Friday, April 1, 2016

The US Plan for Syria

By: Stewart Brennan

Why does the US continue to insist on regime change in Syria even though they have no right to do so? I mean, we were all brought up in the west to believe that the Democratic process, is the only way to change a government…a democratic process that the American’s claim to embrace and champion. So when the US and Saudi Arabia insist that the Syrian government must go, what they really show is dictatorship and what they really want is a puppet government that will bend to their economic dictates.

To understand why the US government insists on regime change in Syria, we have to step back and look at the entire picture to get to the heart of why the US is pushing for it, or in the event that they don’t get their way with regime change, why they will insist on Balkanizing Syria into two or three states…to do that we need to look at it from an economic perspective, which is really the heart of what drives the American Military policy and everything they are interested in…

The one important tool that powers an economy and drives economics is energy, to be more precise, oil and gas.

The fact that Eurasia and the Middle East holds about 75% of the world’s known oil and gas is no secret. It is also no secret that every American adventure in these regions have been to wrest control of the oil and gas from Independent nations as we saw by the US coup of Mohammed Mosaddeq in Iran in 1953, and by the US Invasion of Iraq in 2003 when Saddam Hussain decided to sell his nations oil in Euro’s…

What we see when an independent nation refuses to go along with the dictates of the US and its European allies, such as Iraq 2003, Libya 2011, and Syria 2011, we see war crimes and the total obliteration of nations by militaristic means either directly as they did to Iraq with an invasion and occupation, covert means as they did to Syria by arming funding and training terrorist to remove the government, or by a combination of the both as they did to Libya…

Iran, Russia, and Syria are independent nations in the heart of the oil rich region, as are Saudi Arabia and the gulf state nations. However, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Bahrain are already under US control and influence, which is why these nations can get away with the atrocities they have been committing. Any friend of the US economic coalition is pardoned for war crimes and crimes against humanity…witness Israel, Turkey, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia…

The Two Main US Allies in the Destruction of Syria are Saudi Arabia and Turkey, why is that?

Well Saudi Arabia is attached to the hip with the US dollar, and are heavily invested in corporate America. If the US goes down, they go down with them…

Turkey hosts the main oil transit routes from the Caspian Sea basin that is controlled by Western Interests. In other words NATO and the US Military occupy Turkey therefore Erdogan follows whatever he is told by the US government.

Why is Syria Being Targeted?

Through its economic independence from the United States, Syria offers an independent transit route for Iran, Iraq and Russia to bring their oil and gas through to the Mediterranean and into Europe, bypassing US control.

We have to remember that Europe does not have the energy supply it requires to maintain its economic status and therefore has become increasingly dependent on the US to secure its oil and gas. The US in turn requires Europe to continue their economic partnership including buying everything in US dollars, the global reserve currency. Doing so allows the US to retain its economic hegemony around the world…but that hegemony is vulnerable when it comes to energy and who controls it…especially when it is not in US control.

The US government and its European partners are bankrupt and have watched their oil assets dwindle past peak. They no longer have control of their own destiny so they feel that they must plunder and control the oil and gas producing nations around the world to maintain their economic power.

The US failure in Syria is monumental in that the outcome will allow independent economic interests to provide Europe with the energy their economies need down the road. Europe will not need the US anymore…

The cost to the US will be its economic empire and their global reserve currency. Not that the US has any right to control something that does not belong to them, they do not have that right, but they act as if they do…like a bully.

The US Energy War with Russia

The US has threatened Russia in every venture it has tried when it comes to building energy supply lines as we have seen by the US / NATO military stand in Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia…and when it comes to building alternate energy supply routes from Russia through Eastern Europe in places like Bulgaria, the US puts the screws to the European Union and forces them to impose sanctions on Russia, citing Russian involvement in Ukraine…all of which are gross US fabrications…

The recent agreement for a direct gas pipeline between Germany and Russia through the Baltic Sea was met by a US economic attack on Germany and indeed further threats on Europe with the influx of Saudi and Turkish backed terrorists hidden amongst the legitimate victims of American Imperial wars…These active terrorist tools are now residing all over Europe just waiting for a phone call to do US / Saudi / Turkish bidding should the European’s continue to move towards an economic partnership with Russia…To the people of the EU, one should look no further than their own backyard and the security they have hired to guard it on the seas and in the air…including the 6 Billion extortionist man named Erdogan…

US Determined to Get Their Way

The US continues to call for regime change in Syria and if they cannot get that then Balkanizing Syria will become the Americans priority because having a government that they can control in Syria or having a balkanized state emerge from Syria under their influence, that lays between Iraq and the Mediterranean sea, would stop the Independent nations, of Iran, Iraq, and Russia from laying pipelines to Europe…the US will maintain its hegemony over the World if they control Syria…plain and simple.

Therefore, the US is NOT an honest broker when it reaches out to Russia as a so called willing partner to end the terrorism in Syria, terrorists that the US armed, trained and funded to overthrow the Syrian government. The American government will never change their position on Syria. The question is, how far will the Americans go to force the issue…a World War?

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