Monday, October 24, 2016

The US Coalition has Launched their Final Military Plans for Syria

By: Stewart Brennan

Erdogan and the US Coalition have made their Move in Syria.

On October 20, 2016, Turkey’s Military, on the orders of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, bombed 18 positions of the People's Protection Units (YPG) in northern Syria, killing up to 200 Syrian Kurdish defenders.

Then on Saturday October 23rd, Turkey’s military confirmed once again that its forces attacked Kurdish fighters in northern Syria a second time in less than 72 hours. The strikes hit 70 positions of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) in northern Syria on Friday.

The attack by Turkey on Syrian territory proves once again that Turkey’s insane dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan is ruthless when it comes to breaking International Law and committing War Crimes against neighbouring states, all with the blessing, mind you, of the US Government and its Coalition members.

In response, the Syrian military replied to Turkey’s criminal actions saying, “Any attempt to once again breach Syrian airspace by Turkish war planes will be dealt with and they will be brought down by all means available."

In my view, the latest military attacks in Syria by Turkey shows that the US Coalition, has now launched its final drive to topple the Syrian Government, confirming what I stated in my previous opinion piece, that the US will continue to use its coalition members to bring down the Syrian Government.

In fact, it is now very obvious that the US coalition is moving forward with the plan they announced publicly on December 09th, 2015 when US Pentagon Chief Ashton Carter insisted that their gulf state allies join the US war coalition to remove the Syrian Government of Bashar al-Assad under the auspices of fighting ISIS / ISIL / Daish in Iraq and Syria. Ashton Carters statement was not a request when he called for US allies to assemble a joint military force in Iraq, but a proclamation of their criminal intent.

Turkey invaded Iraq a few days before Ashton Carter’s statement, confirming that the US plan was already being followed by Turkey.

Iraq’s Foreign Ministry condemns “incursion” of Turkish military units into Iraqi territories - (2015 Dec 04)

The original Video and the News channel of Press TV were victims of Western censorship and removed from YouTube to cover up western War Crimes in Syria. Where possible, I will insert a mirror video of the report.

Original Video News Source: Press TV

However, it takes a long time to assemble coalition forces, and when delays such as internal opposition to Turkey’s involvement in aggressive war and occupation puts the brakes on moving forward, other plans are made to remove those obstacles which is why we were witness to Erdogan staging a false coup in July 2016. Once Erdogan had seized control of Turkey in his coup on power, he removed all opposition to him from the Turkish Military, Government, Media, and public.

Of course Russia was also a hurdle Erdogan needed to overcome especially after relations went sour when Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet over Syria in November 2015…if any US coalition invasion plan was going to work, they needed to deceive Russia and not directly confront them. Therefore begrudgingly, Erdogan made an apology to Russia in June 2016 before the coup. Shortly after the false coup in July 2016, Erdogan played his part to convince Russia that everything was never better between the two nations. Once Erdogan made a few deceptive pledges to gain Russia’s trust, Erdogan invaded Syria in August 2016.

Turkey’s Invasion & Occupation of Syria

So far, there has been very little resistance put up by the terrorists wherever Turkey is involved, be it in Syria or Iraq where the Turkish Military has created staging areas from which to launch attacks.

A fake Free Syrian Army has suddenly materialized under the wing of Turkey’s military invasion of Syria, at the same time that the multi named US backed terrorist groups (ISIS / ISIL / Daish / Al-Nusra, etc) have coincidently faded away. Why is it that Turkey has not met any real resistance from the terrorists during their invasion and occupation from Jarabulus to Manbij to Al-Bab (The road to Eastern Aleppo)…while a newly materialized and bogus Free Syrian Army appears out of nowhere in greater numbers. Where does this Free Syrian Army get their uniforms, weapons and money? Well we already know the answer to those questions…

Syrian Map

US Coalition Plans

I believe the goal of the US military plan in Syria is to gather a very large terrorist force under the protection of the Turkish Army who will lead a war against the Syrian Kurds north of Aleppo. The terrorists will then gather under Turkey’s tanks and aircraft to push through Syrian Kurdish strongholds and then link up with additional terrorist forces north and west of Aleppo. Supply lines will then have been re-established, and from there the final assault by the US coalition on Aleppo will begin where they will confront the Syrian, Russian and Iranian coalition directly. A decision will then have to be made by the Russian Government weather or not to shoot down Turkey’s military and or to destroy Turkish tanks and the forces they have assembled in Syria.

Looking at the overall actions and rhetorical positions of Turkey and the US government, they paint a clear picture that they will not give up their agenda of removing the Syrian Government in fact they are insanely possessed by doing so...

Turkey’s attack on the Syrian Kurds north of Aleppo can either be viewed as desperate or deliberate but since Turkey and the US are both intent on removing the Syrian Government of Bashar al-Assad, the attack on the Kurdish strongholds North of Aleppo looks more like an attempt by the US coalition to smash through the siege and retake Aleppo with sights on bringing down the Syrian Government.

If there was any real connection between the US & the Syrian Kurds, as the US government lets on, then we would have seen the US hold Turkey's feet to the fire by taking action against Turkey to stop their never ending attacks on Kurdish towns. So as always, actions speak louder than empty words...or in this case non actions speak louder than words.

The fact that Turkey is a NATO member might dissuade Russia from taking military action against their so-called new-found Turkish friend Erdogan…maybe, and then again, maybe not. We are certainly going to see very soon however.

We know for a fact that the US Government will not change its position and will not accept defeat in Syria regardless of the situation on the ground. The US and its Coalition members seem panicked yet overconfident at the same time regardless of their failures. They continue to plan covert operations regardless of how impossible their position. That indicates a degree of insanity and a drive to bring the entire world into conflict.

US actions throughout the past year have been very telling in that they have adopted the position of lies, collective destruction and mass murder while forcing their vassal states to do what they are told in order to get what the US wants, control of the Syrian Nation and the demonization of Russia.

The US Military attack on the Syrian Army in Deir az-Zor on September 17th, 2016 is an example of US belligerence and outright lying to the World when they said the attack was a mistake. The attack lasted for over 50 minutes! Clearly this is an example of how far the US will go to keep their plans within plans on track.

Is it a coincidence that Mosul, Iraq is not that far away from the American’s Deir az-Zor mistake? The timing of the US attack on the Syrian army, and the US promise of escorting 9000 terrorists from the Mosul region into Syria needs to be watched more closely.

Cease Fire Agreements?

The Syrian ceasefire agreements between the US and Russian Governments were never respected by the American backed terrorists as these agreements were really just a stalling tactic by the Americans in order to re-arm and replenish their terrorists groups, while also buying time for the larger US offensive that pulls all their Coalition partners together, in hopes that they will eventually link up with their terrorists friends in Eastern Aleppo. The US goal has always been the destruction of the Syrian Army, the partition of Syria, and the toppling of the Bashar al-Assad government and they will never change their position.

The US Pentagon is not flying by the seat of their pants when it comes to its operations in Syria and Iraq, nor is Turkey acting on its own as many seem to suggest. There is a larger plan in process here that connects everything in Iraq and Syria through the ISIS / ISIL terrorist groups and the US Coalition partners.

It explains Turkey’s invasion of Syria with US air support, and all the moves that the US has made since Russia helped the Syrian Government gain the upper hand in their battle against US backed terrorism.

Even now, the US Pentagon’s Ashton Carter lies about Turkey’s involvement in Iraq, by twisting reality and insisting that the Iraqi Government agreed to Turkey’s participation in the liberation of Mosul, when clearly the Iraqi government has condemned Turkey for their invasion and occupation of the Iraqi nation.

Iraqi PM Abadi urges Saudi Arabia, Turkey to stay out of Iraq

The original Video and the News channel of Press TV were victims of Western censorship and removed from YouTube to cover up western War Crimes in Syria. Where possible, I will insert a mirror video of the report.

Video Source: Press TV

In fact the US attack on the Syrian Army in Deir ez-Zor becomes clearer when taking into account the liberation of Mosul Iraq where it is said that the US has offered safe passage for 9000 terrorists to cross into Syria…most likely towards Deir az-Zor and Ar Raqqah both US terrorist strongholds that could become staging points for a new terrorist invasion of Syria.

Not long ago, Russia exposed Turkey for being directly involved with the terrorists oil smuggling trade that made its way into Turkey…the very same Turkey that is occupying both Iraq near Mosul and Syria from Jarabulus to Al-Bab. The Road from Mosul Iraq leads to Syria and the Turkish Military is directly involved in both places…

Syrian Self Defence

In my view, Syria has every right to defend itself by shooting down “ANY” hostile foreign military warplanes or by attacking ANY foreign invading terrorist armies including Turkey’s.

Given the circumstances of how deceitful and belligerent the US and its terrorist coalition have proven to be, their word means nothing either way and so Syria must act and carry out their retaliation threats, even if shooting down hostile foreign aircraft means that Turkey and the US threaten to escalate their terrorist war by invoking “Article 5” of the NATO charter. A point that states, an attack against one NATO member is considered an attack against all NATO members…and therefore a “You fight me, you fight my gang” mentality brings all of NATO into the Syrian war zone. This is exactly what the US is driving at to bring Europe and its own armed forces into Syria.

Turkey is a NATO member, and will hide behind its US shield when the Syrian Army responds in kind to Turkey’s military aggression.

Syria’s survival is dependent on the defeat of ALL invading terrorist forces, including the invading Turks. So a confrontation will eventually happen with the Turkish Military if the Turkish occupation force does not leave Syrian lands.

What Turkey has done in Syria and Iraq is illegal and a war crime. The fact that they are occupying and attacking Syria, which included US military air support, proves that the US Government also does not uphold International Law or human rights…this should be obvious to everyone by now as the US has reverted to desperation by outright lies and mass murder to find its way back into Syria.

The US government’s position is totally bankrupt, immoral, a crime against humanity and mule stupid since their belligerent aggression will lead to World War III.

Who is going to stop the US government’s continued support of terrorism or stop them from launching their War plans in Syria, the US Mainstream Media? The American people? A new American President in November? I don’t think so…The outlook is pretty grim so it will be up to the Syrian, Russian and Iranian Coalition to stop Turkey and the US terrorist Coalition from gaining any sort of advantage.

The Syrian and Russian forces have no choice but to shoot down any aggressive Turkish aircraft over Syria, if for anything, to let Turkey know that if they continue attacking the Russian / Syrian coalition forces including the Kurds, then Turkish assaults will be regarded as an act of war…


Turkey is leading a covert western push in Northern Syria that will eventually threaten the very core of Syria’s Northern City of Aleppo if they are not stopped now.

The current US backed operations in Iraq are intended to move their armed and trained terrorists from Mosul Iraq into Syria…the timing is very suspect which is why I believe that the US is using this opportunity to covertly deliver terrorist reinforcements into Turkey’s charge for their use in Northern Syria, where these ISIL terrorists will magically become the bogus Free Syrian Army. If Turkey and its forces smash through Kurdish held areas, they will then swing around and directly assault the Syrian Army in Aleppo. Therefore the time has come to confront Erdogan and Turkey’s occupation of Syria and Iraq…

Erdogan needs to be stopped and told to leave both Iraq and Syria with deadly force, regardless of his NATO standing…

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