Friday, March 25, 2011

Union warns UK govt. of massive protest

Source: Press TV

Britain's biggest union has warned of widespread strikes, demonstrations, marches, and public disobedience over the coalition government's austerity measures.

The general secretary of Unite, Len McCluskey, claimed that the British people are against the government's plans and a release for public anger must be found.

Speaking ahead of the planned March 26 protest, McCluskey said that the Saturday march would be the “biggest union event for decades.”

He went on to add that the current rates of unemployment, pay cuts, changes in working conditions all have a painful influence on people, proving that the majority of them are only 'surviving, not living'.

“The anger felt by millions of ordinary working people is real because they want an alternative to what is happening to jobs and services. When working people come together, anything is possible,” McCluskey said.

Admiring the students' protests against tuition fee rises, the general secretary of Unite said, "All forms of protest will be welcome and encouraged."

He claimed that he did not expect any violence during the protest on Saturday, but “I am sure the police will deal with any problems because that's what they get paid for. But they don't get paid for kettling kids.”

“I think kettling is wrong. I am opposed to it and the Metropolitan Police should be ashamed of themselves for the way they treated young people,” he added.

McCluskey also claimed that the Liberal Democrat supporters are expected to participate in the march, since they were shocked by “what was being done in their name.”

UNISON's General Secretary Dave Prentis said, “Millions of lives have already, or will shortly be, touched by the Tories' reckless plans. Tens of thousands of dedicated public service workers will vote with their feet, marching with family and friends to show their support for an alternative economic approach.”

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