Monday, December 24, 2007

Economic Depression 2008

While most of us spend the very last few dollars we have or do not have on Christmas Presents, “The Oligarchy” rub their greedy palms together in anticipation of a huge payoff. The character “Mr. Potter” in the movie by Frank Capra “It’s a Wonderful Life” portrays these wealthy few very well, however, this is not a movie and there is no happy ending.

I hope an economic depression in 2008 is not so, but the build up to it, is gaining momentum. The immediate outlook for 2008 shows that, Consumer spending will weaken considerably due to maxed out credit in the New Year. That means there will be more people unable to purchase anything but necessity items. If you add the “Mr. Potter” like fiasco of the housing industry, rising Oil prices, the trade Deficit, and Inflated War Spending, the economy is looking very bad indeed. “Mr. Rockefeller Potter should suffer in hell for this!”

We can no longer point the finger of blame solely on “Trade Deficit” because energy prices control costs and the path that the economy takes. Lets face it; the insatiable thirst for oil is behind the War in Iraq and other places on the globe. The group that controls you, me, and our monetary system in this large fife we call the World are the members of the Bilderburg Group. You will also find these people connected to the CFR or “Council on Foreign Relations”. Our buddy Mr. Rockefeller or should I say, “Mr. Potter”, just happens to control both groups.

Possible Solutions:

Some people believe that printing more money is the solution and will fix the economy. Others say it will eventually work itself out. But quite simply, the more money that is printed to meet this economic crises, the less valuable it becomes.

The “Money” that is printed in the USA by the “Federal Reserve” or should I say “Private International Bankers” is loaned to the government and the people with interest or added debt…the more money you print, the larger the debt and the weaker the dollar becomes. In short, the more money you print the more debt you are burdened with and the weaker the currency becomes.

Those so-called “Federal Reserve Dollars” are loaned to the government at an interest. So next month when GWB asks for 200 billion dollars more for his War, it comes with compound interest payable to people like the Rockefeller’s. That’s 200 Billion plus 4%.

Don't forget that the ultimate goal of the international private bankers is to control the issuance of money worldwide. But when the debt that they create and control becomes to big or too much for everyone to pay back, they crash the system by calling in loans to be paid immediately. When the loans cannot be paid, they seize all assets of the person, or company. The assets do not disappear into thin air. Once they have cleaned out most of those that cannot pay, they reset everything to zero and start a new currency.

The debt created when money is borrowed creates more debt in the form of interest, and it is this debt that eventually eats up all the wealth.

To start an economic depression, those that control the printing and the issuance of money simply recall all their loans. Ownership changes when payments cannot be met. That means economic ruin for people like you or me. Debt just cannot compound forever, so we are on borrowed time.


Once the US Dollar has tanked out, the Oligarchy will introduce the Amero. The new currency will be a combination of Canada, US, and Mexico's currencies. I am not for this, but this is the Oligarchy’s plan. If you want proof, all you have to do is watch the Canadian dollar stay at par with the U.S. dollar. It may stray up or down a bit but will not loose its parity now.

The Canadian economy is doing very well. That is so because of the vast amounts of oil in the tar sands of Alberta, but our dollar is being held back for the planned collapse of the US economy and the US dollar.

The vast reserves of oil and water in Canada will spark the new American economy envisioned by the Trilateral Group. Any currency that is linked to Canada’s Natural Resources will increase in value. Remember, Europe does not have oil; they just have two major oil companies that steal it from everyone else (BP & Shell). Therefore the Amero will surpass the Euro in value.

The Stage is Set:

The selling of oil in American dollars is quickly changing and being sold in Euros. The reason is simple; it is to protect the monstrous oil industry from the collapse of the U.S. dollar. Once the switch over is complete, the American dollar will collapse. Selling oil in Euros will not last however, due to the emergence of the Amero, which by the way will have Oil backing it. Remember, the Rockefeller’s not only control the printing of your money, they are also the majority owners of the oil companies, weapons companies, and own 80% or more of the politicians in Washington, who incidentally are CFR members. It’s No secret that the “Bush family” have been Rockefeller puppets for close to 100 years, so you shouldn’t be surprised about all the corruption.

Unfortunately, we North American people have been intentionally distracted while a few greedy families wreck havoc over our land, liberties, and freedoms. The prosperity we experienced after World War 2 will soon end and Sen. Rockefeller is hoping the George Bailey’s of the World do not stand in his way and stop him.
The only way to stop them will be to take back your constitution from the shredder that the current administration has tossed it into. If you do not act, in defence of your constitution then you will simply sink into poverty like the rest of the World that is owned by these families. You are almost at that poverty level now.


Stop ALL spending for shadow operations, including War funding, CIA operations, foreign Aid in the form of war toys and weapons, but in God’s name STOP Rockefeller his CFR and all his political puppets in power! Vote Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich and return your country to the people!

In the economic hard times ahead, Remember, “Wealth is in the Soul, not the bank”.

Bio: David Rockefeller


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Dollar’s Fall is Felt Around the Globe


  1. My god ...

    I've been searching for someone to connect the dots in a short to the point yet articulate and insightful manner for sometime now and here it is ...

    To anyone else reading this - KNOW that this IS the reality ...

    Its taken me a solid year to identify the pieces and probably would have taken longer to fully understand how these pieces interact with each of the other pieces on this global chess board until reading this blog by Stewart.

    This is a blessing and I Thank you for connecting the dots Stewart.

    The one thing I would like to add to this is in regards to solution think.

    Our greatest weapon is the easiest to wield. You read that right. It is the EASIEST to wield. We use it every day , several times a day for several hours a day. Most times we use even use it for fun.

    ::: TALKING :::

    ::: CONVERSATION :::


    This is THE FOUNDATION of our peaceful army.

    Talking ... Talk to anyone you come in contact with about Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich. Tell these people about the North American Union and the Amero -

    tell them about the CFR and how the Bush and Clinton Families are a part of it and so is oil ...

    Tell them how an economic depression SERVES the "Oligarchy" because these disgusting people can buy billion dollar corporations for pennies on the dollar.

    Tell them how RARE this country and its freedoms are - how we as a population have forgotten that we have it better than any other country in the world because of the senseless mindwashing of CORPORATION CONTROLLED MEDIA.

    Tell them how the INTERNET is the last haven for finding unbiased news content.

    Tell them how electronic voting machines are EASILY corrupted when no paper trail (paper ballot) is attached and how there have been dozens of cases of electronic voting machines being rigged.


    And when they ask "what can we do?" Simply reply "Our greatest weapon is word of mouth education ... within a few months of everyone agreeing to bare the responsibility of a simple conversation about the state of the nation - more people will be aware of our dire situation and the more people who are aware means the more people willing to move for change.

    Talking , Conversation and word of mouth education is our fastest - most effecient and effective foundation for change. PERIOD.

    If we dont take the responsibility to simply talk to our fellow americans about the problems we (and our grandchildren) are all facing - than we dont deserve the freedoms our forefathers DIED for in creating this nation.

    TALKING - CONVERSATION - WORD OF MOUTH EDUCATION for the Dennis Kucinich/Ron Paul Revolution and for the rescueing of America from the hell it is fast descending into.

    ~ Eric E

  2. Thanks Eric. You are right indeed...spread the word. We need to fight for our childrens future, or there simple will not be one.


  3. Well, I now have no faith at all in our potential " presidential hopefull" .
    Clinton 1 and 2 cannot be trusted, Obama is too untested, McCain is too unsure. Mitt, tho a good businesman and may be the better of the bunch can not be elected, too clean.
    Mike is too nice and easy. Who, I pray , will lead this country out of the mess that The Big Money has allowed GWB to get us in. They let the kid get himself into the mess that they wanted us to get into so they could " make the american common market. We need help from OUR LORD this time, or we are toast

  4. Here is an article about the fed chairman during the time of the Great Depression and what he thought caused it. The same thing is happening again for the same reasons. Please read:

    In Review: America's Most Egalitarian Banker
    Marriner S. Eccles, Beckoning Frontiers: Public and Personal Recollections. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1951.
    At the start of the Great Depression, Marriner Eccles hardly seemed someone who might lead a charge against the economic orthodoxies that justified grand hoards of private fortune. By the early 1930s, after all, the Utah-born Eccles had become the top banker in the Mountain West, the organizer of the first multibank holding company in the United States.
    But Eccles had also come to understand, after watching the great speculative bubbles of the 1920s pop into massive misery, that prosperity — to endure — needs to be shared. Eccles began speaking out on that theme, shortly after the Great Depression began, and soon caught the attention of the early New Dealers.
    In 1933, Eccles would become an assistant secretary of the treasury. A year later, Franklin Roosevelt would appoint him to the Federal Reserve Board. He would become Board chair in 1935 and remain in that central position for the next 13 years. No one individual, over those years, had more of an impact on economic policy in the United States.
    Looking back on those years, in his 1951 memoir Beckoning Frontiers, Eccles would do his best to explain the impact he set out to make. Mass production, he noted at the outset, demands mass consumption, but people can’t afford to consume if the wealth an economy generates is concentrating at the top.
    In the years leading up to the Great Depression, that concentrating was accelerating. A “giant suction pump,” charged Eccles, “had by 1929-30 drawn into a few hands an increasing portion of currently produced wealth.”
    “In consequence, as in a poker game where the chips were concentrated in fewer and fewer hands,” Eccles observed, “the other fellows could stay in the game only by borrowing. When their credit ran out, the game stopped.”
    Sound familiar? The decade of the 1920s that Eccles describes in his 1951 memoir comes across today as eerily familiar. Then as now, the U.S. economy was floating on a sea of debt.
    Then as now, inequality was hollowing out the nation. Eccles put the matter bluntly: “Had there been a better distribution of the current income from the national product — in other words, had there been less savings by business and the higher-income groups and more income in the lower groups — we should have had far greater stability in our economy.”
    How would Eccles have reacted to our current debt-ridden, war-torn economy? We can’t, of course, know for sure what Eccles would do. But we do know what he did. In 1942, during World War II, a high-powered team of New Deal officials that included Eccles proposed to President Roosevelt that “a ceiling of fifty thousand dollars after taxes should be placed on individual incomes.”
    In our current dollars, this $50,000 ceiling would equal about $700,000. What did FDR do with the Eccles proposal? He turned around and asked Congress to place a 100 percent tax on all individual income over $25,000.
    Congress would eventually set the nation’s top tax rate at 94 percent on all income over $200,000, and that top tax rate would hover around 90 percent for the next two decades, years that would see the greatest period of middle class prosperity in U.S. economic history.
    In 2005, the latest year with statistics available, America’s leading hedge fund managers and the rest of the nation’s top 400 income-earners faced a top tax rate of 35 percent. They actually paid, after loopholes, just 18.2 percent of their incomes in tax.
    Marriner Eccles would not approve.
    Stat of the Week
    In the two decades between 1986 and 2005, America’s top 1 percent of taxpayers saw their share of the nation’s income jump from 11.3 to 21.2 percent. Over those same years, the federal income taxes the top 1 percent paid dropped by an equally stunning margin, from 33.13 percent of total personal income in 1986 to 23.13 percent in 2005, the most current year with IRS stats available. Taxpayers needed to report at least $364,657 in 2005 to enter the top 1 percent.
    About Too Much
    Too Much is published by the Council on International and Public Affairs, a nonprofit research and education group founded in 1954. Office: Suite 3C, 777 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017. E-mail:

  5. This is valuable information. More is needed like what we are doing here and on my site to get the word out.

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