

In response to censorship, "Alternative News" websites have sprung up all over the Internet as people are becoming the press and really challenging the insanity of mainstreams fabricated news. Likewise, an alternative music Industry is growing beneath the decaying remains of the mainstream music Industry because music with the peoples voice, has been suppressed...and it needs a place to vent.

Music is always evolving and represents the common threads of how we feel about life. Musicians, artists, activists and their dedicated fans will never back down, and always, “Put Up a Fight”.

Put Up a Fight - Michael Mazochi

This is what the revolution looks like, people like you and I taking life by the horns and becoming what we envision instead of following a zombie herd over the cliff behind mainstreams pied pipers…the manual on “How to Start a Revolution” is in your hands…

How to Start a Revolution - Some Velvet Morning

Of course, Revolution does not just belong to the unsigned and Independent bands and artists alone, it has also reached some of the best acts still remaining under the mainstream labels, even though you wont hear their protest songs on the radio airwaves, they still fight for what is right.

Revolutions won't work? Just try to imprison or suppress a person’s thoughts or idea’s…censorship and suppression will never be successful, because thoughts and ideas are like seeds with wings that fly around until they find fertile soil to take root. …the next thing you know there are “99 Revolutions” planted and growing…

99 Revolutions - Green Day

Source: Green Day

The revolution begins when the people unite and stand up against corporate dictatorship. That’s where the real war will be waged to bring back our freedom of expression. People vs Corporate Interests.

Today, Free Trade is the main tool used by corporations to takeover the resources of our planet, regardless of the destruction they entail…and so we need a revolution, to battle back against the corporate war being waged on people all over the world…a revolution in every country. Music is the medium that connects our common thoughts, the common airwaves is what sparks the movement to unite us in a determined stand together.

We need to stand up and say THIS!!...THIS IS “MY COUNTRY”! 

My Country - Rachel Van Zanten

Source: Video

The Environment is truly one of the biggest topics today, yet the problems and concerns are not being addressed in mainstream music…however, it is being addressed by many in the underground music scene.

In our daily lives, fighting back seems to be a hopeless venture especially when we see our schools filled with the establishments history, lies and corporate message, teaching our children the "Wrong Lines"…

Wrong Lines - Darling and Co

The message is there, protest and revolution is still within music, but it needs a medium to reach the people. If we work together towards this goal, to stand up where we either take the airwaves back from mainstream or create our own airwaves, then we will be on the right track to “Finding a Better Way”.

Finding a Better Way - Tom Moriarty

Music is what connects all of us together, especially when it is played across common airwaves. It did so in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and could easily do so again today if we create the platform together that introduces new music in reflection to the peoples voice…

“100 Years from Now” our grandchildren could look back and say…”How did we ever survive”...well it's because we stood up and did something about it.

Not all is doom and gloom in the World because there are many moments of hope and there are many songs of hope out there that help make all the difference. Music is your voice and there are a lot of people singing...just have a listen and you'll experience the hopeful signs as well.

100 Years from Now - Michael on Fire

Oh, and by the way, 100 years from now, “Little Richard” will STILL be the “King of Rock n Roll”… 8-)

Little Richard Live in France 1966

Source: YouTube Video


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