Saturday, May 28, 2011

Egyptians call for 'second revolution'

Protesters perform Friday Prayers in Cairo's Liberation Square on May 27, 2011

Source: Press TV

Thousands of Egyptians have gathered in Cairo's landmark Liberation Square to stage what they call a "second revolution" in the North African country.

The rally has been organized by the Coalition of the Revolution Youth that includes several movements behind the revolution that ousted former President Hosni Mubarak.

Thousands of Egyptians converged on the landmark square after the Friday Prayers to push for more reforms and the speedy trial of Mubarak.

Protesters have staged nationwide rallies for a quick transition to full democracy following their revolution. They are calling for a new constitution and a civilian government.

The protesters want an end to political corruption and the removal of former regime figures from top government posts.

The organizers have dubbed Friday the "Second Day of Anger" after Egypt's first Day of Anger on January 28th triggered the country's revolution.

"I want a presidential council. The military council is not doing anything," AFP quoted one of the participants as saying.

The protests come weeks after Mubarak handed over power to Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which is headed by Defense Minister Gen. Mohammed Tantawi.

The angry demonstrators also cast doubt on the ability of Tantawi and military chief of staff Sami Enan to pave the way for political reforms.

"Tantawi and Enan were with Mubarak for two decades, we are the ones who removed him, not them," they said.

Egypt's army has recently promised to lift a 30-year-old state of emergency ahead of the slated parliamentary and presidential elections.

Egyptians say that they are skeptical about a rapid transition towards democracy and civilian rule and maintain that demonstrations will continue until all their demands are met.

Activists demand the release of political prisoners, the lifting of the emergency rule and the disbandment of the military court.

They are also chanting slogans demanding the speedy trial of former officials, especially Mubarak and his family.

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