Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Coming War

Written By: Stewart Brennan

It is probable to believe that a false flag attack on the USA is imminent due to the events unfolding in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

It is not by coincidence that the United States and other Western Powers have destabilized these countries. Both countries are vital to greedy western banking and business interests to secure a route for a planned gas pipeline that will run to the Arabian Sea. However, the official reason the Americans give is because Osama Bin Laden resides in both countries and finances both the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

World Economics

World economics is governed by a few very wealthy families and has been that way for a very long time. Right now these Oligarchs, or Plutocracy, are in danger of loosing their strangle hold on the global economy due to a decline in easy accessible fossil fuels. They have long since realized that Economies do not grow when cheap energy supplies are not secured by acquisition or by force. One need only to pull out a World map and look at all the areas being contested today and what they have in common, to see that wars are being created to covet fossil fuel energy. At least by now, most people know that the Bush administration invaded Iraq to secure its continuation of Oil...and that it continues being sold in US dollars. It is also known that the USA and its Western European allies must import most of their oil to keep their economies moving.

Unlikely Allies

Pakistan has been an unlikely ally of the USA since the George Bush administration put a gun to their head in 2001 and said “Your either with us or against us.” The Pakistani government under General Pervez Musharraf immediately dropped its relations with the ruling Taliban government of Afghanistan and began an uneasy relationship with the US under threat of invasion.

In return for the use of 3 Pakistani airbases by the American Military, the US government removed earlier imposed sanctions and resumed military and civilian aid to Pakistan. Incidentally, the US also improved their ties with Pakistan’s archrival “India” and began supplying them with nuclear technology along with new military hardware. Both these countries are unlikely allies of the United States and will probably remain that way as long as the freebees are flowing in their direction.

US Pakistan Relations

Since those infamous words were spoken by George Bush, Pakistan has endured incursions into their Country by US drone attacks on their western provinces and had their Nuclear facilities monitored by the US military and CIA operatives.

Today, Pakistan is still bankrupt and continues to receive billions of US dollars, mostly to pay the Pakistan army to fight all resistance by tribal leaders in the “Federally Administered Tribal Areas”. To put it simply, the USA has bought the Pakistan army to do its bidding.

The result has created more than 3 million Pakistani civilian refugees in the North West Tribal areas not including the 1.7 million Afghan refugees already there from the US lead war in Afghanistan. It is understandable that the people of Pakistan have become extremely infuriated with the increased American interference and sponsored war in their country. Seven out of ten or 70% of the Pakistani population of 180 million are outraged by US interference.

The fact that Pakistan is completely bankrupt and that the US is paying the Pakistan army is quite disturbing in its own right. Of coarse, this tactic by the United States is not new if we look at the 140,000 mercenaries they hired for the Iraq war. The American taxpayer, or should I say, future taxpayers, pay for companies like Black water, who answer to no one.

The real reason the US government hires people to do their fighting is that they cannot find enough people at home to join their Wars short of imposing a draft, so they must purchase their soldiers. In the case of Pakistan, it is at the point of a gun with the added threat of a heavily armed, “India” also courtesy of the US tax payer.

USA Determined?!?

On the surface, and looking at the economics today, it does not appear that the US can afford another war, because quite simply, they are bankrupt. There is also a growing opposition to the war in Afghanistan by a majority of the American people. In short they have had enough and want all the troops to come home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Case in point, the US Military is having a hard time finding new recruits. The Americans cannot get troops from other countries either because World leaders are under pressure by their own people to leave or stay out of Afghanistan.

I’d say that overall the trend would be for the Americans to start planning an exit strategy of both Iraq and Afghanistan. I mean, how determined can the USA be in staying the course while borrowing billions of dollars from world powers such as China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia for an un-winnable war?

Just recently, Us President Barak Obama made public that he will not rush into committing 40,000 additional soldiers in Afghanistan. Could it be that they are waiting for the results of the run-off election in Afghanistan on November 7th, 2009? Considering that the UN inspector whom unearthed the fraudulent ballots from the last Afghan election was fired at the request of American officials, it appears the Americans need a Karzi victory to ensure additional troop deployments. Or do they?

As I am writing this, US troops are training Georgians for the Afghan War, the carrot for Georgia? Entrance into NATO. What do you suppose Russia thinks about that one?

Meanwhile, State Dept official “Mathew Hoh” resigned his post in Afghanistan stating he believes that, “The people who are fighting us are fighting us because we are occupying them. Not for any other reason…” It seems to me that Washington faces an uphill battle to sell a War nobody wants. Well, except maybe Georgia…

Of coarse there are a number of US Government officials that want to deploy more troops right now. One can just hear the battle of wills and the hollering on the hill. How determined are these people, and who do they represent? It is quite scary that there are lawyers in power that want to send somebody’s children to die in an un-winnable war while they get kickbacks in campaign contributions. Who gets the last say? Certainly not the American people.

Are Devious Plans Unfolding?

The car bomb explosion in a Peshawar market on October 28th, 2009 does not serve Pakistani Taliban interests, in fact it is more likely that this was a CIA operation to turn civilians support of the Taliban into support for the American Backed Pakistan Army.
Let’s face it; the Americans are unwelcome so the next best thing for the US military is a Pakistani Army supported by the people. Personally I do not think it will work. Throughout history, the occupied people have never welcomed invaders or collaborators.

Blast in Peshawar Pakistan

Short of the whole World going crazy overnight and supporting the USA there is only one thing that could cause the US to increase troop deployment and War spending if we look at all the scenarios, and that would be a major attack on a city in the United States.

Since no country is really capable of staging an attack without an invasion force or firing long range missiles, the only other possibility would have to be a terrorist attack as big or bigger than 911.

In all probability, it would have to be a staged false flag attack to drum up complete support for continuing the business of war. Considering that the attack would have to be larger than 911, it is most likely that the attack would be nuclear, and since it is impossible to smuggle radioactive material into the USA, it would have to be an inside job.

What would happen if a nuclear attack does occurs in a major US city? Well for one thing, no sane person would do such a thing. However, we are not dealing with sane people, so let us look into this scenario.

First, since it would have to be carried out by internal operations, like those that work for the military industrial complex, they would probably pick a date with some sort of significance, say November 11th, 2009 (2009-11-11) The date would tie into a reminder of 911, September 11th 2001, and a huge wave of media propaganda would be unleashed.

Considering the lack of investigative journalism in today’s Corporate media, it is a given that they would talk about nothing else but weapons of mass destruction, terrorists, al-qaeda, and liberal traitors. That would definitely take care of their conceived terrorist explanation.

Next, World governments would give the American Government the green light, but most importantly, money and personnel to invade the country they decide to point the finger at. Since the media always sensationalizes a disaster, 1,000,000 people would join the US military the next day as they did when Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941. I suppose it would also solve the American job shortage.

Who Gets the Finger?

The US requires secured oil and gas pipelines throughout the Middle East but the most important one right now will run through Afghanistan and Pakistan, so I expect Al-qaeda or the Pakistan Taliban to be blamed. This will put Pakistan in a very difficult position where they will have to accept an influx of thousands of foreign troops. The US will also get their increased troop deployment in Afghanistan including the commitment of other NATO member states.

Pakistan is now the target of a bombing campaign and since the country is impoverished and the government is bankrupt, bribery becomes an easy tool for anyone with money, and don’t forget, the media has put the question of nuclear safety in the minds of their viewers. Even though the CIA and special military operatives control Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.

In all probability, the next attack will be a CIA sponsored false flag event on US soil to galvanize the American peoples opinion in favor of continuing war in Afghanistan AND Pakistan. The event will also gain World support and their inclusion into the endless War on terror that will rip the World apart. If this scenario unfolds, the US Government will declare martial law and begin a witch-hunt at home starting with those that oppose their war.

Then again, the Americans just might come home from Iraq and Afghanistan conceding defeat and bankruptcy, without securing an energy supply that their Oligarchs need to maintain their economic lifestyle. Maybe the Wars will end…but I doubt it.


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