Thursday, May 26, 2011

Al-Jazeera's uneven coverage criticized

Source: Press TV

The Qatari-based news network, al-Jazeera, has been severely criticized over its biased coverage of popular uprisings in the Arab world.

While al-Jazeera gained worldwide prestige for its ground breaking coverage of the Tunisian, Egyptian and Libyan revolutions, the satellite news broadcaster has remained almost silent over massive anti-government protests in Bahrain and Manama's brutal crackdown on popular uprising.

It is widely believed that since the Qatari troops are helping Manama as part of a Saudi-led effort to suppress any notions of democracy in Bahrain, al-Jazeera, which is largely funded by Qatar's ruling family, avoids covering events unfolding in the neighboring country.

Many analysts say that Emir of Qatar has a direct influence on the nature of programs broadcasted in al-Jazeera.

The news network, however, has remained silent over the accusation so far and al-Jazeera staff have refused to explain about their agency's uneven coverage of "Arab Spring."

Al-Jazeera is also accused of blowing opposition movement in Syria out of proportion.

The Qatari-based network's biased policy towards Bahrain and Syria has caused dispute among the news network workers.

A number of well-known journalists, including Ghassan Ben Jeddo, have resigned from the TV over the way the channel was dealing with the events in the Middle East.

"The reason behind my resignation was that al-Jazeera professionalism resorted to gutter journalism, which has turned the channel from a media source to the operations room for incitement and mobilization," Jeddo said referring to al-Jazeera's coverage of events unfolding in Syria, stressing that targeting Syria means targeting the resistance.

Amid dropping a number of its political programs and firing its crew, al-Jazeera is dedicating more time to live reports from anti-government movements in the Middle East and North Africa.

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