Friday, May 27, 2011

US lawmakers: Libya war illegal

US Rep. Ron Paul participates in a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing about the War Powers Act on May, 25, 2011 in Washington, DC

Source: Press TV

US President Barack Obama has come under fire for violating the 1973 War Powers Act by continuing military operations in Libya without Congressional approval.

The Act authorizes the US president to commence military operations without consulting with US Congress. However, within 48 hours Obama must confer with Congress that will afterward have an additional 60-day period to vote on whether military operations are to continue.

Sixty days have now passed and Congress has not approved the military operation, making the Libya war illegal, a Press TV correspondent reported on Friday.

Dan Burton, the Indiana representative, says Obama “has received no authorization whatsoever from the Congress of the United States. And it is in violation of the War Powers Act.”

“The president is not a king, and he shouldn't act like a king,” Burton added.

On his London visit, the US chief executive reinforced his commitment to the military operations in crisis-hit Libya.

This is while the Congress is discussing bills that could limit the president's power in deploying the US military without prior congressional approval, and end the funding for the Libya war until Congressional authorization has been given.

"I think that there is significant question as to whether or not you have congressional support ... I can tell you that I believe that if you placed a resolution on this floor today for a vote for approval, that I doubt that it would pass...," Michael Turner, the Ohio representative said.

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