Monday, May 16, 2011

Spain protests austerity measures

Spanish students and youth groups protesting austerity measures

Source: Press TV

In Spain, tens of thousands have staged rallies against the government's austerity measures which it says is aimed at resolving the country's financial crisis.

In over 50 cities, University students, social group members, activists, and unemployed people protested against the government and politicians responsible for the country's struggling economy, The Associated Press reported.

“We the unemployed, the poorly paid, the subcontracted in precarious jobs, the youth of Spain, want change and a future with dignity,” unemployed Ines Bajo told reporters.

The rallies were organized by activists, youth groups, and some protesters who wore T-shirts handed out by the Youth Without a Future group.

"I have several degrees, speak many languages and still get paid a miserable salary," said Cristina Corbera, 25, who has finally found a job after one year of searching.

The Spanish capital Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, and Zaragoza were among cities which witnessed protests.

Spain has eurozone's highest jobless rate of 21.3 percent, currently with 4.9 million unemployed people.

The Spanish government is predicting a 1.3 percent growth this year. However, the country's central bank does not agree with the prediction

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