Monday, August 22, 2011

UK to make citizen service compulsory

Source: Press TV

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced that he is to launch his national citizen service scheme on a larger scale than originally intended.

Cameron, who has blamed the widespread unrest across Britain on British people's lack of responsibility, claimed that the incidents that took place during the unrest between August 6 and 9 have brought the significance of teaching youngsters about responsibility and self-discipline under the spotlight.

Cameron maintained that he intend to make his national citizen service scheme available to every teenager after receiving their General Certificate of Secondary Education.

Furthermore, Cameron stated that the British youngsters should realize “that real fulfillment comes not from trashing things or being selfish but by building things and working with others.”

Cameron formerly announced a national citizen service schemes that would involve 11,000 teenage volunteers. However, the unprecedented unrest that shook Britain two weeks ago has made him to consider plans for making national citizen service compulsory for all British youngsters.

“I want the national citizen service to be available to every teenager after GCSEs. I want them to learn that they can make a difference in their communities,” said Cameron.

Nevertheless, British Labour leader, Ed Miliband, clashed with Cameron when he accused him of “reaching for shallow and superficial answers” as he described social deprivation and inequality as the reasons for the eruption of unrest in Britain.

Moreover, Britain's Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007, Tony Blair, criticized Cameron for attributing the incidents that occurred during the unrest to “moral collapse” in British society and warned that such comments would further damage the reputation of Britain.

Trying to widen the scope of his national citizen service scheme, Cameron ignored Blair's solution to what he called “an absolutely specific problem” which required to be dealt with specifically in a way which is “quite different from conventional policy.”

Nonetheless, Cameron called for the visible presence of the police on the streets saying, “We need a stronger police presence on the streets, deterring crime and catching criminals instead of filling in forms or wasting time on phony targets.”

In efforts to scrap the Human Rights Act, Cameron claimed that human rights concerns contributed significantly to British society's moral decline and sense of irresponsibility

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