Friday, May 6, 2016

US Ready to Unleash Military Offensive in Syria

By: Stewart Brennan

The American rhetoric on Syria never seems to change, in fact it sounds more like a broken record, as they once again demand that, “Syrian President Bashar al Assad must GO”.

Of course the US government would have us all believe that America is the prime defender of freedom and democracy, but in fact, the complete opposite is true as democratically elected governments throughout the World have been toppled by the US over the last seven decades in more ways than one…Why? Because an independent nation didn’t go along with US dictates…a few examples come to mind, Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, Chile 1973, Ukraine 2014, and there are many more examples…but the question begs asking, “Who gave them that right?” and how many millions will have to die in the name of US Imperialism?

How many times do we have to say it!? “Syria is for the Syrian people to decide!” The future of Syria is not to be decided by a gang of belligerent outsiders like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, France, Britain or the USA!

Truce in Syria?

The truce in Syria is a farce. The Americans only agreed to the truce because their terrorist forces were getting their butts kicked and they needed time to regroup and rearm. Period!

While the terrorists re-armed, the American government sent an additional 250 US Military personnel into Syria to train these terrorist with US supplied anti-Aircraft weaponry, as they did previously with US anti-tank TOW missiles.


The Geopolitical Chess Pieces are Being Polished and Put in Place

Get ready for the next faze of this US war of insanity because Turkey’s Erdogan has now consolidated power into a full fledged dictatorship and could launch a military invasion into Syria at anytime without having to ask for the Turkish governments approval. The elimination of the Turkish Prime Ministers position and the repeal of immunity for opposition members in the Turkish parliament has given Erdogan a free hand to do as he pleases without interruption. However, I’m sure he’ll wait for the US to give the green light before doing so.

The US controls Turkey and President Erdogan by virtue of their US / NATO Military Bases on Turkish soil. If the US did not agree with what Erdogan was doing, they would have forced the issue ”by insisting” he stop, as they did with Europe when it came to doing business with Russia… and so I wonder why I have not heard the Americans insist that “Erdogan must go”?

I guess the US government are not very good ambassadors of moral character or good will now are they. The way I see it, the US is molding their Turkish chess piece for the Geopolitical chessboard in Syria.

The Rise of the Sultan

Anyone that opposes Erdogan is either eliminated or thrown in jail in Turkey, and I might add in Germany also since it is against the law to ridicule a foreign leader as one German comedian found out. Today, Europe is threatened by Erdogan’s blackmail when he demands that the EU pay him billions of dollars to stop him from forcibly expelling refugees to the US war refugees that gathered in Turkey from the Middle East and Asia…

AND what about the EU? They just gave Erdogan whatever he asked for…and of course it won’t end there, as we have seen as the EU caved into Erdogan’s demand of free visa’s for all Turkish citizens! So, what happens when Erdogan spends all that money on weapons to keep his personal genocide of the Kurds going and needs more money? Why hasn’t the US said anything? Why hasn’t the US “Insisted” Erdogan stop…

Why? Because the US is using Turkey to keep Europe in line with the US military objectives in Syria that’s why…and that objective also comes with a message to the EU not to become economic trade partners with Russia…or else.

Do you think Erdogan the Insane knows that he’s disposable like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was? Hell, if the US decides Erdogan is no longer useful to them, they already have Davutoglu ready to step in as their next puppet in Turkey 

Now that Erdogan has control of Turkey, it’s just a matter of time before he launches an invasion into Syria, citing Kurdish terrorists as the reason. Of course that opens up the gates of hell and brings NATO, Saudi Arabia and the EU with him.

We already know that the terrorists unleashed on Syria are supplied with US weapons funnelled through Turkey…and we know that the recent attacks in Aleppo were launched by these US backed terrorists…the same terrorists that the Kurds and Syrian army are at war with…and as usual the Western mainstream media echo’s their governments position and falsely blame the Syrian and Russian governments for the terrorists shelling of Syrian civilians in Aleppo. When will they get it through their heads that hundreds of millions of people all over the world have had enough and are determined to expose western lies?

The White Helmets Exposed as US / UK Agents Embedded with Al Nusra and ISIS

Video Source: Vanessa Beeley

The US is putting all its Geopolitical pieces in place to launch their inevitable Plan “B” for Syria. John Kerry even gives a deadline of August 2016 when this plan will be launched if Bashar al Assad does not obey their dictates…the plan is already in play.

Kerry warns Assad of "repercussions" if truce fails

The original Video and the News channel of Press TV were victims of Western censorship and removed from YouTube to cover up western War Crimes in Syria. Where possible, I will insert a mirror video of the report.

Video Source: Press TV

Arrogance in living colour by John Kerry…

US Sends Troops to Syria

The US deployment of troops in Syria is a breach of international law, and what comes with these US military personnel is a bigger crime. John McCain hinted at it not long ago saying that they would supply the terrorists with the means to shoot the Russian and Syrian aircraft out of the sky…by doing this they are equipping terrorists with anti-aircraft weapons and who knows what else…

US Senator John McCain says he'd give terrorists means to shoot down Russian planes

There is no free Syrian Army John McCain, there are only US backed terrorist BOOTS ON THE GROUND and war criminals that enable them!

The Real Friends of the Syrian People are Under Attack

All of the countries and organizations that are helping the Syrian people get rid of their Western backed terrorist problem have been attacked in a variety of ways.

In Lebanon, we see Hezbollah being labelled a terrorist group. No doubt the US coalition will use this label as an opportunity to bomb Lebanon’s Hezbollah in the near future...And now that Israel has upgraded their ties with NATO after Erdogan dropped his veto, we can speculate where the attack on Hezbollah will come from…


The US is doing everything it can to harm Iran economically including their refusal to allow Iran into the global financial system. Recently, the illegal US seizure and disbursement of 2 Billion dollars of Iranian money to the families of dead US occupation troops, prove that the American government has no intention of respecting the nuclear agreement that the P5+1 made with Iran. In fact, the US presidential candidates waiting in the wings to take power after the next US election intend to get down right hostile on Iran.

We already know that both the Saudi’s and Israeli’s see Iran as a threat to their interests and that both US protectorates view Iran as their mortal enemy. Both countries have violently sided against the Syrian government and support the terrorists committing atrocities against the Syrian people.


The US / NATO military forces have quadrupled their deployment in Eastern Europe; War games are continually conducted throughout the regions surrounding Russia, and the US backed Ukrainian Nazi’s are now building up for an invasion of the Donbass region, which I believe is to force Russia into protecting the Russian speaking citizens of the region while keeping the Russian military busy…of course the mainstream media will then say “see, here’s our proof that Russia has invaded Ukraine.” And even if Russia does not intervene in Donbass, they will still be blamed as if they were the aggressors.

Donbass: Further Escalation of Violence

Video Source: Southfront

US economic sanctions continue to be enforced on Russia and will soon be extended by the EU after the US government “insists” the EU continue them when sanctions come up for review in June 2016….You can be sure that Russia will be blamed for any and all crimes committed by the Ukraine government…including the failure of the Minsk II agreement.

Brace yourselves for what is to come because the US will not stop their insane drive to remove Bashar Al Assad and will not be satisfied until all or part of Syria is in their economic and geopolitical control…they have summoned the demons of hell to prove it…

The future of the world hangs in the balance and if the 2016 US Presidential election is any indication, the World had better stand up now or we will find ourselves in a raging fire that is out of control…

Is the US getting Ready to Unleash a New Military Offensive in Syria? They already are…





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