Sunday, January 22, 2012

US lets Britain down over Malvinas

Source: Press TV

The US has called for negations between Argentina and Britain over the sovereignty of Las Malvinas as the British media has considered the move “knifing Britain in the Back.”

The US Department of State has released a statement on its official website expressing the US government's position on the Malvinas Islands saying the issue “needs to be worked out directly between the governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom.”

“We encourage both parties to resolve their differences through dialogue in normal diplomatic channels,” added the statement.

The statement is posted as the British government has claimed that any kind of negotiations is unacceptable as it considers sovereignty over the islands as its right because Britain took the islands by force in the Argentina-Britain war in 1982.

Furthermore, the US government's reference to the islands as Malvinas was another blow to the British government as British officials refer to Las Malvinas as “the Falklands.”

This is not the first time that the US lets British officials down over the disputed islands. Last year in June, the American government officially agreed with a “draft declaration on the question of the Malvinas Islands” proposed by Buenos Aires which called for negotiations over the sovereignty of the islands.

Moreover, in 2010, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for negotiations between the two countries, which the British press described as “a slap in the face of Britain.”

The issue of Malvinas islands has heated up recently as British Prime Minister David Cameron described Argentina's desire to reclaim the islands as “colonialism” and approved contingency plans by Britain's Ministry of Defense to increase the country's military presence on the islands.

The British government's acts have infuriated the Argentinean nation as protesters gathered outside the British embassy in Buenos Aires on Friday 20 January and burned the flag of the United Kingdom.

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