Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stephen Harper wins A majority Government

Decision 2011 – Election Aftermath - A Personal Opinion

By: Stewart Brennan
World United News

As an Anglophone in Quebec and not receiving any support from English Canada in the past regarding my English minority rights, I have battled long and hard to protect my community. English Quebec was nearly 1 million people strong in 1976, but today in 2011, thanks to most of the Federal leaders after Pierre Trudeau, my community barely hangs on in the Montreal region at 400k.

The biggest trader and sell out of the Quebec English Community is Stephen Harper. Back in 2006 he courted French Canada at a rally in St. Boniface Manitoba, where he recognized the French Minority and all their accomplishments to Canadian society. Harper then swung over to woo the French Quebec Majority for their votes by calling them a distinct society without even one word of recognition of the Quebec Anglophone community. Stephen Harper sold out the English community of Quebec and then used the French vote to gain a throne. However, he also sold out Quebec French the first time he prorogued Parliament back in 2008 by insulting The Bloc being in a coalition with the Liberals and NDP. Everyone in Quebec got a proverbial slap in the face and we saw Stephen Harpers true colors.

I still had hope though because at least with a minority government, Harper could be stopped. That is until I started seeing draconian legislation passed in the House of Commons that turned Canada into a police state, and locked at the hip with the US and Zionist Israel in ALL security matters.

The G20 Protest in Toronto last July 2010 seems to have been forgotten on voters last night. I have a suggestion for those that have forgotten. Please see the documentary “Into the Fire” by Press for Truth to remind you of what the lunatic in Ottawa is capable of. (Links at the end of this post.)

After suffering through the election result last night, all I see in Canada's future now is the emergence of the Conservative imposed "Police State" with a fascist dictator in Ottawa who has a majority government to do anything he wants to. I'm afraid that all we are going to see from this bunch of insane lunatics is a continued erosion of our Freedoms and Liberties.

The Bloc Quebecois

Last night we saw the end of the Block Quebecois in Federal Politics and as an Anglophone from Quebec I should be happy to see the demise of that party, but for some strange reason I’m actually unsure how I feel about it.

The Bloc Quebecois’s Leader, Gilles Duceppe will now turn to Provincial Politics in Quebec and will easily win the leadership of the Parti Quebecois in the coming months. That win will spiral into a majority government in the next Quebec Provincial election, and you know what, I find that I am no longer in fear of Quebec Separation. In fact, I find that it just might indeed be the only solution, given the typical conservative attitudes towards the people of Canada.

There is a complete lack of respect. I'm starting to think Separation is the only way to deal with the dictator in Ottawa and the ignorant people in his party. My fellow Canadians, we now have someone who is 20 times more lethal to Canada than a separation referendum from Quebec could ever be.

So thanks Stephen Harper for uniting the French and English people of Quebec against you. You have killed the Country I was once proud to say I belonged to and I am proud to say I have more in common with the French people of Quebec than I do with a fascist political party and its supporters.

All I see is an arrogant enemy that will now completely destroy the rest of this great Country, by giving everything away to the United States, and the IMF banking cartel.  Lets not forget Harper and his parties support for the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people by Zionist Israel. You can be sure we will see more of this here in Canada. SHAME!!!!

The Conservatives Oil:

Canada produces 1.3 million barrels of oil a day and sends it ALL to the USA. Meanwhile, Canada has to import ALL the oil it consumes, 400k barrels a day, from places like Libya. You know what is even worse than that? We pay $2.00 more per gallon than the US does and our dollar is at parity. WTF!!?

Here’s another bit of information that everyone should be aware of. To process the Tar sands oil, you need 6 barrels of water from the Athabaska River to produce 1 barrel of oil. The energy intense process also produces 2 barrels of toxic sludge for every barrel of oil created. Here is an important question that everyone should be asking. What will you do when all your drinking water is gone or toxic? And what will you do with the billions of Barrels of toxic sludge? I’m sure Harper wont even TOUCH those questions.

So, as I have to deal with Federal arrogance on an extreme scale, I find myself turning to the Quebec Separatists and saying, “You were right.” At least I get along with mes ami. I think I'll vote for seperation to.

Important Info. Links

Press for Truth

Documentary - Into the Fire

Canadian Election 2011 - A Reminder of the Past

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