Thursday, January 5, 2012

Turkey to buy two F-35 jets from US

File photo of an F-35 fighter jet

Source: Press TV

Turkey's government says it plans to purchase two F-35 fighter jets and 15 helicopters from the United States.

The announcement came on Thursday after a key meeting of the Defense Industry Executive Committee (SSIK) chaired by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkish defense authorities said they decided to order two F-35 Lightening II jets (formerly known as Joint Strike Fighter) as part of a larger previous plan to purchase 100 jets to replace the country's F-4 and F-16 fleet.

However, the acquisition of the total order has been hampered by increasing costs. The price of each plane is well over 100 million dollars.

The hi-tech fighter jets, manufactured by the US Lockheed Martin Company, are reportedly the Pentagon's most expensive weapons program ever.

Turkey's decision to place the order for the warplanes comes at a time when several other countries, including Denmark, Holland and Canada, have suspended their orders for the jets.

The government also said it will also enter into negotiations with Bell Helicopter Textron for the purchase of 15 helicopters for the country's police forces.

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program is an internationally oriented program consisting of partnerships with a number of countries, including United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Denmark, and Norway.

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  1. Turkey should not be trusted by the people in the Middle East. They claim that they will stop Israel on the Mediterranean from attacking Palestine. They pretend they are friends with all the Middle Eastern Arabic countries while pretending to be angry at Israel…meanwhile they allow attacks on Libya, Palestine, Syria and then bomb the Kurdish people in Iraq with the Israeli and American weapons they purchased. How about those agreements to allow NATO to build a military base and then allow the US Missile Shield into their country to be pointed at Russia?

    The leaders in Turkey made a deal with the US Pentagon and Zionist Israel to pretend to be mad at Israel to gain support from the other Middle East Powers, all the while being armed by Israel and the US…how much more obvious can this be?

    Even if it is true that Turkey no longer buys weapons from Israel, Turkey gets them from the one country that funds Israel with over 3 Billion dollars a year in weapons to carry out atrocities against their neighbors. I’m calling Turkey out to do the right thing or be labeled a traitor to humanity!


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