Thursday, March 31, 2011

Britain praises ties with the despot

Source: Press TV

Despite the Bahraini regime's violent suppression of pro-democracy protestors, the British ambassador to the Persian Gulf kingdom is calling for even closer ties with the regime.

The ambassador, Jamie Brown, introduces visitors of the website of the British embassy in Bahrain to the “long history of… friendship” between London and Manama regardless of the ongoing bloody crackdown on Bahraini demonstrators.

The Human Rights Watch in its latest report into the crisis in the Persian Gulf state confirmed that Bahraini regime loyalists have killed at least 11 people injuring more than 1,000 since the crackdown began.

The right body also stressed most of the victims were targeted by “security forces using excessive force, namely crowd-control equipment at extremely close range and live gunfire”.

Bahraini people have been calling for reforms to the autocratic system of the government and the adoption of constitutional monarchy in the country.

They also demanded an end to state corruption and fairer distribution of jobs for the ordinary people.

The regime answered their calls with a declaration of “a state of National Safety”, or emergency law, launching violent attacks on peaceful protestors who had gathered in the capital Manama's Pearl Roundabout on March 16.

The regime even went as far as preventing hospitals from admitting those injured in the clashes with the security forces.

London's only reaction to the Bahraini regime's suppression of protestors was advising its nationals in the Arab country to be on high alert and avoid large crowds.

The post on the British embassy in Bahrain remains a confirmation of London's support for the brutal treatment of peaceful demonstrators by Bahraini government forces.

“Our relationship now is as strong and warm as ever and continues to flourish,” Brown said in the 'about us' section of the website.

“There are always new opportunities to strengthen further any relationship, and we will be looking out for them,” he added.

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