Sunday, January 8, 2012

Iran attack to terminate in vortex of war

The US military is preparing a massive military campaign against Iran by sending thousands of American troops, warships and weaponry to Israel.

Source: Press TV

An American analyst maintains that a possible military strike on Iran by the US or its lackey, Israel, will lead to a vicious circle of retaliation which may draw the whole world into the vortex of war.

“Whether the United States launches a major assault on Iran or Israel does, Iran will retaliate against US troops and probably Israel and possibly the United States itself as well. And the United States will without any doubt re-retaliate for that,” Davis Swanson added.

Noting Washington is ready to start a war against Iran, the analyst said over the past decade, the US has been using every kind of accusation against Iran to convince the world that Iran is an international menace.

The article which was published on Global Research added, “The United States has labeled Iran an evil nation,…designated part of Iran's military a terrorist organization, falsely accused Iran of crimes including the attacks of 9/11, murdered Iranian scientists and funded opposition groups in Iran.”

Swanson said in addition to flying drones over Iran, the US has been building up military forces all around the country's borders, while imposing cruel sanctions on Tehran.

He added that in the latest turn of events, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has come under “corrupting influence” of the United States to claim that Iran is secretly developing a nuclear weapon.

The IAEA claims, he wrote, come despite Iran voluntarily accepting stricter standards than the Agency requires as the country is not obliged under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to declare all of its installations to the Agency.

Swanson said even if Iran sought to build a nuclear weapon, “strategically, legally, and morally weapons possession is not ground for war, and neither is pursuit of weapons possession.”

“Many in the US government and military oppose attacking Iran…. Much of the Israeli military is opposed [to war] as well, not to mention the Israeli and US people,” he said.

Swanson said the latest concoction against Tehran “is that 'Iran did 9/11' lie” which has been refuted in detail by many researchers both in and outside the United States.

“Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, which did play a role in 911 as well as in the Iraqi resistance, is being sold record quantities of that good old leading US export of which we're all so proud: weapons of mass destruction,” he said.

Warning against possible outcomes of war with Iran, he added that the environmental damage of war would be tremendous as it would trigger a nuclear arms race among regional countries.

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