Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anti-Israel rallies continue in Egypt

Photo of anti-Israeli protests in Egypt

Source: Press TV

Egyptians carry on their protests against Israel, following Tel Aviv's killing of several Egyptian border guards on the country's soil.

Over 100 anti-Israeli protesters rallied in front of the Israeli embassy in the capital on Sunday, repeating the outraged populace's demand for termination of the country's ties with Israel and expulsion of Israel's ambassador to Cairo, a Press TV correspondent reported.

On Thursday, the Israeli Air Force killed five Egyptian border guards, attacking the vicinity of the country's border crossing with the Palestinian enclave of the Gaza Strip.

The demonstrators have downplayed the Israeli Minister of Military Affairs Ehud Barak's expression of 'regret' over the deaths.

Earlier, a young protester climbed the Israeli embassy's building and pulled down the Israeli flag.

Cairo has also demanded that Israel halt its deadly airstrikes against the Tel Aviv-besieged Gaza.

Also on Thursday, the Israeli military killed at least 16 Palestinians and injured more than 45 others during offensives against the coastal sliver.

The Egyptian protests mark the public's venting their anger over Cairo's 30 years of amity and cooperation with Tel Aviv under Hosni Mubarak -- Egypt's former dictator, who was deposed by a popular revolution earlier in the year.

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