Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Canadian Govt. Supports Fascist Ukraine and their War Criminals


By: Stewart Brennan

Last Friday, September 22nd, 2023, the Canadian House of Commons gave a standing ovation to 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka, a former member of the 14th Waffen Grenadier division of the SS, which was responsible for countless war crimes during the second half of World War II. The commemoration took place during a visit to the Canadian House of Commons by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims he didn't know Yaroslav Hunka and yet he met with the 98-year-old WWII Waffen SS soldier before he was introduced in the House of Commons... A Ukrainian Nazi unit that is known to have committed atrocities against Jews and Poles during its campaign on the Eastern Front.

Do you mean to tell me that Canada has no clue about who they invite into the house of commons? Of course they do! Chrystia Freeland's Ukrainian grandfather was a Ukrainian NAZI and we know this for a fact. The politicians all know it for a fact. Unless of course they’re all deaf dumb and blind?

There's no excuse! Trudeau, Freeland and the leaders of the opposition should ALL resign!! They're ALL lying that they didn't know. They brought Hunka in to show Zelensky that they support monsters like him. That was the whole point of Hunka being invited to the Parliament in the first place. To show Zelensky that they support him and Ukrainian Nazi’s.

In fact, the Canadian government's (past and present - Harper and Trudeau) have been supporting the fascist regime in Ukraine since the violent coup in 2014. Our government and politicians are a willing party to the war crimes committed by the current Zelenski regime! They know who Zelenski is and the monsters around him.

Have we not heard how the Canadian government (ALL POLITICIANS!) supports Ukraine at whatever the cost? "Slava Ukraine" they say and yet what it actually means is "Heil Hitler". Ever since the Harper government backed the 2014 violent coup in Ukraine, that started the Ukraine civil war, every single Canadian politician has jumped on board and pushed the destruction of Ukraine by supporting the violent elements within it. The war has spread and drawn Russia into its midst by western escalation and military support. Ukraine is Russia’s back yard.

The escalating war on the Russian speaking Ukrainians by the fascist regime in Ukraine, backed by the American, European and Canadian governments is what pulled Russia into the conflict. The war is a proxy against Russia by the western NATO coalition.

Russia and Ukraine share a common history and evolution. They are the same people and yet Canada supported the violent coup in Ukraine which was pushed by the American government. The Neo-conservatives started it and the Neo Liberals have escalated it. They work together and so should share the blame equally.

The neo-liberal / neo-conservative hate-based ideology propagated in the United States and Canada against Russia, the Russian people, their culture, religious belief and traditional values, is exactly the same hate twisted ideology practiced by the Nazi’s, and that’s a fact!

My father was a WWII vet. and I assure you that he’s rolling in his grave right now. He did not go through hell so that the Canadian govt should celebrate World War II Nazi's!! OR Current day Nazi’s in Ukraine!! Trudeau! RESIGN NOW!!!

#TrudeauResign #ChrystiaFreelandResign #CanadianElection2023


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