Saturday, August 20, 2011

Turkish newspaper raided over Syria

Turkish police officers standing in front of an office belonging to the Aydinlik newspaper (file photo)

Source: Press TV

Turkish police have raided the office of leading newspaper Aydinlik, well-known for its impartial coverage of the ongoing events in Syria.

During the raid, the police arrested the wife and the son of Dogu Perincek, with the newspaper and the leader of the Turkish Workers' Party who is currently in detention, IRIB reported.

The newspaper, which is the official paper of the Turkish Workers' Party, has stated that the reason behind the detentions is the reportages covering the current events in Syria.

The police also launched widespread probes in the offices of the party.

Earlier, the Aydinlik newspaper exposed the scandal taking place in the Boynuyogun refugee camp in southern Turkish province of Hatay, where some 400 Syrian women were forced to work as sex slaves.

The newspaper also reported that many of the Syrians who fled to Turkey had been promised financial support upon their arrival. However, they found no traces of the financial support they had been promised once they arrived in Turkey. Therefore, many of them returned to their homes in Syria.

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