Sunday, August 7, 2011

Riots, looting rock northern London

Source: Press TV

There were scenes of chaos in the early hours of Sunday morning as sustained looting spread from Tottenham to other nearby areas of Haringey.

Chaos reigned in London after Saturday riots over the police fatal shooting of a man as looters attacked the shops damaged during the violence across Haringey area of the city.

Officers dispersed hundreds of demonstrators who gathered outside a police station in Tottenham in protest to the killing of the 29-year-old black man Mark Dugan.

However, demonstrators poured into nearby roads late on the night with rioters looting Aldi supermarket to the north of Tottenham as well as a carpet shop. They then set both shops on fire.

To the west of Tottenham, rioters looted shops in Wood Green area that continued into the early hours of Saturday.

Meanwhile, groups of rioters gathered in other areas near Tottenham with sticks, bottles and hammers breaking into buildings and setting rubbish bins on fire to form barriers.

The protests were triggered by the shooting of Duggan, a father of four, who was killed by the police on Thursday and demonstrators demanded justice over the shooting of the black man.

On Sunday the police were still dealing with “a small number of people” protesting in different parts of Tottenham.

Yet reports said there has been no police presence in Wood Green high street that was the scene of the most serious looting.

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