Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scotland Yard after 30,000 Britons

Source: Press TV

The Metropolitan Police have revealed that around 30,000 people were involved in the incidents that occurred during the unprecedented four-day unrest in Britain.

Scotland Yard has announced that more and more people would be arrested as its officers are tasked with investigating 20,000 hours of CCTV footage in order to identify more people involved in the turmoil.

"It was the true definition of mob violence and the Met is keen to find out who all these people are," said a British Police source.

The Metropolitan Police have already released figures that show around 3,300 offences were committed in the capital over the four-day span between August 6 and 9.

In the second week after the eruption of the widespread unrest in Britain, prison population has hit a record high of 86,654 after the first week's record of 85,931. The record figure is just 1,500 less than the usable operational capacity of 88,093.

While there are serious concerns among senior staff of the Prison Officers Association, the British government has insisted that there would be enough jail places as it considers contingency measures in order to increase usable capacity.

Meanwhile, general secretary of the Prison Officers Association, Steve Gillan, said that the government ignored their warnings about “this potential, that the prison population could take off at any time.”

As juveniles constitute the majority of the arrested people, concerns have been raised that young offenders would destabilize the system of the prisons.

There are concerns that the increased number of prisoners would create tensions among inmates, as prison officers fear the prospect of mutiny due to overcrowding.

Meanwhile, figures released by the Institute for Public Policy Research have shown that handing out harsh custodial sentences to offenders charged with minor offences has inflicted a £2 million bill on the prison system.

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