Saturday, September 29, 2007

Supply, Demand Efficiency and Climate Change

By: Stewart Brennan

Is it just me, or does anyone else get sick to their stomachs when American President George Bush or Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper open their foul mouths about being World leaders in the battle against Global Warming and Climate Change? They never address the real issues such as growing pollution, deforestation, or realistic planning on energy requirements. Given their poor records in other humanitarian areas, I would say that they do not really care about the fate of humanity at all.

Global Warming and Climate change are Important Questions to discuss but what are the REAL Underlying culprits  and or causes?

There are a lot of arguments that point to the symptoms of “Climate Change” with just as many conflicting opinions against. Many people argue on statements from points of knowledge while others argue from positions of strong belief.

I think we need to look at this topic from a different perspective. If we are to take things seriously, we need to be logical in our approach and ask the right questions. The questions we should be asking are; does an increasing World Population have an increasing demand for consumer products? Are we creating more waste, garbage and pollution because of our increasing demands? What is happening to the waste we are creating? Will the demands on our resources decline? What happens if our natural resources, such as oil, if they decline considerably from demand? Can we organize and change?

To some, more garbage means more jobs, to others; more garbage means more air, soil and water pollution. Are we in a hurry to profit while overlooking the impact our demands are having on the environment, or should we regulate our production in an environmental direction. The issues should not create division between us, but bring us together to solve the problems. Cooperation and progress starts with agreement and a blank sheet.


We are about 6.5 Billion people in the World today and rising. Global population numbers cannot increase forever. To the free market capitalists and Imperialists that means more money from the products they sell. But for the planet, it means, increased demand for food, water, living space, and energy. There needs to be an equal amount of energy put into planning to offset the demand. The estimated population for 2050 is 9.1 billion, unless a major die off happens, or people abstain from procreation...the last example is of course a joke.

There are so many accelerated demands on our planets finite resources. I don’t know if we have passed a tipping point under the current world economic schemes and drivers or not, but I do know however, that if we continue on this wasteful path, we will ultimately destroy our environment and ourselves in the process. Our economic society with its corporate profit drivers will push our planet to the very brink of calamity if we do not agree to act on changing our habits.

The recent demand for material in the heavily populated nations of Asia are accelerating our Planet to a critical point. What is the root cause of this problem? Is it human demand, governing economic systems, Corporate Imperialism, or a combination of these things? Let’s not look at pointing fingers. Instead, lets look at solutions by working together.

Did I leave out oxygen?

Our planets oxygen supply is a process from our plants and vegetation in our forests and oceans that remove the carbon element from CO2 to create O2. If we continue to cut our forests down and poison our oceans to sustain our growing needs, something is going to give. What it boils down to is that there will be less oxygen in the atmosphere and more gases such as methane and CO2. Our symbiotic relationship with nature has become industrial and corrosive. The continued reduction of our forests and poisoning of our oceans along with increased CO2 and methane gases from decay are what we need to focus on. We need to reverse our destruction of nature or mankind will drive head first into a massive “Extinction Event”.

We are no longer able to maintain a steady supply of materials to the growing demand without grave consequences to the supply area. We are going to have to change our habits and give up some of the luxuries we enjoy if we are to make a significant lasting change to our continued survival. At some point in the near future, areas of the World will no longer be able to sustain themselves with even the basic fundamentals for survival, “Food, and Water”. Many people choose to ignore this fact but it is already happening in parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

China has recently moved into the Industrial age from an agricultural society. In 30 short years, the demand for food has begun outstripping their domestic ability to supply itself. China and many countries including the United States, import a large portion of food to sustain its demand.

Growing areas on the Planet must increase to match the increase in population, which means more deforestation. The burden on our oceans also poses problems from over fishing and bottom dredging.


The real solutions will come from people like you! People show a willingness to tackle menacing problems together, but right now the American, and Canadian Governments are stopping us from solving these problems by procrastinating and pretending they have a plan.

Making society efficient is up to all of us. We need to take an active role in maintaining and improving our recycling systems. It isn’t enough however for just you and I to make these changes. We need strict laws to regulate corporate waste plans and a Research Institution for structural planning with research results turned into reality. The goal is zero waste or as close to zero waste as you can possibly get. I think we need to TELL our governments to create this institution where our best and brightest gather to tackle these important issues. Call it a concrete address for us to send ideas to or visit with a garage built contraption. Are you with me?

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This is a reply to: The Climate Change Peril that Insurers See – Washington Post

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Patriot Act Provisions Voided

A federal judge in Oregon ruled yesterday that two provisions of the USA Patriot Act are unconstitutional, marking the second time in as many weeks that the anti-terrorism law has come under attack in the courts…

This is a VERY SIGNIFICANT VICTORY for the people of the United States against the unassailable Federal system!

Since 2001, through the executive offices in Washington, “The Federal System” has formed itself into an absolute controlling monster on the back of a terror scare! Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party in 1930’s Germany used the same fear tactic. Those guys managed to convince the people of its nation and did so using the medium of their time, radio. Today that medium is television…need I say more? History does repeat itself.

Those that will criticize me for writing this post will do so because they have been convinced by the current Federal propaganda ploy of fear or they are part of the propaganda ploy. These people usually shout down anyone with an opinion that differs from their own agenda. If American citizens take control of their destiny rather than have the Federal system dictate destiny, then Freedom is real. Otherwise, you are no longer free to make your own choices.

Where do you go from here?

The next step is to challenge the implementation of electronic voting machines that were not approved by the American Public. Get a voters list, and do not use anything but a paper ballot. Smash the Feds plans to rig elections. Get your congressperson to vote against the implementation of any voting system that does not leave an absolute verifiable paper trail. This is a WAR to take back your own country! No one else can do it but YOU, the FREE American People.

These comments have been Posted in the Washington Post under the the story detailed below. Please voice your opinions loudly! The time is now!

Patriot Act Provisions Voided

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dictator Bush Calls for War at the U.N.

By: Stewart Brennan

It is unbelievable to hear the leader of the US (George W. Bush) dictating to the world about who is considered an enemy. I have had it with Neocon American bull, and those that would pronounce themselves rulers of all. If Americans agree with their president, they are just as guilty as him. I have no respect, or patience for the US Government anymore. There was a time that America stood for high moral values, but that is long gone, and you better stop banking on higher moral values because your nation does not have any. Not in Government anyways.

The US has become a tyrannical monster. You are not accepted or wanted as the Worlds policeman, and we do not need one. Do you really believe that the Oil in Iraq and Iran is yours? Do you really believe that you are entitled to it and have right of access? Maybe Canada should turn off its supply to you also! Will Canadians be branded as terrorists also because a spoilt crybaby nation did not get its way?

Let me get one thing straight with you George W. Bush, our government leader might support you, but the free people in Canada do not. There will come a day…$%#@&

What ever happened to the higher morals and the rebellious spirit in the USA? The people used to stand up to tyranny, now you stand for current policy or seem to be. My question to Americans is, “Why do you let your bipolar politics shout the same policy?” Are you being programmed by too much television, or media propaganda that support Fascism in Washington? If you don’t speak up soon, you will find that Hitler still lives by his preserved doctrine that is embedded in the Bush Family and Corporate America…and then it will be too late.

I expect that a lot of programmed people in the USA will be miffed at my words, but these words had to be said. Somebody has to try and wake up the American public before it is too late. I apologize to all American citizens that feel the same way as I do. My rant is not about or against the people in the States, but about the lack of effort to stop the madness that will be the end of us all.


My comment on: The Washington Post: U.N. Iranian Leader is Defiant on Nuclear Efforts

Please voice your opinions here.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Americans Take Back Your Country!

By: Stewart Brennan

The last remaining freedom that Americans have in today’s World is about to be taken away by Congress, their vote! Both the Democrats and Republicans are pushing a law that will snuff out the election results of the American people electronically. All future elections in the United States of America WILL be tampered with.

I guess that is why George Bush smugly informs Congress that if you vote for his policies, Democrats or Republicans, will win their future election bids? If Americans do not stand up now, it will be too late to do anything!!

Do not let Congress pass the bill that would allow electronic voting machines!! Get your Congressperson on public record as to his or her stand and the way they will vote. Make them change the legislation to reflect the use of a paper ballot only!!

The American elections will no longer be valid because Congress has stolen that freedom from the people. Any election system that is NOT a paper ballot can be manipulated.

The example of uncertainty is the Presidential Elections of 2000, and 2004. The election results are still in dispute. The so-called President (George Bush) was never elected!

Why is Bush smug about getting everything he wants? He is making a mockery of the American people by doing as he damn well pleases, and NOBODY can stop his office right now?!

All those so-called running mates in the Republican and Democratic parties are a farce. There is no real election, nor is there a real leaders race. If there were a legitimate election, people like Ron Paul, and Denis Kucinich, among others would be the leaders, not Obama, Clinton, or Rudy Gulliani Mr. Cesar Septemberus.

Listen Up

There will be a bill tabled in Congress in the coming weeks that will put electronic voting machines into law…there is no debate in congress, except on how many machines will be available in each poling station. Once this bill passes say goodbye to your last freedoms in the USA.

Please refer back to an August post titled “A New Political Party”. Contained within is the answer most Americans are looking for.

I am saddened that this day has come…the day of absolute control by a few wealthy people. We are living in a Dictatorship…

I don't expect to be free from finger pointing on this post due to the sensitivity of this subject matter, but I can tell you that life is more important than death from a false War. A War that is based on lies, and Oil. The soldiers also need the peoples get them out of a situation that a ruthless government put them in. National security is not at stake. The business of rebuilding Iraq is a completely different topic. Occupation by a foreign military is not the answer it is the catalyst to an ever-exploding situation.

I hope people will focus on each other, because we will need to take care of each other soon. We are all that we have to survive economic chaos. At least in Canada, basic human rights will help us survive an economic depression. Our generation has not truly felt an economic crunch...not yet, but I can tell you that I did listen to my parents and grand parents so I know how to survive on meagre means...I am already doing that now in preparation of the next economic depression.

Remember, the goal in life is to help each other not destroy each other. There is no society if we all purposely and willingly steal from each other. Greed creates anger, hate, retaliation, and violence. GIVE to the World around you and you will be free. Wealth is in the Soul.

...Plink...that was a pin hitting the floor.

Education and health care are considered human rights. In Canada, as I am sure is the same everywhere else BUT the USA and third World nations plundered by the Canada "Health Care" is FREE. There is not one hospital allowed to refuse treatment to another human being...THATS human rights. My health care is paid for by the taxes I pay.

Education is also a human right in Canada. The total cost for registration into Dawson College (for the Year) was $75.00. The 3-year program cost me $225.00.

The program I enrolled in was Electrical Engineering Technologies. I graduated and then had all the doors open to me. My taxes also pay for my EQUAL RIGHT to education.

The fact that this is NOT the case in the USA is mind-boggling. Why would anyone want to live in an oppressed society that TELLS its citizens that they are free? WHY doesn’t someone stand up for equal rights to Medicare and Education? There is no debate here, demand it!!

One way to fight in the USA is to push for the paper ballot. A paper trail is necessary so that criminals do not hijack another election. We have a very simple system that works in Canada, and all parties involved at every polling station check it. When there is a paper trail, corruption is removed.

Another way to fight back is to start a drive to make sure everyone is registered to vote. Demand a voter’s list to make sure no one is left off on purpose. Then have a confirmation card sent to each voter stating what pole they are registered to vote at. The card can then be used at the poling station for direction and crosschecked to a list at the pole that the person is voting at. Just having the confirmation in hand gives you peace of mind that you ARE registered.

I do not live in the United States, but the US policies and corporate controls always spill over to neighbouring countries. (Such as the case with Austria in the 1930's by Nazi German politics.)
Remember, “Wealth is in the soul” not the dollar.


Posted in the Washington Post Comments Today September 22nd, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Public Opinion, Opinionated, or Planned Suggestion

Seems Like everything I read these days has a twist on words that are confusing as hell to me. I had to look these words up because I didn’t want to rely on my memory in case I didn’t learn the words right.

Public Opinion: (Definition)

Public opinion is the aggregate of individual attitudes or beliefs by the adult population. The principal approaches to the study of public opinion may be divided into 4 categories: a) quantitative measurement of opinion distributions b) investigation of the internal relationships among the individual opinions that make up public opinion on an issue c) description or analysis of the public role of public opinion. d) study both of the communication media that disseminate the ideas on which opinions are based and of the uses that propagandists and other manipulators make of these media.

Pssssssttt…Sounds complicated, selective, and manipulative…I thought Public opinion meant what the majority of people believe? Can we trust those that believe they know what public opinion is? Who generates the public opinion pole?

Opinionated: (See Public Opinion or Opinion Poll.)

Having a lot of opinions…maybe?

Planned Suggestion:

(See “Planned Shrinkage”, “Planned Obsolescence”, and “State Sponsored Terrorism”.)


Propaganda [from modern Latin: 'propaganda', literally "propagating"] is a concerted set of messages aimed at influencing the opinions or behavior of large numbers of people. Instead of impartially providing information, propaganda in its most basic sense presents information in order to influence its audience. The most effective propaganda is often completely truthful, but some propaganda presents facts selectively to encourage a particular synthesis, or gives loaded messages in order to produce an emotional rather than rational response to the information presented. The desired result is a change of the cognitive narrative of the subject in the target audience.

Ohhhhh!!!….a lie spread as a Public Opinion…hmmmm.

Here’s My Opinion:

The Oligarchs are controlling public opinion, and keeping people unfocused to issues of great importance like peace and love and such. {The CFR. (Council on Foreign relations) I.E. Government and Corporate Management}

Since government is made up of these CFR people and the corporate owners put the Government in power, oops sorry…Government is elected…well in most cases anyways. I guess George Bush was lucky we had Public Opinion to prove that he won because no one remembered how to count votes in Ohio, Florida, and elsewhere. I didn’t vote for him! Did you vote for him? Well I am sure somebody must have voted for him because it was in all of the Public Opinion Polls.

The Oligarch’s objective is to obtain the monetary wealth of the World and enslave the Global population to subservience…the King and Queen said so, NOW BOW!!

King Oil Garch the second: “Lets make one kingdom and tie the whole world into one package through the illusions of wealth.” “My Kingdom for your money”!

The illusion is that you might get a house, car, computer, and maybe a boat, but who really gets it all in the end…who’s hand takes the money back?

We have been programmed to be greedy and to WANT MORRREEEE, by the television. Television programs you to buy corporate products and elect their guy for government…it also desensitizes and blinds us to reality.

THEM: “War, poverty, disease, and starvation don’t happen in this day and age, besides they deserved it”…

YOU: ???? What the $%#& are those ^%$#@*& morons &%$#@* talking about!!??

While we sit in front of a TV or answer our constant ringing cell phones, after we put in 8 to 12 hours working for the MAN, we simply don’t want to hear about anything…”Just leave me alone, so I can have my dinner, or watch the game…but they don’t leave you alone.” ….Anyone on overload yet? Anyone?

Are we too tired to fight back? Are we tired of all this crap? Do we want to live together in peace? I want to see an “Opinion Poll” on that!


Your Truly,
#123 456 789Credit “Z”

P.S. I have to see the Movie “Network” again. Must have been 25 to 30 years or so since it came out? Great movie.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Invisible Oligarchy

By: Stewart Brennan
World United News

Oligarchy: (Greek Ὀλιγαρχία, Oligarkhía) is a form of government where political power effectively rests with a small elite segment of society (whether distinguished by wealth, family or military powers). The word oligarchy is from the Greek words for "few" (ὀλίγον óligon) and "rule" (ἄρχω arkho).

Who are the Oligarchy:

The Oligarchy that controls the World economy and business direction are the majority shareholders of the corporate members of the “Council on Foreign Relations”.

Imperialism by an insatiable greedy Oligarchy is the real enemy of our World. The driving forces of this Imperial monster are today’s Private Bankers and business magnets who have their hands in everything, but especially energy.

The quest to control the Worlds wealth started over 100 years ago by a group of extremely wealthy bankers and corporate magnets, notably John D.Rockefeller, JP Morgan, and Paul Warburg. (The Oligarchy is based in North America, and Europe.)

The Oligarchs have no allegiance to country only to money and power. The system they use to invoke and gain control of wealth is Imperialism. This small group of people control the global economics and the currencies that make it run.

The monetary system is no longer based on precious metals, nor do the Governments of the Western Nations control their economies. Our money is just printed-paper! The value of the paper is controlled by the amount that is printed…and the private bankers are the ones who decide when and how much to print.

Energy is Required to Keep the Economic System Running:

Oil plays a big part in the Oligarchs plan. The American economy and Western World is heavily dependent on oil and requires oil to keep their economies afloat. Without oil there is economic collapse and Oil is a declining resource and therefore becomes more valuable as there is less of it. It is the catalyst for economic disaster, military might, and if enough of it is controlled, a way to control the Worlds wealth.

If oil does not flow constantly today, the American and European Empires crumble. Control and direction of wealth shifts to those that own the oil, such as the countries of the middle east, Venezuela, Russia, and so on...its that simple.

The War in Iraq, and the impending war on Iran is the Oligarchs push for control of this declining valuable resource. If the Oligarchy does not succeed in its goal to take the oil from the Middle East, their plan fails and the World takes a U-turn.
At stake in the Middle East is the Oligarchs quick path to World world, one currency, one controlling group. These powerful few are a very determined bunch however and are always working different business and economic angles to achieve their goals.

While the Worlds focus is on the War in Iraq and Iran, the Oligarchy is playing their power card in controlling the wealth of the Planet. Economic slump or depression is the tool of force by this group.

Watch what unfolds in the coming weeks. We might see Great Britain embrace the Euro and not far down the road after that, the emergence of the Amero (Canada, USA. and Mexico)...Asia will also move to a single currency by necessity.

China and India are the emerging industrialized nations that were built by the Oligarchs corporate money. When the coming economic slump happens, a number of Asian banks, and companies, will be turned over to these private bankers in the form of bankruptcy, which is legal theft, as immoral as it is. The Oligarchs have gained their vast wealth and power this way in Europe and America since day one.

The emergence of the Single Asian currency will be the proposed plan by the Oligarchs who will also control the printing of it. The Asian currency will most likely include Japan, Korea, Russia, China, and India for starters. To make this a reality, an inflation, or deflation of currency must happen so that the currency merger can take place. If for example one currency is very high, an economic slump is crafted to devalue that currency. Look at England and the USA right now, and then look at the value of the euro. The US dollar is worth about 60 cents in trade to the Euro. The Canadian dollar is worth 97 cents compared to the American dollar. In 2001 the American dollar and the Euro were at par, and the Canadian dollar was at 70 cents US.

Protection of the Dollar, or Destruction of the Euro Economies?

When George Bush came to power in 2000, one of the first things he did was to impose a 30% import tax on steel. Bush claimed that he wanted to protect American steel companies from European steel producers from flooding their market with cheap abundant steel. The result was that Steel prices in North America went up due to a large demand and short supply of steel by North American Manufacturers.

When I investigated which countries were subject to the 30% import tax by calling Customs Canada and US Customs, I found out that only the countries that used the Euro as their currency were affected by the 30% tax. The largest European steel producers such as Poland were not subject to the tax because their country did not have the Euro as their currency. So in effect, Poland could continue to flood the US market with their steel while Greece and other steel producers faced a 30% tax on exports to the US which severely handicapped their ability to compete.

The Oligarchs plan of replacing many currencies with three and then eventually with one currency has begun to speed up. Hundreds of Billions in American dollars have gone missing. This devalues the US dollar. How do you misplace 100 Billion dollars anyways? Unless it is by design...

Current Battle Zones:

The nations of the Middle East, Africa, Central & South America, are the current battle zones in the World right now. The battle is for complete control of their Oil. You might even call this World War three. The war to control the Worlds Oil and ultimately, of the Worlds money.

Oil is very important to the Oligarchy because the Western Economies depend on it, as do their military War machines. The very powerful few do not have complete control of the worlds oil yet, but they are close. Controlling OIL is their strength but it is also their Achilles heal.

From: Stewart


Council on Foreign Relations
Trilateral Commission
Bilderberg Group
Brookings Institute
Project for the New American Century (PNAC)

J.P. Morgan

John D. Rockefeller
John D. Rockefeller Jr.
Paul Warburg
James Warburg
Mayer Amschel Rothschild

History of Central Banking in the USA

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Panic of 1907 is Repeating in 2007

By: Stewart Brennan
World United News

North Americans need to prepare for the coming economic depression. It has already started in Great Britain, where thousands of people have been pulling their savings out of the “Northern Rock Bank”. The Economic depression designed and planned by the Central Banks of England and America could unfold in the next few weeks.

Great Britain’s Changeover to the Euro?

The Private Bankers in England have strategically placed information in the British press to make a run on a 5th place bank called the “Northern Rock Bank”.

The one thing that looks likely is the Private Banks will offer to absorb the “Northern Rock Bank” and then to guarantee it (what I call legal robbery)... Later on, as the economic picture begins to grow bleak by media propagation, the Private Banks could push England to accept a different currency such as the Euro for insurance and economic stability...if they offer a solution then you can be sure they will offer a warning such as "...if you don't accept this offer, the population could lose everything they have...

The run on the “Northern Rock Bank”, has been designed and carefully crafted by the Private Bankers, to scare everyone into a panic and make a run on the bank like the Morgan’s and Rockefeller’s did in “The Great Panic of 1907”.

Panic of 1907
Causes of the Great Depression

A New Currency?

In order to sell “A New Currency” to the public, the banks must threaten an economic depression first. The Private Banks will be quick to point out that a new currency is required if the people want to salvage what they own.

The economic crises in the USA, that has taken hold recently due to the vast amount of unpaid credit cards, a trade deficit with China, and the cost of war in Iraq and Afghanistan is a triple pronged catalyst to breaking the balloon economy and bringing about a stock crash, depression and eventually, a new currency.

The US Central Bank (The Federal Reserve) played this one perfectly because with the lack of money in the so-called, US treasury, (Owned and Loaned by the Central Bank) a full-scale economic depression will hit North America in 2007, 08. The Central Banks will again acquire vast amounts of wealth in the form of property, corporations and real estate. (The collateral signed over from borrowing money, and by the buying of deflated corporate stock.)

While everyone loses their money, homes, and businesses, the private banks will acquire it all, just like they did in “The Great Panic of 1907”, and “The Great Depression of 1929”.

Canada and Mexico depend heavily on the American economy so selling a new joint currency would present a smaller challenge in their prospective countries than selling it to the American people, hence an offer they cannot refuse.

In short, the central bank(s) will offer a solution to end the economic crisis and that solution will be a New Currency. We wont really have a choice because the central Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve in the USA will publicly propose embracing it and most likely include Mexico with it. “North Americans” will be given the blah blah on how their new currency will save them from complete ruin…and POOF; A new ponzi pyramid scheme will be born, designed exactly like the one before it to send all the wealth to the top through compound interest...

Wealth is in Your Soul:

Remember that “Wealth” is in the human soul…wealth is in community, family, and friendships you have. Wealth is investing in yourself and self-discovery of your potential to take care of yourselves and those around you. Wealth is not the Euro, the dollar or the pound. Wealth is the quality within you. These qualities are the tools we have to fight back. Fight the good fight with an open mind and make your own choices. Removing difficult hurdles in life is very gratifying and the answer to, “What is my purpose in life”?

The purpose in life is to better yourself, have an open mind and not allow distraction from controlling interests. Keep your faith in peace.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

The End of the “American Empire”

BY: Stewart Brennan
World United News

When George Herbert Walker Bush announced victory in the “Cold War” and a “New World Order” in the 1990’s, he should have brought the American military home. He should also have scaled back the weapons aimed at the once mighty Soviet Union now called Russia. He did not, and in fact continued a series of beefy upgrades to the US military that today, continues under his son George W. Bush. Why is that a problem?

The United States chose a path of dictatorship to deal with the World instead of working for a better World. The threat of military retaliation is not an option to diplomacy.

The Changing World:

China has become the Worlds economic leader with a population and market 5 times that of North America. They have a great friend in Russia who will no doubt go into business with China in terms of energy supply and military alliance. That is already the case.

Today the USA is involved with Pakistan and India, playing one against the other and threatening military response to Pakistan if they do not play by American rules. Large-scale Military exercises in the Indian Ocean by the Americans have turned the heads of China and Russia to focus on a new alliance together.

Russia has resumed military aircraft patrols and increased military spending that rival the cold war days. This time however, the vast oil and gas reserves under Russian soil have paid for a new arms race. The Russians now claim to have invented “The Father of All Bombs”, and have become partners with China to build super rockets for space travel. …All the USA had to do was come home in the 1990’s and focus on building a World together with every other nation, but instead chose to dictate terms.

Self-Imposed Isolation:

The USA has recently installed missiles in the Eastern European countries once controlled by Soviet occupation. The Americans are giving weapons of Aid to Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and secretly arming India. (The word “AID” is supposed to be a medical term not a military one.)

The Russians feel threatened and have had enough of American encroachment into their resources. Not surprisingly, Russia has returned to the military race once more. This time however, Russia has a mighty partner called China, and a great potential to include, as an ally, every other sovereign nation that is opposed to current American Policies. Nations such as every Muslim, European, South American, and African nation disenchanted with American Imperialism and military threat.

In other words, the USA has isolated itself from the World through its Imperialist and Fascist approach by declaring a “New World Order” in which it is ruler of all.

The fabricated reasons for the American invasion and War in Iraq, (Weapons of Mass Destruction.) has removed the “Cold War Polarization” in the World to “Isolation of the USA” from everyone else.


The designs of a “New World Order” and “ A One World Government” are borrowed from Nazi Germany and Ancient Rome. The World knows this but “George Bush” is fixated on how he will be remembered in history like two other guys that went by the names of “Julius” and “Adolph”. Does George really believe he is in contact with God? Does George really care about humanity?

It seems inevitable that we will have our 3rd World War after all. Considering that the USA is outnumbered man to man, and that they are beginning to lose the technological race, nuclear weapons would ultimately be used in a misguided belief to achieve an advantage.

If the World is to survive the coming holocaust it must return to high moral standards laid down after the 2nd World War and the Nuremberg Trials. The present course that the American President has led the World is to utter destruction!

By following Fascist doctrine and policies, he has single handily declared war on the world by making threats of “You’re either with us or against us”. We all know how this ends…it ends with millions of innocent people dying.

If America really believed in a better World for everyone on the planet they would not dictate policy or abandon the fundamental principals of the “United Nations”. It is only through a strong United Nations that mankind will survive and not through a selfish nation with designs of a “New World Order.”


GM and UAW Battle for Remaining Scraps

By: Stewart Brennan

General Motors and the UAW are currently in negotiations for a labour contract which will decide who gets what when the company declares bankruptcy in four years time. GM has a 20 to 40 billion-dollar pension plan to upkeep for its retired workers, but sales are declining. I am not a banker, so someone please explain to me, how does the retired worker get his or her pension money from a company that goes bust?

What we are seeing is the last contract battle at GM. They have fallen behind the World in efficiency and evolution of the Automobile. American cars can only be sold in the USA now because of high carbon emissions from low fuel efficiency. The American made automobile will disappear when Oil prices surge due to the declining World oil reserves and increased demand by emerging economic superpowers.

The economic times ahead are bleak for the American Auto Industry. Who will purchase a costly fossil fuel dinosaur? Both sides (Management and Union) in this latest round of negotiations are battling for the last few dollars left before the ultimate GM and Ford nose dive.

I am surprised that America does not see the revolution taking place in the Auto Industry from the Japanese or German engineered / Italian design Chinese Cars! A Japanese company called Honda in 2008 will sell, what will be, the future of the automobile. The hybrid hydro car begins life on the roads in 2008. Who wouldn’t want one today, especially with the ever increasing gasoline prices?

In 2009 China will make its big North American debut with its fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles that will be thousands of dollars cheaper than the dinosaur models offered by the American car dealers. GM and Ford have missed the boat by not adapting to change and placing to much arrogant trust in an oil based economy. The USA missed a great opportunity too lead the World in new environmentally friendly technology due to the current administrations lust for a dying energy called oil. RIP GM and FORD.


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