Tuesday, August 16, 2011

British protesters could lose benefits

Source: Press TV

Work and Pensions Secretary has revealed that those protesters convicted of disorder in recent unrests could lose their benefits, even if they were not issued a custodial sentence.

Iain Duncan Smith said that under current rules, those who are jailed for violence lose their handouts, but he is planning to extend the existing rules.

''I am at the moment looking to see whether or not someone who's convicted of a criminal offence but not custodial, that we would be able to impose a similar process on them as well, that they would lose their benefits for a particular period of time relevant to that process," he said.

He formerly published a report on the ways to deal with gangs, in which he said: ''you cannot arrest your way out of the street gang problem that we have.”

Instead, he declared that the government should use wider solutions such as education to “rescue” the children who are at risk of becoming gang members.

''When you crack down in one area and start to try this process of getting the kids out of the gangs, all that happens is you often displace them into other areas and then they just go on as they are. It needs to happen everywhere at the same time,'' Smith also said.

He claimed that recent unrests swept across Britain were set off by gangs, but then other people swept up by gang violence.

''A lot of them got swept up in what I call crowd mentality and lost their own moral compass. They just saw shops, they robbed them, sometimes they started smashing windows, throwing bricks at police, got caught up in a mob culture,” he said.

Smith added the convicted people would face the full penalties of the law as they failed to understand the difference between right and wrong.

Prime Minister David Cameron also said that those who were responsible for public disorder should be evicted from the council houses.

Claiming all irresponsibility must be punished, Prime Minister stressed that the people accused of disorder in the country must then get to be housed somewhere else, and they need to find housing in the private sector, which would be harder for them.

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