Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Missile hit Pentagon on 9/11: Video

Source: Press TV

On the verge of the 9/11 tenth anniversary, leaked videos confirm eye-witnesses' accounts that the attack was made by a cruise missile rather than a passenger plane, an editor told Press TV's US Desk.

"There were 85 videos; another video was released yesterday (August 29). Now it hasn't been carefully vetted but it appears to be quite genuine that clearly shows a cruise missile from another angle hitting the Pentagon," Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today, told Press TV's US Desk on Tuesday.

Duff said that CNN reporters at the scene of the 9/11 event in 2001 said they had not seen any plane wreckage after the attack.

According to "reliable reports" from airline pilots, it would be "impossible" for the plane and any pilot at all, including the top air force and navy pilots in the US, to have flown a plane in such a way the Pentagon, he added.

"We have engineers at Boeing -- the company that manufactured the plane that supposedly hit the Pentagon -- that say it couldn't fly that fast, it can't fly that low, it can't make those turns and it couldn't have been there," the investigative journalist said.

The close photographs of the Pentagon also show no wreckage of the plane, although normally remains of a plane wreck sometimes cover a square of a mile.

The plane crash does not create a hole 7 to 8 feet across, but it rather creates a hole where the wing hits over 120 feet across, experts say.

"But none of that had happened," he mentioned.

The video that is available now shows that the missile was rectangular, white, seemingly 17 to 20 feet, supersonic, without wings but with a small tail.

It is still pure conjecture who planned the attack and why he did it, but it is quite clear it was not a plane, according to Duff.

"We're willing to prove it wasn't a plane. We'll prove it in any court of law. Now we have solid evidence that we've put together for ten years," Duff said. "It is our belief that members of the US government and one other foreign government were complicit in the planning and execution of the attacks on 9/11."

It is very distressing for veterans to know that their own government was responsible for the disaster, and on September 11, 2011 "they are going to come out, parade around, and lie to us again," he concluded.

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