Friday, January 20, 2012

Argentina responds to UK PM

Source: Press TV

Argentina has hit back at British Prime Minister David Cameron's ridiculous remarks describing the country's desire to reclaim Las Malvinas as “colonialism.”

In his ridiculous remarks which reeked of a bid aimed at distorting history, Cameron accused Buenos Aires of “colonialism” as he told British MPs: “I would argue that what the Argentineans have said recently is far more like colonialism, as these people want to remain British and the Argentineans want them to do something else.”

His remarks angered Argentina's officials as the country's interior minister, Florencio Randazzo, described them as “absolutely offensive.”

“It is absolutely offensive especially in the case of Britain. History clearly shows what its attitude to the world was,” said Randazzo.

Furthermore, Cameron approved “contingency plans” by Britain's Ministry of Defence (MoD) for the swift deployment of British troops in Las Malvinas. The approval guarantees the rapid increase in Britain's military presence on the islands.

The British government has already received a severe blow as the Mercosur members, including Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, imposed a trade ban on ships from Malvinas carrying the British flag.

However, as the 30th anniversary of the Argentina-Britain war in 1982 nears, the British government has resorted to provocative acts.

The Duke of Cambridge Prince William is to spend six weeks on the islands as a search-and-rescue co-pilot. Argentina has described the decision as provocative

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