Monday, March 28, 2011

Germany: Sarkozy remarks dangerous

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle

Source: Press TV

Germany has slammed French President Nicolas Sarkozy's comments about the possibility of Europe's military intervention in the Arab world.

"I am very concerned by the latest public remarks, including from European partners, that we are not just talking about Libya but also about other Arab leaders," Germany's Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle told a Berlin radio station on Friday.

Referring to Sarkozy's speech at a European Union summit in Brussels late Thursday, Westerwelle said it was "dangerous" to threaten military action against autocratic Arab leaders other than Gaddafi.

"I warn against having a discussion in Europe about the possibility of military intervention everywhere in North Africa or the Arab world where there is injustice,” he said, adding that "I see this as a really dangerous discussion with difficult consequences for the region and for the Arab world as a whole."

The French president had warned Arab leaders of military intervention in case any similar movements happen in their countries, AFP reported.

"France calls for there to be no violence against protesting civilians, it is their right to demonstrate," Sarkozy said.

"Every leader, and [every] Arab leader in particular, needs to understand that the reaction of the international community will be the same every time."

France is at the forefront of military action against Libyan leader which many believe aims at capturing the vast oil resources of the North African country.

"We do not see it as a solution that we threaten every Arab leader with military intervention by the international community and Europe every time," Westerwelle said.

Last Saturday, France, Britain and the US launched airstrikes on Libya, firing more than 120 Tomahawk Cruise missiles and conducting bombing raids on key Libyan targets.

The United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1973 on Thursday, permitting military measures to be taken in order to implement a no-fly zone in Libya.

The attacks have come under harsh criticism as they have led to the death of scores of civilians.

Arab League Chief Amr Moussa said on Monday that the invasion was in violation of Resolution 1973, which calls for the protection of civilians.

At least 114 people, including civilians, have been killed and 445 others injured in the week-long campaign of US-led military airstrikes, the Libyan state TV quoted Health Minister Khaled Omar as saying at a press conference in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, on Saturday.

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