Friday, January 20, 2012

UN must stop being West handmaiden

The United States has been building up military presence in the region as tension escalates between Tehran and Washington

Source: Press TV

A political analyst says the US is trying to push for war against Iran in its attempt to gain monopolistic control over the raw materials of other countries, calling on the UN to cease behaving like the handmaiden of the West.

In an article published on Global Research website, US-based analyst Sandhya Jain says as the need for energy security increases the mutual interdependence of countries, the US seeks monopolistic control over the raw materials of other countries.

“Confrontation and conflict are built into this 19th century-style buccaneering ideal; as a result, war clouds loom over Iran,” Jain said.

But a conflict with Iran, Jain added, will not be one-sided.

“For one, Russia under Mr. Vladimir Putin aligned with China and Iran, with silent approval from nations like India and Germany that seek energy security by peaceful means, may resist US-led Western hegemony more forcefully,” the analyst said.

According to the article, the government of India has already moved with commendable alacrity to clarify that it has not asked oil firms to reduce crude imports from Tehran.

“Once he becomes Russia's President, Mr. Putin is likely to resist the US on Iran and also address the issue of NATO's encirclement of Russia with ballistic missile installations. He will almost certainly intensify energy politics via pipeline diplomacy with NATO members such as Germany, France and Italy to woo them away from the US.”

Jain believes US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has admitted that despite the rhetoric, America is aware that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons but is only pursuing “a nuclear capability.”

The Washington-Tehran face-off is causing unease in world capitals, the article noted, as the Iranian resistance is likely to be superior to what America and its allies faced in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan.

“Already amidst escalating uncertainties, China, Russia, Iran, India, Brazil, Venezuela and other countries have moved to do bilateral trade in their own currencies and avoid using the dollar as the reserve currency.”

The US, Jain writes, will have to come to terms with the fact that its currency - once the world's reserve currency - is losing traction in international trade. China and Japan now trade in bilateral currencies and Russia is making similar deals with major trading partners.

“Despite its formidable military power the US must be able to fund a new war…. The US could fund the fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other places because China and other trade surplus nations invested in America's treasury debt. They will now shift, cutting the US adrift at a time when it needs to throttle the emerging Russia-China-Iran axis,” the author noted.

Jain added that in case of a possible military face-off, an Iran enraged by repeated assassination of its nuclear scientists will fight for its honor and sovereignty.

“The world cannot afford the ruination that an Iran war could wreak upon us all. De-escalation of the crisis is imperative. For a start, the major capitals must ensure that the UN ceases to behave like a handmaiden of Western colonial interests,” he concluded.

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