Thursday, October 18, 2007

The End of Free Speech in America

By: Stewart Brennan

A battle is going on right now to kill off all media and mediums that hold different opinions than the Corporate Media Executives and their financial backers.

There is a bigger picture here that needs to be considered before you just write this matter off. When you add all forms of communication surveillance, and Internet control, to Radio, Newspaper, and Television you have a totalitarian media tool for a Fascist Government. Things are getting seriously twisted and the free peoples voice must not be silenced! The same thing happened in 1930’s Germany. Dictatorship wasn’t achieved all at once, but by little bits of freedom lost here and there until absolute control was achieved.

If the lackeys in the FCC go ahead with the plan on removing restrictions on Media ownership, they will remove the average American’s voice and all freedoms experienced in opinion and press. There will be nothing to stop a Complete Imperial Fascist State.

Every time a court ruling is made in favour of the American people, these same twisted corporate politicians and lawyers strike back with a counter. Such is the case with the illegal wiretapping and secret surveillance of everyone and everything. Bush and corporate communications companies got away with that one and BOTH parties sold you the American people out!

Something needs to be done…When was the last time you heard a President even use the words, “World War Three”…as Bush did yesterday?

The laughable President who seems incapable of fluid thought is no longer a puppet to joke about! It appears that the ONLY reason that he appears to stumble with his words is because he is hiding behind his real objectives. The way I see it, Truth will roll out of the mouth easier than a series of lies within lies. George does a lot of stumbling but more now than at the beginning of his term. When a liar gets caught or trips up, his immediate reaction is to get angry with those posing questions to him…just like he does every time he makes an appearance. I saw him scold a number of reporters yesterday just for asking serious questions, and he was really smug with his answers, with unspoken threats.

George Bush is a satanic, evil, lying, Warmonger, whose worship of power and corruption showers him in wealth…and he’s laughing at you! Who will call him out?

It is my considered opinion that the American people should stand up and remove every trace of power from these monsters in Washington! When President Kennedy said, “Ask not what can your country do for you, but what can you do for your Country?” he did not mean for you to sit by and support a wealthy elite few ruin your free nation and have it ruled by a tyrant.

It is not just the lives of the Iraqi people that are at stake here, but also the lives of everyone on the planet including the American people!!

The voice of reason must prevail! Stand up America, and take your country back! Show the World why it is great to be an American because you are not doing that now. Sever all Government ties with corporate influence, run for election yourselves, don’t rely on the imagined two party system of Democrat verses Republican anymore. These two parties are owned by corporate America and serve only their ever-gracious money masters.

Truth and Honesty will win out in the end, but if that is going to happen, people need to make a stand and stick together. The Bush Autocracy and the executive members of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) have declared a state of WAR on the American people. Their well-placed puppets at various points in Government chip away at your freedoms every day, while the Senate and Congress pass the laws that erode your freedoms and constitution.

Its time to wake up America! Once control of the media and medium has been achieved by these sick greedy bastards they will simply cut off all those that do not bend to their wishes…i.e.: Americans that do not agree with the government will be considered revolutionaries and terrorists and therefore silenced…don’t let that happen!

Response to the Articles “Senate & Bush Agree on Terms of Spying Bill” from the Washington Post and to “Plan Would Ease FCC Restriction on Media Owners” from the “New York Times”

Washington Post Article

New York Times

We are fast approaching the time when self-survival will be a reality, and this electro/mechanic/fossil fuel world will be a moment in history.

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