Wednesday, April 26, 2017

France 2017 - Marcon vs Le Pen and a Warning

By: Stewart Brennan

The stage is set for a showdown in France between the European Union, French deep state candidate “Emmanuel Macron” and ultra nationalist candidate “Marine Le Pen”…

Here are my thoughts on the French election:

The Euro dictatorship in Brussels has their deep state candidate running in the French Elections, Mr. Emmanuel Macron -“ni” or “nyet”?

The question is, “What do French citizens want?” Do they want to lose their cultural identity, their social programs and social reforms through EU dictates and austerity or do they want to save their cultural identity and their way of life by returning to a national state of economics?

All the chips are in the pot at this poker game and it looks like Macron’s pair of Queens bluff will be called by Le Pens and her Full House…


If Macron wins this high stakes poker game, France will be history… the people of France will lose everything and go down the path of an EU bankruptcy…a bankruptcy filled with austerity that will continue to rip France apart and bleed jobs away from the country the way they did to Greece…and of course, we must not forget that the EU also has a belligerent US economic foreign policy driving it. The USA does NOT like Socialist countries and is doing its best to destroy every single one of them…that is one of the reasons why the EU was created in the first place…

One Bank to rule them all, one Bank to fine them, One Bank to in debt them all and in austerity bind them…”

The US foreign and economic policy is against socialism of any kind because it is practiced by nations that have their economic independence; nations that don’t like being told what to do…and we all know how the USA responds to nations that seek their economic independence…

France and all other European nations have been held hostage to an unelected executive EU governance which has held them in an iron grip of economic obedience…is it any wonder why we are hearing the sounds of revolt and revolution reverberating across Europe…Le Pen has the Eurocrats freaking out because if she wins, the dictatorship of the European Union will be over and so the European, US and French Deep State are going to do everything they can to stop Le Pen from winning…

The French and European Deep State are warning of an economic catastrophe if Marine Le Pen wins the French election in May 2017…yet in reality, no matter who is elected, the economy is going to crash anyways. But if France wants to save itself, then they should circle the national wagons and protect their culture and way of life.

France needs to drop out of the Euro to regain its national sovereignty if they are going to survive down the road when the European Union crashes under deeper austerity measures through the American economic de-socialism agenda.

In fact, I would warn the people of France that if they vote for Macron, they will lose their nation to wealthy speculators in a privatization blitz that will leave the people of France impoverished without their social and health programs, which of course will be whittled away under Euro austerity and deep budget cuts due to having to “Borrow” its budget money with interest to provide the goods and services the country needs.

Macron is all for de-nationalizing industry and selling it to special interests, which is one of the ways in which a country is taken apart economically…that is what Macron has done in the past and will do in the future if he is elected. In reality, Emmanuel Macron is anti-national and anti-France…

The people of France have to realize that no matter what candidate they choose, the economic picture is going to be very bad…however, it would be in the French peoples best interests to not go down with the European ship and instead regain their national identity…get out from under the EU before France is crushed by a crippling debt and austerity…Protect yourselves with your own national central bank and monetary system…a monetary system owned by the French people…money that would not be borrowed for budget expenditures but created by the government OF the French People and spent into existence without debt or interest…regain your Industries and make your own trades…don’t let the USA / EU dictate who you can trade with…the election is in 2 weeks, so you can either choose the status quo candidate and Eurocrat “Macron” and fade away into a global soup of anti-culture, debt and austerity OR choose the nationalist candidate “Le Pen” and retain your historical, political and economic identity…the Future is yours to decide…What have you got to lose? Everything…

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