Saturday, August 20, 2011

Egypt: Israel violated 1979 peace treaty

A Palestinian boy inspects damages following an Israeli airstrike on Rafah in the Gaza Strip. (File photo)

Source: Press TV

Egypt's state media say Israel violated a peace treaty signed between Cairo and Tel Aviv in 1979 after Israeli troops entered Egyptian territory and killed five security personnel.

The international force known as Multinational Force and Observer (MFO), the monitoring force stationed in the Sinai desert under the 1979 treaty, said on Saturday that it has recorded two violations of the treaty committed by Israel.

The MFO said the violations included entering Egyptian territory and firing from the Egyptian side of the border.

The MFO report, however, mentioned nothing about Israel's accusations that militants it was pursuing on Thursday had infiltrated the Negev desert from Egypt.

Egypt, which is the first Arab country to sign a peace deal with Israel in 1979, summoned the Tel Aviv's envoy demanding an apology and an investigation.

Egypt's state television reported on Saturday that the country would recall its ambassador in Tel Aviv.

The death toll for Egypt's military personnel climbed to five on Friday afternoon after two officers that were wounded in the Israeli strike succumbed to death at a hospital.

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