Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Attack on Your Freedom

By: Stewart Brennan

There is an all out attack on the freedom loving people of the United States by its Government. Your liberty as free people in the U.S. will fall victim to Security Corporations such as Blackwater if they are not challenged and put in prison.

I bet Blackwater would do a good job for the Bush family when it comes to security at the poles come election time in 2008. That is, IF there is an election, because now, all that needs to happen in the USA for there not to be an election is an economic depression. Bush coould declare martial law and suspend all elections given his new executive powers!

That economic depression is well on its way.

The Bush Family and the Oligarchy that they serve are planning an economic collapse in the USA. George Bush could then declare martial law with his specially trained security forces and suspend elections when the economic depression unfolds. George Bush could then invoke Martial Law and his dictatorship would then be complete and no dictatorship is complete without its secret service (SS).

Blackwater and other security organizations are contracted to fill that spot. Blackwater did such a great job for the White House in Iraq (Sarcasm), I bet they could beat and suppress children speaking out in high schools just as effectively. Have they been hired as school security guards yet? How about social security, oh that’s right Bush says there is no more money for helping out Americans down on their luck. There will be no social security, because George Bush believes that Blackwater should be your social security…had enough yet my American friends? Are you tired of seeing your children beaten up for speaking out, or getting broken arms for dropping cake on the floor in a high school cafeteria?

Government Hijacked:

When Republican George Bush asked for an extra 190 billion dollars, Congress gave it to him. A congress with a Democratic majority I might add, who rode the anti war protest of the American people in 2006…votes overwhelmingly in favour of funding the illegal war in Iraq. Did you, “the American people” give your politicians the authority to wage a continuing war?! I thought you voted against it? Maybe your government is not listening to you anymore. Are they not supposed to be working for you?

The American politicians and their rich corporate sponsors have declared war on the American people. You no longer have a division of 2 political parties but one government that wants war, save two presidential hopefuls (Ron Paul, & Dennis Kucinich). The American Oligarchy has hijacked the American government and is pulling on the leash. The harder the American public cries foul, the harder and louder this group pushes their congressional employees to support the Bush directive. They are at War with YOU!

Internal Security Crackdown:

US Security is handled by groups like Blackwater…think about that one for a minute. These guys will be at your airports, train stations, Government buildings, in your schools, and at every poling station. They shoot first and don’t ask questions. These arrogant thugs, or hired guns don’t answer to anyone! They are the Bush Family’s secret security or SS for short. Similar to Hitler’s Patriotic SS, these sick murdering Blackwater individuals are so ruthless, they make Hitler seem like a Yosemite Sam cartoon character.

Higher Morals Must Prevail:

There MUST be a crackdown on ALL private security companies with regulations put in place to protect the American citizens from being brutalized victims from a rising totalitarian state! Don’t wait for Bush’s elected term to end, get him NOW…before its too late. If there is still something worth fighting for in the USA, it is your children! Protect your children and grandchildren from these ruthless thugs!


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  1. House Bill Would Allow Prosecution of Contractors
    By David Stout
    The New York Times

    Thursday 04 October 2007

    Washington - Amid the fallout over the shooting of Iraqis by private American security guards, the House today overwhelmingly passed a bill to make all private contractors working in Iraq subject to prosecution in United States civilian courts.

    The vote was 389 to 30, with all of the "no" votes cast by Republicans. Voting for the bill were 225 Democrats and 164 Republicans.

    Senate Democratic leaders are expected to introduce similar legislation soon, and if the support in that chamber is similar to that in the House, President Bush would have no hope of killing the legislation with a veto.

    The White House and the Pentagon oppose the idea of putting contractors under the jurisdiction of civilian courts, arguing that it would insert civilian investigators into areas better covered under military law. But the recent shooting incident involving employees of Blackwater USA has exposed a loophole in current law that has left it unclear whether the security contractor's employees are now bound by any law at all.

    The current Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act applies to people supporting Defense Department operations overseas. But Blackwater's main mission is providing security for the State Department. Moreover, all American contractors are immune from prosecution in Iraqi courts.

    Blackwater's founder and chief, Erik D. Prince, told a House committee on Tuesday that his company's security guards are loyal Americans, and nothing like the trigger-happy mercenaries described in some news media reports.

    Many questions remain to be answered about the shooting incident, which took place on Sept. 16 in a Baghdad square. At least 17 Iraqis were killed under circumstances that some lawmakers say points to a shoot-first, ask-questions-later mentality on the part of Blackwater guards.

    There have also been allegations that Blackwater and the State Department have tried to cover up some shootings, or at least minimize the reaction to them, with quiet payments of money to victims' relatives.

    The bill's sponsor, Representative David Price, Democrat of North Carolina, said Wednesday on the House floor that objections to the measure are unfounded. He said his bill would provide accountability.

    "It means that we will have the tools at our disposal to ensure that the criminal behavior of the men and women working in our name and on our dime does not, in any way, damage our goals and objectives," Mr. Price said.

    Among the Republicans who voted for the bill were John A. Boehner of Ohio, the minority leader, and Roy Blunt of Missouri, the minority whip.



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