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Patriots, Traitors And Empires

About this Book: 

Patriots, Traitors and Empires is an account of modern Korean history, written from the point of view of those who fought to free Korea from the domination of foreign empires. It traces the history of Korea’s struggle for freedom from opposition to Japanese colonialism starting in 1905 to North Korea’s current efforts to deter the threat of invasion by the United States or anybody else by having nuclear weapons.

Koreans have been fighting a civil war since 1932, when Kim Il Sung, founder of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, along with other Korean patriots, launched a guerrilla war against Japanese colonial domination. Other Koreans, traitors to the cause of Korea’s freedom, including a future South Korean president, joined the side of Japan’s Empire, becoming officers in the Japanese army or enlisting in the hated colonial police force.

From early in the 20th century when Japan incorporated Korea into its burgeoning empire, Koreans have struggled against foreign domination, first by Japan then by the United States. Some protests were peaceful; others involved riots, insurrection and sustained guerrilla war. After the US engineered political partition of their country in 1945, the Koreans fought a conventional war, from 1950-1953. Three million gave their lives.

Examining the history of the Republic of Korea (South Korea), Gowans shows that it can be accurately qualified a “US puppet state” or even “a stationary US aircraft carrier.” Only when faced with virtually insurmountable military threat did the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) resort to nuclear weapons to ensure its defense.

Patriots, Traitors and Empires, The Story of Korea’s Struggle for Freedom is a much-needed antidote to the jingoist clamor spewing from all quarters whenever Korea is discussed. ~

Book Launch and Overview - May 7th, 2018 (Montreal)

Video Source: The Activist Poet

To get a copy of this important historical book click on the following link: Baraka Books

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Korean War Ends

Source: Russia Today


A new era of peace is beginning, according to a declaration signed by the leaders of North and South Korea after their first meeting in over a decade. Both nations are aiming to completely denuclearize the Korean peninsula.

"South and North Korea affirmed their shared objective of achieving a nuclear-free Korean peninsula through complete denuclearization," reads the declaration signed by the leaders of the two countries, as cited by Yonhap.

“There will be no more war on the Korean peninsula, and a new age of peace has opened," the document adds.

The two sides also agreed to hold multi-party talks, involving the US and China, in their push for a full-scale truce. Pyongyang and Seoul are also to have high-level military talks in May.

In an ambitious statement after the signing ceremony, Kim said he hopes that the two Koreas will reunite. The states separated after WWII and have remained hostile since the Korean War ended with an armistice, rather than a peace treaty, in 1953.

“Terminating the current state of the truce and establishing a firm peace regime is a historic task that [the two Koreas] can no longer delay," the leaders pointed out.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

US Learns Hard Lesson in Attack on Syria

By: Stewart Brennan

Date: April 14th, 2018

To the horror of billions of people all over the World on April 14th 2018, in the early morning hours and without any real evidence to back their bogus claims of Chemical Weapons use by the Syrian Government, the US, UK and France broke International Law by Bombing Syria...and did so a day before the O.P.C.W. chemical weapons team was to carry out their investigation.

An “alleged” chemical weapons attack in Douma, East Ghouta on April 7th, 2018 was used as an excuse by the US, Britain and France to justify a consolidated missile attack on Syria April 14th, 2018. This decision was made by the US, UK and French leaders without consent of their own governments or the UN Security Council…in other words, they knowingly disregarded their citizens and International Law.

International Law

My understanding of the UN Charter says that any military aggression committed by a UN member nation on another UN member nation without a UN mandate is considered a criminal act and a war crime. The US, UK, and France did not have a UN mandate to intervene in Syria and thus committed a war crime on a sovereign UN member nation. This reckless behaviour by US President Donald Trump, UK Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron took the world to the brink of World War III, the closest to war we have ever been with Russia since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.

The fact that World War III did not happen was not due to the USA, UK or France but due to the Russians for not targeting the aggressors and shooting down their bombers or scuttling American coalition Naval vessels, even though Donald Trump threatened the Russians 3 days before the attack.

“Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!” You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!

It would have been a real catastrophe should a tit for tat escalation ensued once the coalition commenced their attack on Syria; The next time we may not be so lucky, so it is very important for everyone to understand this fact.

If we are to stop insanity like this from getting out of hand in the future, we need to press these aggressive countries to uphold International Law every chance we get from this moment on or they WILL surely do it again but with greater cataclysmic consequences. No one should let the US, UK and France off the hook for these crimes least of all other members of the OECD countries! It is also important to call out their cheer leaders from other country's that supported their crimes of aggression by publicly shaming them for their support of War Crimes.

In a moral and just world these so called leaders would have been removed from power for their absolute recklessness and endangerment of the World. There is no room for apathy here, we the citizens of the World must stand up together to stop this insane path that these O.E.C.D. nations have taken us…

International Law is there for our mutual protection, once it is made meaningless there is nothing to hold back insane despots from waging war on victim nations for macaroni lies…as was the case in Syria.

Making accusations is one thing, but waging war based on the absence of real provable evidence or the absence of an investigation when the mechanisms are there is pure insanity. The OPCW exists for exactly this reason and they were there ready to conduct a thorough investigation…so why did this coalition of raving lunatics attack hours before the investigation was to begin?  

Sifting through the wreckage:

Thank goodness there were no casualties or further escalations from this serious incident. So where do we go from here now that the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared? Well, let’s pan out and take a closer look at the larger picture…

71 of 103 US Coalition Missiles Shot Down

Although the Russians claim that they did not shoot down any of the US, UK or French cruise missiles that were fired at Syria on April 14th, the Russians did successfully help the Syrian Army protect themselves from hostile aggression through the sharing of information to shoot those missiles down.

In fact, the Syrian Army shot down 71 of 103 US, UK, and French cruise missiles using older Soviet made S125, S-200 and Buk missile systems. The rate of success was very high considering that the US threw their very best at them if Donald Trump’s twitter warning to the Russians can be believed.

Trumps twitter Statement alone should call into question Donald Trump’s IQ if not his ability to hold such a powerful position. The same can be said about UK Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron for their unfounded claims and sociopathic ravings for war.

Imagine what the success rate would have been if the Syrian Army had the Russian S-300 or S-400 missile defence systems? I’m very sure that even fewer American and European missiles would have gotten through if any at all…and the S-300 & S-400 missile systems are not even the most advanced Russian Missile defence systems as there is even an S-500 system as well.

Recently, Russia unveiled their new advanced weapons systems which included, a nuclear powered cruise missile with unlimited range, and a new missile with a Mach 20 capability named “Avangard” among others. Put quite simply, these weapons are way past anything the US or EU has or will have for a long time, and so the balance of power has changed significantly.

US-led Strikes On Syria: PR Victory Or Decisive Failure?

Video Source: South Front

Hard Lessons

So, what did the US, UK and French Governments learn about their illegal attack on Syria? If they learnt anything, they’re certainly not talking openly about it, so we must wait to see what their actions are in the next few days, weeks and months. However, one thing is crystal clear, and it is this, the US Government cannot wage a war and win like they once thought...that indeed was the lesson that back room generals learned on April 14th, 2018.

What Vladimir Putin and Russia have done by sitting back and allowing the Syrian’s to defend themselves is to allow American hubris to choke itself into reality, especially after Donald Trump threatened the Russians with missiles he claimed were better smarter and more accurate. The US, UK and France ganged up on Syria and shot the best they had at them with little success. I dare say they would have no success at all if they shot at the Russians, so here endith the lesson.

Where do We Go from Here?

Hopefully the US deep state is not suicidal by deciding to launch a war in the near future that they can’t win. It would be insane to continue down the road of war with Russia because it would be the end of Europe and North America if they did.

Vladimir Putin and Russia have bought us all a little more time…what is important for everyone in the west to do in this moment of borrowed time is to stand up and hold their political representatives accountable to international law and condemn them for their failure to uphold it. THIS is the lesson that everyone needs to take away from this very serious breech of international law and brush with world war III. However, should the people choose the course of Apathy, it will give the lunatics absolute free reign to do it again, and if that happens, there's no guarantee that we will avert World War III.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

End of the US Unipolar Empire

UPDATED: May 20, 2018

 By: Stewart Brennan

In one stunning speech to the Russian Federal Assembly on March 1st, 2018, Vladimir Putin revealed Russia’s new advanced weapons systems that, in a nutshell, checkmates the entire US Military position and ends their threat of a first strike policy. The US government, its Pentagon and Intelligence agencies were indeed served notice that “The Russians are Back” and they are stronger than ever. In short, it was a very calm but firm “Say hello to my little friends!” moment.

Yes indeed, the Russians are back bringing a balance of power and a little sanity to a world that has been brutally bullied by a belligerent unipolar American super power for far too long.

In Vladimir Putin’s address, he unveiled new weapons with advanced technology such as miniature nuclear powered engines that are not only a game changer, they are a wake up call to an arrogant war mongering American government.

Hopefully Putin’s words were carefully listened to and not shrugged off by a bad case of American hubris. Maybe, just maybe Putin’s words will let in a little light and allow some of the saner voices and opinions to be heard inside the US Pentagon and Capital Hill.

New Weapons:

Vladimir Putin confirmed that the “Sarmat ICBM” would replace the older but formidable SS-18 “Satan” still considered one of the most powerful weapons in the world.

Then he turned to new weapon systems such as:

-         A nuclear powered cruise missile with unlimited range!
-         A new missile with a Mach 20 capability named: Avangard

Russia’s new hypersonic gliding warhead called ‘Avangard’ can reach the speed of Mach-20 and has high maneuvering capabilities that make it immune to all anti-missile weapons existing today. The video showing the new weapon was computer-generated to keep its actual appearance secret.

Video Source: Russia Today

- A silent high speed nuclear powered drone with intercontinental range, capable of moving at great depths. The underwater drone has great endurance and stealth capabilities, with a nuclear reactor smaller and more powerful than earlier models. The drone can counter enemy aircraft carrier groups and attack shoreline defenses.

Video Source: Russia Today

- A Mach 10 hypersonic missile (2,000 kilometer range) named: Kinzhal

The missile is launched from an aircraft and reaches a speed of Mach-10 while maneuvering to pierce through anti-aircraft systems. The weapon can be fit with a conventional or nuclear warhead.

Video Source: Russia Today

Aftermath of this stunning announcement:

Even though the American’s do not have anything close to this technology, we could say that there is once again in the world a balance of power. Russia clearly has the upper hand but at the same time Russia offers the hand of peace and cooperation which the USA does not. Will the US government accept Russia or anyone else as an equal partner, or will they keep shouting that the Russian's have started an arms race?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied accusations he revived an arms race by unveiling Russia’s new nuclear deterrent. In actual fact, the start of an arms race was done by US President George W. Bush who killed the 30-year-old ABM missile treaty in 2002. Russia merely responded to the constant NATO encroachment and blatant US military threats to protect the Russian people from a proven war monger.

Video Source: Russia Today

Overall, the annual message to the Federal Assembly (and the world) was one of peace and an invitation for antagonistic countries such as the USA to negotiate. The hand of peace and friendship has always been offered by Vladimir Putin but never accepted by the US Pentagon because they need a villain to justify their huge defence budget.

The Western mainstream media only aired little snipits to make Vladimir Putin’s speech sound menacing, ie: they endorse the US governments defence spending position by helping to create the artificial threat which is why they never broadcast Vladimir Putin’s entire speech. This proves, once again, that the western media are not information news outlets but propaganda mouthpieces for the US Pentagon, corporate interests and US secret services. In doing so, the US mainstream media undermines US democracy by not keeping their citizens truthfully informed.

On March 2nd, Vladimir Putin was in the Kaliningrad region speaking to a forum of journalists. Then on March 3rd, he was back in Moscow at Luzhniki stadium, with thousands of voters gathered for an election campaign event. (Russians go to the polls on March 18th.)

Will Saner Voices Prevail?

Will the saner voices of reason prevail within the US Government and Pentagon? Or will rabid US military mad dogs continue to press forward with their aggressive militaristic behavior towards Russia or any country for that matter that desires to express its economic independence from the US dollar?

I guess we are going to find out sooner rather than later. But one thing is for sure, the US economic position is now in a quicksand of its own making; more-so now as US President Donald Trump launches an economic trade war which historically leads to real wars. The question is, will Vladimir Putin’s warning be enough for the American’s to finally focus their attention on their own domestic economy or will they continue their suicidal race for global economic domination?

Here is Vladimir Putin’s full speech which is his annual presidential address to the Federal Assembly in Moscow. Members of the government, both houses of the Russian Parliament, other officials and public figures gathered at the Kremlin’s St. George Hall for the event.

Video Source: Russia Today

Update: 2018 May 20

Russia's hypersonic weapons operational by 2020

Video Source: The Duran

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Western Crimes and Sh*tholes

Topic: Western Crimes and Sh*tholes…

By: Stewart Brennan

The following post is in reply to the bedlam surrounding a comment that Donald Trump allegedly made when speaking to law makers regarding immigration reform saying, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” a reference to immigrants coming to the USA from Haiti, El Salvador, and several African nations. 

I don’t know if Donald Trump spoke these words or not but if he did, what is all the hysteria about?…because as I see it, all the countries in question were destroyed and impoverished by western nations who were supported by pretty much the same people pointing their fingers at Donald Trump...the same people who are destroying nations all over the world today...

Let’s take a brief look at some of the gaping wounds on this planet…

There is a massive atrocity being committed on the people of Yemen by Saudi Arabia and your western government supports the Saudi's while also selling them the weapons to continue their war crimes…and that is while the western mainstream media stays absolutely silent about it. Tens of thousands have died in Yemen where the whole country, 20 million people, are at risk of dying by disease and starvation…20 MILLION PEOPLE!

There are massive atrocities being committed in Palestine by Israel as they brutalize the people in their war and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people, and your western government supports the Israeli belligerence…of course, the western mainstream media also supports these Israeli crimes because they do NOT report them or report the truth…but ohhh, don’t say anything against Israel or you will be labeled an anti-semite… 

I do NOT support these monstrous Israeli crimes nor will I be silent when they are committed. However, our western governments and mainstream media do, so maybe we should call them anti-human, or racist sh*tholes for the crimes they support.

There is a massive atrocity ongoing in Libya and your western governments are directly responsible for it…while the western mainstream media ignores the facts and supports the belligerent war crimes committed by western governments…colonial oppression has returned to Africa through western government support of terrorism and military occupation. Millions of refugees are flooding into Europe, while thousands are dying on the way and your western governments are responsible for all of it…

Wherever the US and its western puppet governments go, to supposedly bring freedom and democracy, hardship turmoil and your worst nightmares descend on the people living there…that is what your mainstream media supports, that is what Facebook supports when it practices censorship and that is what programmed people in the west support by their apathy of believing what they are told instead of investigating for themselves…

There has been a massive atrocity committed in Syria by terrorists that the western governments openly support. However, Russia stepped in to stop the madness and confronted the western supported terrorists and their war crimes. For this reason, western governments and their mainstream media demonize the Russians…the entire Syrian nation and its 23 million people were affected by western backed terrorism, leading to massive death, injuries and homelessness with an explosion of refugees…and your western governments are responsible for it…

I didn’t bring up Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Mali, Congo, Venezuela, or many other nations that our western governments are busy destroying because there's just way too many for me to keep track of anymore.

People in the west are slowly beginning to wake up but they still show signs of mainstream TV programming and the American illusion…I mean getting angry about Donald Trump calling Haiti and several African Countries shitholes is one thing but it pales in comparison to reality which is that our western governments are turning those countries into unlivable places (the very definition of an unlivable place is a sh*thole)...the American government turns perfectly functioning countries into rubble and they do it in the American peoples name! 

It’s time for everyone to stand up against the crimes that our western governments are committing all over the world!! The issue is not about racism, it’s about the reality that the US and other OECD nations are committing genocide throughout the world!

Getting angry at the words of Donald Trump plays right into the US deep state plans of deflecting the reality of our governments responsibility and criminal actions on nations around the World. Maybe it's time to stop our western governments from turning the world into a sh*thole!!

…So, where is the compassion for the people in the countries around the world who are being attacked by the western governments? The people in Haiti, El Salvador and the African nations are being oppressed by economic warfare, they are being crushed by western Imperial and colonial nations just as other countries around the world. 

Western governments are literally turning the World into an unlivable sh*thole in your name...the issue is not about racism but about the genocide that the USA is spearheading against the people of the world because those nations do not submit or bend to the criminal economic policy or economic interests of the west…

As I mentioned, some people are waking up to the crimes of their governments, this is why online censorship is now being put into place quickly, because the truth is surfacing on the Internet where mainstream media and government lies are beginning not to work…government and corporate censorship will certainly try to close down any and all differing opinion but will you let them?…take a look around your own country and tell me what you see? Is your country moving towards a perfect society or is your country moving towards economic disaster that resembles a “sh*thole”?
A Poem by “The Activist Poet” in reflection called “Upheaval”


Perceptions in the world have changed,
Imprisoned minds unblocked,
eyes are quite wide open,
no longer closed or shocked.

September brought the earthquake,
October brought the war,
November brought insanity,
by December we were poor.

The global coup came creeping,
every nation on the block,
the twists n’ plots so furious,
economies held, grid locked.

The world’s been set on fire,
arsonists are in charge,
raging fires burn our homes,
insanity by and large.

Demons run the country,
more are in the wings,
trained to spawn the chaos,
and the turmoil that it brings.

Heaven help our children,
their futures not so clear,
and so the world keeps drifting,
in panic and in fear.
 About this Expression:

I’m appalled and outraged by all the violence, greed and destruction that the US establishment has imposed upon the people of the World…I simply cannot accept it, nor can I live with the reality of it, therefore I write to express my disgust of it...

Link to Poem – Upheaval 

Story LINKS:

21st Century Censorship

Opinion by: Stewart Brennan

Topic today – Facebook censorship

I don't like Facebook because it is highly censored and will get even worse in the coming weeks and months. However, I still use facebook (Fakebook) in hopes that some truthful thing I’ve shared will resonate with others even through their heavy censorship...I hope to help build a better world for the next generation to come; therefore communication is a priority to making that world a reality...

Mass Communication

If a social media platform comes around that allows mass communication with their subscribers then that will be a real social media platform worthy of joining and an asset to investigative journalists and the truth seeking public...barring that, there is not one up and coming social media platform, that I know of, that will allow mass communication with all their subscribers as YouTube once I’m stuck on Facebook until one comes along.

As far as other social networks go, the creators are not offering their subscribers mass communication either. These new and old platforms are in it for the money or to cast the illusion that you have an alternative...You don’t, at least no yet. I’m still waiting, but until that medium or platform arrives, I will continue to scream at the top of the mountain hoping my echo will catch ears…

As far as Facebook goes, news feeds, groups and mass communication died long ago...Facebook sided with the Orwellian deep state that is pushing the World into a corporate totalitarian governance that does not like its sociopathic authority questioned…I will not go silently into the night…and neither should you.

Here'a a Poem by the activist Poet that touches on Facebook's authoritarian program of censorship.

Ever have a Facebook moment? See if this short poem rings true with you, and if it does, share it. ;)

Poem by ~ The Activist Poet ~

Facebook Row

Another Facebook time-out, they didn’t like what I said,
nor the posted pictures, of the terrorists who are dead.

I’m in political limbo, I’m not allowed to post,
Jailed by Facebook’s police, barred from coast to coast.

Caught by deep state censors, my words they say are bad,
I’m not allowed to use good terms for Putin or Assad.

My news feeds one-way traffic, visits are all blank,
Unless I bow to extortion, and pay them from my bank.  

Their advertisers hound me, I mark them all as Spam,
Greedy corporate pages of belligerent Uncle Sam.

Suggested friends make me shudder, who the F*** is that?
with pages blank and empty, another troll or rat.

I plan my re-emergence, Palestine posts are due,
I’m sure to piss off Zionists, facebook's other shoe.

So here I wait in penance, eager to do much more,
and celebrate my family, all activists to the core.

~ The Activist Poet ~
About this Poem: Facebook is not a social network anymore, in fact it’s more of a US Intelligence program and corporate data mining tool / application that either penalizes users who do not fall in line with their politics, or data mines information while extorting small businesses for money.

Ask any activist who’s been isolated for their political posts or ask a musician who now has to pay out money for his page posts to reach those who already subscribed to their updates. After paying Facebook for putting posts on more of the bands subscriber news feeds, bands find themselves out of pocket with no real results, as its all just a numbers game and scam.

Now, Facebook has partnered with Fascist Dictatorship nations like Israel to censor what we can see or say. Together they become Orwell’s “Big Brother”…so being the Political Activist I am, here’s a middle finger; an F U Salute to Facebook and its censorship Regime and sponsors…

Link to Poem: Facebook Row 

Facebook Photo Source: Dr Rich Swier

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World News and Current Events 2018

The following post contains video playlists of "Alternative News and Opinion" which is missing from the North American and European News stations. I have included them here so that others may discover a different point of view without having to rely on biased narratives from the Western mainstream media which is owned and driven by an economic cartel.

Here is the other side of the story to help you connect the dots and figure out what is happening in the world, The only way democracy can survive, is for its people to be well informed and given the opportunity to investigate for themselves. Question everything. ~ Stewart Brennan

Russia Today (Live)

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Important Documentaries

Abby Martin – The Empire Files

George Galloway Comment and Opinion

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English FA Cup 2017 – 2018

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Healthy Athletes suffer Heart Problems After Getting the Jab

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, MD - Pandemic Over, Inoculations now Dangerous

DR. Chris Milburn head of the ER for Eastern Nova Scotia, speaks out

DR. Roger Hodkinson – Over-reaction and Failures of Govts on COVID

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