Sunday, May 22, 2011

Libya war triggers UK-US tensions

Source: Press TV

US president Barack Obama's upcoming state visit to Britain will be overshadowed by mounting difficulties in Libya and tensions the NATO-led war have created.

British and the US military officials, as well as their diplomats are privately blaming each other for failing to proceed in Libya, where its despotic ruler is tightening his grip on the oppressed people of the country amid a killer stalemate the NATO military alliance has reached in taking the next steps to unseat the long-time dictator.

The UK government, which sees itself trapped in another quagmire created by the US, is calling for Washington to engage more decisively as a leading force in the Libyan war.

British military commanders believe that the effectiveness of the bombing campaign, unleashed against Libya as part of pre-planned war against the country to plunder its natural resources, is threatened by the absence of the US missile capabilities and leadership.

On the other side, US officials and military commanders have criticised Britain as a “skittish” and unpredictable ally which frequently issues a “red card” -- effectively vetoing a target, causing confusion and greatly hampering proper planning.

The differences between the two allies were laid bare on Friday, when president Obama wrote to US lawmakers, describing the action against Libya as “limited”.

Prime Minister David Cameron will also voice his country's frustration over the lack of leadership from the US when he holds talks with Obama at 10 Downing Street on Wednesday.

“Without US involvement NATO lacks strong leadership [in Libya]. Target lists are constantly being redrawn or scrapped because various members can't agree on what's the priority. This doesn't happen when the US is leading the line”, said a British military source.

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