Saturday, May 14, 2011

Russia blasts UN report on Iran

Vitaly Churkin, Russia's UN ambassador

Source: Press TV

Russia's ambassador to the UN slams a report by the world body's nuclear experts which alleges that Iran is seeking to violate sanctions imposed on the country over its civilian nuclear program.

“As this report was superficial and carelessly prepared, Russia didn't approve of it,” Vitaly Churkin said in his exclusive interview with IRNA Saturday.

On the threshold of a meeting of UN nuclear experts on Iran held last Thursday, certain Western media tried to launch a war of nerves by propagating false news. They quoted a UN expert as saying that Tehran tries to breach sanctions.

“There are proposals in the report to which our experts do not agree, and Moscow has a problem with that report,” Churkin further told IRNA.

“As for the findings and proposals offered by the panel of experts, we presented more than three pages of evidence and documents to prove the report is wrong, and that's why we disagreed with it,” the top Russian diplomat underlined in the interview.

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