Thursday, August 11, 2011

China navy carrier begins maiden voyage

Source: Press TV

China's first aircraft carrier has begun its inaugural sea trial, a mission that can pave the way for ending the US dominance in the Asia-pacific region.

The Chinese defense ministry says the carrier's first sailing will be brief, and that it will then return to the northeastern port of Dalian for more refit and test work.

Beijing recently confirmed it was revamping an old Soviet ship as its first carrier, saying it will mainly be used for training and research.

China reportedly bought the armored hull which is 300 meters long from Ukraine in 1998.

Beijing had announced it would increase its military spending by more than 12 percent this year to almost 92 billion dollars.

China is also reportedly developing game-changing stealth aircrafts and advanced naval missiles.

A powerful military could also revolutionize China's role in the Pacific balance of power and would make it risky for the US to intervene in any potential dispute over Taiwan or North Korea.

Experts say it could also deny US ships' safe access to international waters near China's 18,000-kilometer-long coastline.

China has already reduced its military cooperation with the Pentagon over the USD 6.4-billion US arms sales to Taiwan, which China considers as part of its territory.

Beijing has in response imposed unspecified sanctions on US firms selling weapons to Taiwan.

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