Monday, May 16, 2011

Facts behind Libya invasion exposed

General Richards (L) and Defence Secretary Liam Fox arrive for a cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street

Source: Press TV

NATO military intervention in Libya is becoming a full scale war as predicted by various anti-war organizations and security analysts around the world.

After just two months into the conflict, the western alliance has gone from enforcing a “no-fly zone” on Libya to a “no-drive zone” and ultimately to “let's assassinate Qaddafi”.

The head of the UK armed forces, General Sir David Richards has urged the NATO to destroy Libya's infrastructure in accordance with what the Libyan despot is doing to his own people and his own country.

The western military invasion of Libya has run into a stalemate with more than 2,000 bombing raids by the US, Britain and their allies, and the western powers are facing another disaster in the third Muslim country they have attacked in the last decade.

General Richards has made it clear included in the aims of the escalation he is proposing would be the killing of Colonel Qaddafi.

This is yet another evidence that a war for regime change -- which is illegal under international law - has been disguised as a humanitarian intervention to "protect" the Libyan people.

The Iraq "shock and awe" experience shows what destruction of Libya's infrastructure will mean for the Libyan people -- countless deaths, essential facilities in ruins, and the collapse of public services.

It is outrageous that a military officer like General Richards can make such overtly political statements. How long is it before he is calling for ground troops to invade Libya?

A war opposed by the majority of the British public has no end in sight.

This is while that the British were promised the invasion would be over in weeks and would -- according to the government -- "cost tens, not hundreds of millions".

British MPs have got into the habit of supporting wars of aggression against foreign countries, with disastrous consequences in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But now is the time for MPs to represent the majority view of those who elected them to parliament, by voting to stop the bombing of Libya and to end the NATO intervention.

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