Thursday, October 4, 2007

Anglophones in Quebec Have No Rights

Letter to the Canadian People:

Most Canadians do not know that the Province of Quebec has an English population. That is because the politicians in Quebec are KILLING our language and culture. Federal Politicians are NOT helping the Anglophone community in Quebec either. In fact Mr. Harper has embraced the Francophone minorities in other Provinces but NOT done one single thing for the Anglophone community in Quebec!!!

The English Language and Culture is being KILLED in the Province of Quebec and NO ONE is helping us. Every time the question of equal rights is raised in Quebec for the English population, we are shouted down and denied our rights. A FEDERAL leader’s DUTY is to protect minority rights, which also include the English community in Quebec. Are English Quebecers to be denied their rights as Canadians again so that this time a Federal Conservative Political Party can appease French speaking people for votes?

As a Quebec Anglophone, I am sick to death of not having any rights! French politicians are KILLING my culture in Quebec and you Mr. Harper are helping to make it happen. Our culture has been smashed and our friends and family have been scattered across Canada in pursuit of the right to work and live in their culture and language.

Let me tell you something Mr. Harper, my father and many other English Quebecers fought for this country!! They fought hard and brave, many died…but they won the right for their children to live free of oppression. So why is English Quebec STILL being oppressed? We are not allowed to post English signs unless the words are written 50% smaller than the French words…and we had to wait 10 years for that right. FRENCH must be predominant. All Provincial Government buildings including Hospitals are French only. There are little to no English services…unless they are staffed with French people who barely speak English.

The English school system is a shambles with a drop out rate of 40% because 50% of the classes are taught in FRENCH. Our children are not allowed to be schooled in English.

Anyone that comes to Quebec must enrol his or her children in French schools. No one is allowed their freedom of choice and if by chance you are English speaking and petition for the right of English school access, you MUST apply for an English eligibility certificate and prove that you went to an English school.

English is considered illegal in this province. Is that equality? I thought I lived in Canada, where I was guaranteed my rights? I am not working because I am denied the right to work in my language.

I have lived in this Province all of my 47 years. I have a College education, depth and experience in modern Manufacturing practices and systems but I no longer have any rights. Not even to complain.

I am still denied a job in this Province because I am not Fluent in French and I am not alone! Any company that has French management or a French person in charge of human resources will not hire English-speaking Quebecers. A growing majority of the Quebec Anglophone jobless are seeking social assistance, and help from food banks…I am no stranger to asking for help in this regard. It is demoralizing to an educated and skilled worker, especially when the jobless rate is at a 30 year low.

Why hasn’t the rest of Canada heard about the struggle of the English community in Quebec? Government controlled media spewing propaganda? An inept media? Fascist Politicians? Please, someone help us here!! The Montreal English Newspaper will not print this letter. Is it because French interests own it?!

The Anglophone community is hanging on by a thread and the Montreal Gazette does not help us! The CBC, and CTV do not help us! I am willing to bet that not one Canadian Newspaper will run this letter. Why?

If one Canadian newspaper includes this letter, who ever reads it, please send me an e-mail to confirm it or in support.

Prejudice, hate, and anger are the evil tools of dictators and I say this, that YOU Mr. Harper are a hypocrite for selling out the English community in Quebec. Why haven’t you pushed for equal rights in this Province? Scared of a political backlash? Why not stand up to the French Quebec that oppresses the English people in the province…stand up and say “Respect is a two way street, to earn it, you also have to give it. Change the laws!!”

I grew up embracing all cultures, and I will NOT be conveniently sacrificed for political gain! I am a HUMAN BEING just like anyone else! Are French people more important than English people Mr. Harper?!!? …Or do you seek their votes?

I have 5 children who also do not speak French very well…what is their Future? What is the future of this Canadian family? Will we be just another family broken up and scattered across Canada? Or will we end up living on the streets? The creditors are pushing me closer to the streets every day.

I am tired of the typical brush off or Quebec Politicians answer of, “You have to be French.” or “You can work anywhere else in Canada.”…Those are not options in the free and equal society called Canada. That is Quebec dictatorship.

I am not allowed to complain, and in a country that prides itself on being fair to minorities why has it forgotten the English community in Quebec? What are Federal Canadian politicians afraid of? Are they afraid of risking separation? Is the Anglophone community in Quebec to be sacrificed for fear? What do I tell my children? The best thing is to move? Wave the magic “demanage wand” and tap your heels, “There’s no place like home!”…“Where is my home?”

I do not have the means to leave this Province, and most Ontario, Alberta, or B.C. companies will not hire from so far away, especially when I have to start from scratch financially. I speak French better than you Mr. Harper. Maybe I should ask the Canadian people for your job! At least I would treat ALL Canadians with respect!!


  1. Here is the statement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper that has provoked my outrage!

    October 4, 2007

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper today attended the joint annual general meeting of the Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM) and the Manitoba Association of Bilingual Municipalities (AMBM) and delivered the following statement:

    “I am delighted to be here in St. Boniface, the unofficial French-speaking capital of Western Canada.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, here is one of the fundamental truths of Canada’s history: our great country was founded by Francophones.

    They created the first capital almost four hundred years ago in Quebec City and, inspired by a pancontinental vision, they founded vibrant French-speaking communities throughout the land.

    Well before English and French had the status of Canada’s official languages, communities like yours had built the institutions and social networks that would ensure the preservation of the French language and culture.

    The Francophone communities here in Manitoba, or in Northern New Brunswick, or in Eastern Ontario or in Northeastern Alberta, are living proof of their success.

    Today, thanks to their – and your – determination, we have a country whose bilingualism is recognized the world over as one of Canada’s prized and distinctive characteristics.

    My dear friends, I’ve learned to speak French – not fluently, I’ll grant you, but I’m working on it – because I recognized long ago that Francophones and the French language are at the very heart of our nation.

    You have enriched Canada in countless ways.

    And as a country, we are so much better for it.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, our country, Canada, is more united today than at any point since its centenary 40 years ago.

    Little by little we are regaining our rightful place on the world scene, thanks to our renewed military force and a foreign policy vision based on freedom, democracy, human rights and rule of law.

    And here at home, we are enjoying a period of sustained economic growth, with an unemployment rate at its lowest level in two generations.

    But we mustn’t rest on our laurels.

    We must continue making good decisions if our country is to enjoy continued prosperity over the long term.

    Because we want every Canadian man or woman, rural or urban, Francophone or Anglophone, to share in our country’s success.

    Like a number of our caucus members, I know that for many of you here this evening, farming is how you make your living.

    Since we took office, our government has earmarked more than four billion dollars for agriculture to support farmers and their families.

    For entrepreneurs, we have introduced tax reforms that will benefit small businesses, and we’ve invested in the Franco-Manitoban Loan Program, which offers financing to businesses in Manitoba’s bilingual communities.

    Just recently, Heritage Minister Josée Verner signed an agreement with the province to build a centre that will help meet the training and development needs of the French-speaking communities in the St. Lawrence region.

    Let me assure you that our government will always be there to support the efforts of Francophone communities in seeking to preserve their institutions, their language and their culture.

    Because we don’t take your important contribution for granted.

    We prove this by fulfilling our commitment to your communities and by taking concrete action, instead of just sweet-talking you.

    We know that a strong country depends on strong communities.

    Our country owes its success to honest, hard-working Canadians such as yourselves and the other Francophones throughout the land who contribute to our unique linguistic and cultural identity.

    A united country, a respected country, a country that works for all of us.

    Thank you, and I hope to see you soon.

  2. I am an anglophone immigrant living in Quebec city. I can echo many of the comments you made based on my experience over the past year. I am an academic professional that was recruited to the city. However, my husband who is also an anglophone immigrant has experienced great difficulties in finding work despite have a university degree and more than 5 years of work experience. Even though he has applied for more than 20 full-time jobs for which he is qualified over the past year, he still remains employed only part-time, ironically, he can only find work teaching English in Quebec city.

  3. Thank you for speaking up! It is time that all Quebec Anglophones and Allophones stand up together and demand our rights. It has been a very frustrating situation for many people. Thank you for confirming our ongoing struggle for respect and equality. Let me know how you came to hear about this post, I am curious to see if and newspapers ran the story. Thanks again, and keep your chin up.

  4. Oh how true !
    Hey Mr Harper, how about embracing the English community in Quebec ?
    What's that you say Mr Harper? You had no idea, like the rest of Canada that yes, there are anglophones in Quebec? The only ones that realize what a strong and vibrant community we were, are the one who had enough of being treated like second class citizens and left! Canada needs a wake up call ( as well as precious CBC and CTV) that Quebec is not only French. ( not to leave out our incredibly wonderful ethnic communities who help make this place so beautiful.) Where are our rights as Canadian citizens ?
    I've lived here 48 years and have paid taxes through the nose for what? Look at what's happening to our community. Policies that have been put into law is just another way of slowly erradicating english from this province.
    Maybe we didn't contribute enough ?Funny how the flag of the city of Montreal recognizes the communities that helped build this place ( The English, Scottish, Irish and French)
    I too have children that will go out into the workforce someday, but much as I hate to think about it, I will probably tell them to find work in another province.
    Any clue as to who I should vote for in the next Provincial election ?

  5. My question is this: We English speaking Quebecors are paying our Taxes to the Quebec Gouvernment; Where is our Representation?

    The political mess we've been left to clean up in Quebec is astronmomical. It's like walking on eggshells. I feel all Canadians, especially English speaking Quebecors have been more than accomodating to the French speaking Quebecors.
    Every business transaction Must commence in French, including all automated phone systems. But recently, there has been more nonsense concerning the English menus on phone systems; to only allow the English menu at the very end of Any French menus preceeding it.

    These language laws of 'English fine print only' makes me wonder, are all Anglophones Near-sighted?

    You may laugh, but road construction signs in French Only in Quebec is dangerous. This is just a hypothetical example..

    "10 Foot Drop in Roadway Ahead." A sign like this written in French Only, would be a great way to kill off any and all Tourists to our beautiful Province.

    We all complain alot in Quebec, but the reality is that most mixed language neighborhoods do basicly get along together here in Quebec.

  6. With your permission I'd like to repost this as part of the Anglophone Rights Association group I've created on Facebook.

  7. Yes Steve Karmazenuk, you have my permission.

  8. I came across your blog post of October 4, 2007, and I have to thank you for posting this. You are absolutely correct! My experience is the same as yours. I am not working now and haven't been able to find work because I am an English-speaking person in Quebec -- despite my university education and all my various skills. I hate this discrimination we've been enduring! It touches all English-speaking people in so many ways, and yet what can we do about it? I'm feeling helpless.

    This discrimination is everywhere. As you well know, it's a crock to believe we are treated equally even though it is a supposed right. A few months ago my 71 year old mother was hospitalized in a French hospital. (They have more money than the "English" hospitals so she didn't have to wait as long in the French system for an elective surgery. The wait in an "English" hospital would be 2 years, in the French system it was 7 months. How WRONG is that?) Only one nurse even tried to speak English, and did so very poorly! My mother suffered terrible pain post-op and cried all night because the nurses didn't give her pain meds -- how could they not understand her pleas for pain medication??!! It breaks my heart to even think about this...

    I came across your letter to the Canadian people while researching what rights and recourse we have against workplace discrimination... Here's what prompted my search: My fiancé is having an issue at work now because he is Anglophone -- he's worked there for 26 years but the new Francophone VP is rearranging the furniture so that Anglophones don't sit together. She is hoping to isolate the English people so they become miserable at work and eventually quit. This makes my blood boil! There HAS to be some way to put an end to this blatant discrimination.

    Again, thanks for reminding me that I am not alone here. If you are aware of any organized Anglo groups that are fighting for us, please let me know. I would be happy to volunteer in any way I can.


  9. Way to go, Stewart! English speakers should speak up against discrimination wherever and whenever it happens. French speakers are well known for their intolerance the world over. Quebec's English speakers should unite, demonstrate, go on strike and paralyze Quebec with non-violent action. Quebec cannot function without its English speakers. It is time the French speakers were reminded the hard way. Here is a website that documents what a useless language French is and why it isn't worth learning:

  10. A year and a bit later, I stumbled upon this blog while doing a google search on oppressed anglophone rights in Quebec.

    After having an official from the Office de la langue francaise contact our company today and told them to take inventory; they want to make sure that we are using more french keyboards than english. What kind of BS is that?

    Why is it that in other countries when a minorities rights are being stomped on, even the UN will get involved in making sure that everyone is treated equally. In Quebec it seems, we do not qualify for this. Someone needs to stop the madness.

    Thank you for posting this.

  11. I have since moved from Montreal Quebec (Jan 2008) and relocated to Winnipeg Manitoba for work. At least I am no longer under an oppressive regime called the Quebec Government. However, my family is now destroyed because I had to leave three of my children behind in order to work and support them. One day justice will prevail and I will see to it that Quebec Dictatorship is exposed for what it is…Racist! My question to everyone out there is, “Do you think that Quebec commits Human Rights Abuses by engaging in racial purity, Isolation of a linguistic group, language & cultural restrictions on minorities, and adopting a dictatorial approach to eliminate English peoples rights?”

    You all ready know my position.

    Jan. 29th 2009

  12. I've been in Quebec my whole life, 39 year now. The way I've been treated like a second class citizen, been abused, assaulted, told to "go back where you came from", etc. The fact that you can't get a job if you don't speak French, yet if you don't speak English you can work in a government office????

    Honestly, I HATE the entire culture and just the sound of the language makes me want to get an automatic weapon and cull the herd!!!

  13. I came across this site looking for others who have been through something similar to my situaton. I was born in Quebec, left when I was 5 and raised in NS. I speak English and very little French, only what I remember being taught in High School years ago. I am 33 yrs old. Just moved back to Quebec because my childs medicine she needs is covered in this province and it was not in NS. Also I have family here for support. I am a single mother of a child with Rheumatoid Arthritis who is 4.I recently had to take her to Quebec City for the first time to see a new Rheumatologist, and other specialists to help her with her ongoing struggle. When we arrived at the hospital for her to be admitted after travelling by plane all day, I was greeted by a French Admissions Clerk who was instantly frustrated with me because I did not understand what she was asking me. I asked her if anyone spoke English. THat irritated her even more. I finally found my way to the ward where my child would be staying for the next few days. Immediately we are discriminated upon, not one nurse came to ask if we needed anything, to ask how my child was, if she was in any pain, if she needed anything to be more comfortable and so on...but oddly enough in the next bed was a boy 6 yrs old , French speaking family, nurses tending to him every minute to make sure he had everything he needed. My child finally falls asleep amongst all the chatter and noise at 10 pm. Half an hour later, a student resident doctor comes in asks me ridiculous questions as to who I was and my history. My child woke and I then told him to ask me the next day when I could actually function with a bit of sleep. 3 am , a young nurse, French, came in to take a blood sample from my child, noone even registered her with a band on her arm , nothing at this point. This nurse woke her up, rammed a needl into her arm as she sat on my lap, basically tortured my child in the middle of the night, with no experience taking blood whatsoever. I was shocked when she spilt her blood all over my jeans and the bed. After excrutiating pain and discomfort, my child fell asleep on my cot because her bed wasnt changed of the blood spatter. This was enough for me, Ive decided at this point that I was leaving unless I had an explanation as to why my childs bed wasnt changed until 3 PM the next day. The first doctor (FRENCH of course) showed up the next morning, I showed him the masacred bed and told him I felt afraid after the night before and what happened. I told him my child was really sick with the flu and nothing was offered to her for it, not even even a glass of water was offered. He got very defnsive and said this hospital was the best in his opinion for childs healthcare in Quebec and ranted on about me wasting his time by bringing my child there in the first place. I simply tried to explain my fear as a mother, being English in a French hospital ,questions about being informed properly on what was ahead for my child in the next few days. I expained my fear of not understanding procedures or tests being done because they would be all in French and communication thus far was in French and very rude, by no wrong doing from myself . My child was at this hospital to be evaluated and she was referred there from a Nova Scotia Hospital.So, I guess at this point he took it to be an attack on the French and walked out saying I have other patients t see, I'm not going to waste my time arguning with you. As a mother I felt alone, scared, confused as to why this Doctor didn't understand or have any compassion for my child or as to how I felt. The next doctor came in introduced himself, told me off in front of my child, the child in the next bed who is 6, his grandmother and father were present in the room as well. Told me to stop wasting their time as there are other sick kids who need them. Once again I didnt even have a chance to speak this time. Not one word. He left the room in a franctic way, yelling at me. H came straigtht back in with a form for me to sign, in french of course, no idea what it said and when I asked him what it said he said just sign it and you can leave. At this point I was very irritated but also scared being in a new place, never ever being treated like this by a supposed professional before. Plus to make matters worse my child was witnessing this abuse towards me and just as scared herself, asking me why is that man yelling at you mommy? I told him I am not signing something that is in a language I don't understand. He snatched the paper out of my hand and stromed out of the room, in front of the other family sharing it of course. I went for the phone after calming my little one down, and called my family back on the North Shore of Quebec. My family called the Transport Place in our local Hospital to ask for a plane ticket home, as e had open tickets because we weren't sure when we left how long the visit in the hospital would be. The head of transport told my parent, if I did not stay there and seek evaluation for my child, I would have to cover the expensse for myself and my child to fly back which was way over $2000. Now desperation and unbelievably saddness came over me because I could not believe this was happening to me as a Canadian born resident. As I was "stuck" there my child and I waited it out, let them perform their ridiculous procedures on her for the next 3 days. 2 nurses actually consoled me and said the two doctors that flipped out are known to have a short fuse and it didnt surprise them, of course this was spoken in broken English but I apprecaited them trying to communicate with understanding. I will never forget them for having human compassion without predjuice, which for the rest I encountered I cannot say the same.
    So, after 4 days in this hospital, upon finally getting discharged, the most important doctor she was there to see said to me as he left the room, next time you come you should be fluent in French, right? It might be a good idea..right? I responded with a sarcastic snicker and a ya ..ok....(like a not ok ok )and he said the proper word is OUI...I could not believe my ears. I am completely ashamed to say to anyone now that I was born in QUEBEC because never in my life did I come across fellow Canadians and "professionals" like this. EVER. Thanks for reading my story. I hope to follow through this week with complaints and I will blog with the latest. Because as far as I'm concerned, any parent has the GOD GIVEN RIGHT to knwo what is being said or done when it comes to your childs wellbeing. PERIOD. That IS and always WAS the law as far as I know, and Quebec is STILL a part of Canada. Maybe after I'm through they will abide by the code of ethics for the sick, and understand what they did was against the law. Perhaps a certain doctor will rethink his career, because wtth a temper like his he should not be working as a Peadatrician.

  14. Hi :)

    I'm a bilingual Quebecer, who speaks both French and English at home. I work at a medical office in the LaSalle sector of Montréal. I greet people with ''bonjour'' since it is the greeting of the public, no matter what. Should the patient respond in English, I continue to provide health services in their language.

    All in all, we must understand that Québec is a francophone society, whether we like it or not. The only official language is French, simply to protect our culture that dates roughly 400 years. Without out it, our cities and regions would lose distiction. We must embrace it - especially immigrants.

    If you have attended English school (in Canada) and have children, SEND THEM TO ENGLISH SCHOOL, even if you would like them to be fluent in French - our immersion schools are perfect for this, This way, they have English Eligibility to do the same later on. People would kill for that.

    For those of you who have difficulty finding employment in Québec, try taking French courses - they are offered at McGill University in Montréal. If you can't want to take French courses and wish to work in an anglophone environment while living within Québec, move to Gatineau! You can then work in Ottawa (across the bridge) without any worries.

    I am 16 years old and aspire to become the best Québec premier. I am in favor of a separate Québec that includes ALL citizens while keeping the French language at the heart of our beautiful society.

  15. There are many French speaking people in Quebec that still believe that French is the only official Language in the Canadian Province of Quebec. I am not surprised that this ignorance continues. In fact the separation threat is always used when equality and minority rights are even mentioned. The real fact is, Canada has two official languages, English & French. There is no pick and choose option that says choose one language or the other and apply it in your Province.
    For a French person to say that Quebec does not recognize English as an official language does not surprise me in the least. That person can only be viewed as a bigot a hater, or a simple-minded fool. These people usually suffer from propaganda overload by their masters.

    Since 1972 the plutocrats in Quebec have turned their angry propaganda machine on in the attempt to win the minds of the sheep. Over the last 40 years, they have singled out the Italian, English, and Spanish speaking minorities, as well as the visual minorities.

    The main attack has been levied on the English speaking population. The propaganda and excuse that has been drummed into simple sheep minds is that they will loose their language. LMAO.

    This twisted view empowers their ego and a false sense of self-righteousness. They would have you believe that no one but French people lived in Quebec for 400 years. What about the Mohawk people? I guess you forgot about the First Nations people.

    There has never been an offer of equal rights. Not even under Maurice Duplessis and the Union National. These bigots, and their simple minded followers are no better than the Dictatorial regime of Adolph Hitler and the empty platitudes his regime offered. Even the educated people were seduced by empty platitudes in Nazi Germany because in them, a person can see whatever they want. We all know what happened next. Hate graffiti, broken windows, heavy fines and arrests from unjust laws, etc. The majority in Quebec is French, but that does not give them the right to dictate the lives, business, and community of the minority people. Quebec is an oppressive regime.

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  17. I have lived all my life in Quebec...knew I shold leave but this was my home. I have watched my friends who did leave prosper while we have struggled to get by...but still I stayed.
    My son is 11yrs old, he has dyslexia, a language based learning difficulty. We fought to help him and found out that while we paid for private services the franco schools supplied them. After 4 years of dealing with schools (english schools that teach mainly french, doesn't work for language based learning disabilities) that want to help but whose hands are tied I moved to Eastern Ontario. Yes there is still french here but there is also english and I get to choose. My son is doing very well. Happy ending right?
    My husband still works in Quebec and he comes home on Friday and leaves us Sunday night...we hope that he will be able to work here eventually but there is not much work and we need the income...try telling that to my 11 and 8 year olds who just want their Dad.

  18. If Anglophones feel discriminated to that extent imagine how the immigrants are treated in this province, probably a lot of them are not even capable of voicing thier opinions and sharing the experiences they had.

  19. hello dear Stewart,
    noblemen/women.. .

    having read these comments and original post br-ea-ks my heart.

    despite being born and half-raised in montreal, i left permanently, primarily because of an unforgiving ..acoustic taste.

    see, both my parents were south europeans, immigrants speaking poor english as a second language, and so i had to attend french quebecois schooling. montreal is where my childhood memories reside, where my heart tends to forgive and return, yet only to..

    ~ ~~

    while a teen on a trip to france, i was exposed for the first time to proper french! then and there, i realized how 'natural' my negative feeling was, while listening daily that quebecois dialect.

    beyond that, and with all due respect, the racial behavior of the quebecois in quebec is only a poor dogma with animalistic practice.

    and sadly, anyone who could learn, meet and love, the local french culture, a francophone little canada if you may, steadily moves/turns away. what could had been a true hommage to ancestry or even a just sequel to whatever the history, has become a shallow behavior exercised by cheap ego's.

    frankly, the world knows Canada, speaks of Canadians; these facts r unlikely to change regardless of any poor local actions. forgive me but still! noone -anywhere- knows of french quebec or the quebecois, but for ..too 'provincial' a quebec and the only poorly qualified quebecois-- not even France!

    had they behaved nobly, they would had gained truly, growing in flesh and blood, in numbers and supporters, expanding safely into the future.

    however, french quebec seems to foster a particularly shallow character, citizenship, and intellect for that matter, all of which are expressed in their language accent and tone, "pas du tout du goût" !!

    long living in a civilized and developed state, i can not even visualize in my mind raising my child/ren in such a narrow-minded, poor habitat. consider that, even our pet responds in three different languages!! ! showing no bias whatsoever.

    sending you my sincere wishes for a nomad life,


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